soon to be


As I tried to open my eyes, a sharp headache hit me hard making me wince in pain. With trembling fingers, I tried to move my fingers over my temple to ease out the pain but all in vain.

I took a deep breath and with that sat on the the bed. Something felt weird.

Since when my bed felt so soft and comfortable?

I peeked my eyes open and looked around only to find myself in a strange surrounding. I rubbed my eyes and again looked at the room.

Where the hell I am?

I clenched the bed sheet and groaned when my feet touch the floor. The floor felt so cold under my warm feet. I shook my head, neglecting every other thought and focusing in the current situation.

Whole room was reflecting dark and dangerous aura similar to that criminal.


Suddenly realisation hit me and my whole body started shaking in fear. I pressured my mind to start working and tell that what had happened with me that I ended up here?

And then one by one few pictures started clicking in my mind. I was in café with Chris when that criminal came then he asked me the reason behind saving his life but then everything seems blur.

I gulped down my saliva and my feet automatically started moving towards the door but when I tried to open that door, it was locked from outside.

Then only fear completely surrounded over my senses.

It couldn't happen right? He - He.. I was not at his place, right?

" Open the door."

I shouted whilst tapping the door.

" Please. Open it."

If I am here then where is Chris and Claire?

" Please.. Open the door. Is someone's there? Please."

I pleaded but no reply came from other side making my tears to run down my cheek.

After several attempts I gave up the hope that anyone is going to open that door. With heavy heart, I shifted my gaze over the room. The room was completely dark, even the lights were off, making it very difficult to look anything clearly. My heart started speeding up with fear lacing it's way.

Suddenly at that moment, I really felt myself as vulnerable and weak. This whatever cruel game was destiny playing with me was just breaking me to the core. First the person who had killed the most precious jewels of mine is now back and most of all, this time I don't even know what his intentions are? Do he still wants to kill us? But then why Blake;his friend had said to me that we are safe at that night?

I shuddered after remembering about that night and quickly averted my thought to happy looking, cheerful Claire.

That little angel deserves to live her life happily and for that, I'll do anything and if it takes begging in front of that bastard criminal then still I am ready to do that.

I sat on the bed whilst clutching the bed sheet and thinking about Chris and Claire.

Suddenly I heard the clicking and opening sound of the door. My heart went down into pits of my stomach in fear and in reflax action, I automatically stood up with my fingers rubbing together.

In next moment the door flew open reveling a little light which was enough for me to spot that there's no one other then Zachary.

Instantly all my thoughts went on screaming to hide somewhere from him but my legs were stilled at their place.

" You did really know how to scream and that too just for unlocking the door. I was wondering that how much more louder you'll scream my name on bed?"

A deep dominating voice snapped towards me and I cringed in disgust. Even the words of sharing my bed with him were enough to feel the infinite amount of hatred against him. That hatred which I know will never fade away because there is nothing which I hate more about this disgusting cheap creature.

" You must be thinking that why and how are you here? Aren't you?"

He asked switching on the lights. My eyes couldn't adjust such brightness in one stroke so I just blinked several times before my eyes landed on him who was staring at me with a smirk.

" I had brought you here because this is the only place where you are going to stay till I get tired of your so much hot and fuckable body."

He added with a wicked smirk which clearly indicated how much sick is he and his thoughts. My throat dried and I fixed my eyes at the floor.

" So now you are going to rape me."

I whispered under my breath and realized that I had said that loud enough to let him hear but I don't doubt my words because

till now I have the idea from his vulgar words that either he'll rape me or murder me. Maybe both.

" Ah trust me. I will not have to do that because you'll eventually beg me to fuck you."

He replied and at that I couldn't stopped myself from laughing a his words.

I will beg him? How could he think like this? How could he think that I'll agree to sleep with that person who had killed my family and the boyfriend?

" Only in your dreams."

I spat at him and leaned more into wall, supporting myself with enough strength.

He didn't said anything just his calm eyes turned into blank one and in nervousness I started moving my diamond ring over my finger. His eyes then in a swift moment landed on my finger and then something clicked into his eyes.

He started stepping closer to me and I just stood at my place not knowing how to react.

He came few inches closer to me then harshly took my palm in his hold,looking down at my fingers.

" Who gave you this?"

He asked in a blank tone and that's when I understood that why actually he had stepped near me. I blinked then my eyes caught the glimpse of that shiny diamond ring wrapped around my finger. Instantly a low smile crossed my lips.


" September what if one day you'll leave me?"

He asked with a fake frown and I laughed at his words.

" Come on Hunter stop being funny. You know you have to tolerate me for your whole life.Got it?"

I said and placed a kiss on his cheek. He chuckled in a sexy way then kneeled down in front of me . I gave him confused look but he winked at me.

" What if you'll leave me?I couldn't take that risk. So September Lawrence here I am kneeling down in front of you and asking your permission to put this ring on your finger and bound you with me till we marry."

He said and brought a beautiful ring near me. My heart quickened and I blinked the tears away.

" And what about after we'll marry?"

I asked smiling and then he rolled his eyes whilst snatching my finger and putting that ring on my finger.

" After marriage I will not be leaving you alone for a single moment baby. So basically then I don't need to bound you with this ring."

He replied with a smug and I just shook my head.

" But I'll keep this ring forever."

I announced kissing him.

" Forever?"

He asked.

" Yup. Like we would be together, forever."

I said.


" Hunter."

I whispered, still smiling after remembering that beautiful incident I had spent with Hunter.

" Come again."

He said through clenched teeth and I looked up at him,dumfounded.

" Hunter. My boyfriend gave me this ring making me engaged to him since that day."

I said with a big smile and pulled my hand away from him.

His facial expression instantly turned into dark one with his eyes narrowed and jaw clenched.

" That boyfriend who had died."

He hissed and grabbed my fingers again with tight hold. And I almost had a flashback when he was killing my Hunter.

My breath became uneven and I pursued my lips together to stop myself from getting panic attacks again this time.

He took that ring from my finger and when I tried to defend him, he shoot me a dark glare to which I ducked my head low in response and instantly tears started rushing down. He has taken one more precious thing away from me.

I cried silently and felt his hand leaving my finger. He smirked at me and his thumb touched my Cheek's skin. I stood still and then he wiped my tear and when I shoved his hand away, he laughed like a wicked murder.

I froze in fear and then only realized that how much I fear this men who holds the power to make my life more worse then before. His laugh was evil like the storm which was coming to destroy everything.

" Forget about him."

He said but which sounded more like a order and I frowned whilst clenching my fist.

" Forget about that died boyfriend of yours because from now on you'll only think about me."

I clicked my tongue at him and sat on the floor with my back leaning into wall.

He really think this? There is no way in hell I am going to forget about Hunter. I love him still and that love will never fade away and this monster wants me to forget about him? If only he knows that what true love means then he do have realized that true love can never be forgotten which means I will never be able to forget Hunter.

" I will never forget him."

I said challenging him and pressed my eyes shut, inhaling a deep breath. But suddenly I felt his fingers harshly grabbing my chin and forcing me to look upto him. My eyes parted away and I found him sitting in front of him and that's when I hissed in pain when he tighten his hold.

" You will and I'll make you to do so."

He hissed back and leaned closer to me then ran his wet tongue over my neck.

I shivered in disgust and dried that area of my skin with my palm which was licked by him.

" I am dying to know that how actually you taste."

He said in a husky tone and his finger went down and next I felt his fingers playing with my Denim's button.

My mouth went dried and I looked at him in shock.

" Wh-what a-are you d-doing?"

I shuttered and tried to get up but before that could happen, he pulled me over his lap and wrapped his one arm tightly around my waist making it impossible for me to move a bit.

" P-please leave me."

I shuttered again, wriggling from his hold but my body froze when I realized his finger at the corner of my panty.

And when his forefinger touched the skin of my woomenhood, various butterflies burst into my stomach and my every defend senses blocked away.

He softly ran his finger inside touching my inner skin and all I can feel was the wet sensation developing from there.

There was that new and strange burning sensation developing and I couldn't help myself from stopping that.

I squeezed my eyes shut when he touched my clit, pulling it slightly. My body sat on fire and bite my lips to suppress the moan which was ready to come.

" You are already so wet baby."

He commented and that's when I looked into his direction finding him pulling his finger back to him and after passing a wink he licked his finger and moaned simultaneously.

" Sweet. You taste so delicious."

He said and that was like someone had dropped whole bucket of water at me.

I quickly went away from him and stood up, looking flushed.

What the hell was all that? How could I react in that way? I was giving up. I was so easily giving him the chance to sexually touch me? To that person who had messed up my life.

Tears filled up to my eyelids and I felt disgusted towards myself.

" I'll make you mine. Mark my words, soon to be Mrs. September Zachary Wilson."

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