I stared at the reflecting figure from the mirror. There stands a women in pretty white wedding dress. Her hairs were perfectly pulled together in a gorgeous bun. Her face was enlighted with charming makeup. Cheery red lipstick and slight shade of pink blush enhancing the beauty to another level. Everything was beautifully perfect related to her overall wedding look, just in a same way as every single women wish for to look at her wedding.

But still. Still something was missing. Oh yeah, right. That sparkling, thousand volt smile on the lips. That smile which is mandatory to have it's way on every lips before the wedding of it's possessor.

That smile which reminds everyone that she was soon stepping into blissful life with her husband.

And why that smile was missing in the reflection? Well that's simple because this wedding for her was nothing but just a agreement to sell her body and became sex slave of that person who's action reflects nothing but brutality.

I know very well that what he's upto. After this so called pathetic wedding, he'll throw me into the arms of hell from where no return seems possible.

I will be officially his and he will gladly do his best to make me suffer and live the most horrible life ever.

How much I had decorated my dreams of my wedding with my Hunter. Hoping that one day I will become the wife of my Hunter and then everything will be happily ever after.

But that was stupid of me to even think that fairy tales do exist because in reality only crushed dreams and shattered hopes remains.

Good. Now should I congratulate you September for stepping into your worst?

I took a deep breath and then blinked away the freshly formed salty tears.


I mentally screamed at my reflection of all dolled up to marry that bastard criminal.

Marriage to criminal.

Wow now that's sound extremely sick but fuck my life... This is what going to happen next. I was going to marry a criminal.

" You ready sweetheart?"

A sudden energetic and sweet voice dragged me back to reality making my head snapped in the direction of female figure who was looking back at me with a charming smile. I forrowed my eyebrows only to realize that she was no one other then Grace... Blake's sister.

Yep... Definitely a whore of Zachary.

" What do you think? I look ready to walk down the Aisle and mutter I do to your bed mate. Aren't you too much happy to witness the wedding of your sex partner? Just stop giving me that fake bitchy smile..I know how low you and that bastard are."

I muttered and rolled my eyes.

Her facial expression turned after listing to me and a small frown over took her extra gorgeous face dipped with makeup.


" Zach is like brother to me. He's my brother's best friend."

She spoke softly and looked at the floor.

" Oh so you are like fucking your brother's best friend. Interesting. Tell me darling are we going to have threesome after my marriage?"

I put a fake smile and asked.

She pursued her lips together and pressed her eyes shut. I shrugged my shoulder suddenly enjoying all this.

" You are wrong. He's just like my brother."

She whispered now biting the corner of her lips in humiliation.

I laughed and took a water bottel from the table. I gulped down mouthful of chilled water then splashed it over her face. She gasped in shock and a low smirk crossed my lips when I found her makeup sliding down.

I may sound heartless from my actions but who cares? My life had already became a pathetic reason to live.

" Whore."

I spat and took a step closer to her and pushed her out of the door but before that could happen she was supported by none other then that criminal.

" How Dare You?"

He asked through clenched teeth and that's when my eyes met his which were burning in rage. There was that dangerous storm in his eyes which was enough for me to gulpe down my saliva in fear.

" Never mind zachy."

Grace said whilst supporting herself and gripping his arms.

" Leave."

He said in a dark tone and after looking at my direction in pity, she left out of the room.

I stood at my place with my palms sweating and body shaking in fear.


He yelled whilst stepping closer to me and in a next second he grabbed my wrist and then pushed me harshly on the bed. I stumbled and landed on the bed.

Suddenly the whole surrounding turned dangerous. My heart started hammering loudly in my chest.

I blinked away the tears and clutched the bed sheet tightly for support but from inside my instincts were indicating most wild and horrible things which can happen next. After all here we are talking about Zachary Wilson who will gladly do his best to hurt me for easing out his anger.

He took a deep breath and then sat on the corner of the bed,looking nowhere in particular. On the other hand, I was lied on the bed awkwardly trying to cope up with the fear which was igniting every single second due to strange silence.

I felt my energy drained completely from my body due to extra heavy gown and abnormal pace of my breathing.

" She was like my sister."

He said in a deep masculine voice whilst fixing his eyes on my face.

My lips twitched distastefully.


He had turned countless persons lifeless. And due to that many of their relatives were mourning over their death.

When he don't give a shit about anyone's family relationship then who the hell had given him this right to call Grace as his sister?

" Dad, Cherry and Hunter were also someone to me. At least your so called sister has just heard a few insult words instead of being dead like my family and my boyfriend."

I commented cooly with my eyes directly staring into his. He clenched his jaw and in a next moment I realized that he was completely hovering over me with our face just inches apart from each other.

His breath swoon over my face making me cringe in fear and hatred.

I tried to wriggle from him but instead his he pulled my both arms over my head,pinning them there in deathly tight grip with his one hand.

I hissed in pain and closed my eyes shut. My whole body irked with unknown foreign feeling and I just hated myself even more for even feeling that way.

" Your little mouth runs too much. Don't it?"

He asked in a serious voice and I slowly peeked my eyes open to face him.

" Fuck you."

I spat and once again tried to wriggle my wrists from his hold but all in vain.

" Gladly babe."

He replied with a cocky smirk and then placed his tongue over my ear. I shivered under his sick contact but stayed still.

He ran his tongue from my ear to my cheek, finally stopping near my lips and then kissed me harshly.

I felt an instant urge to throw up the bile rising up to my troat.

He was sick. A sick Criminal.

There was nothing more then hate I feel towards him.

How much I wish that I haven't saved him that day but yeah right. My stupid saint like thinking had probably beaten up my common sense.

" You will apologize to Grace."

He said once satisfied with kissing me.

I arched up my eyebrows and searched something humorous in his eyes but they were blank.

" Over my dead body."

I whispered.

" I can put the dead bodies of Chris and your little daughter in front of you."

He said casually.

My every nerve froze in fear and then all I did was remember the smiling face of Claire and Chris.

" I-I will apologize t-to h-her."

I shuttered and found sweat bead developing over my forehead.

He smirked but then his face turned extremely serious. Like he was just going to murder someone with his dangerous aura.

" This was the last time for you to learn to zip up your mouth otherwise be ready to face consequences and trust me baby I would not think twice to shed the pools of blood of your remaining family in front of your pretty eyes."

He warned leaning his face closer then placing it over my chest.

My heart skipped at beat at his cruel words and I flinched slightly but soon composed myself and closed my eyes tightly pressed in fear.

He removed his hold from my wrist and wrapped his arms around my waist. His head was placed over my chest and he was fucking lying over me making me feel discomfort.

" Put your arms around me."

I quickly followed his words and wrapped my arms around his shoulder.

Slowly slowly seconds passed into minutes and maybe minutes had quite turned into hours because from so long I had only heard the sound of his snoring and nothing much. My whole body was feeling numb due to his heavy weight.

He was asleep leaving me alone with my mind which was making various abnormal questions. Like will he rape me after our marriage? Or will he kill me?

I felt completely exhausted. This was not the way I have wished my life to be. I had always wanted my little family and happiness not all this mess where I was not even a bit sure about the safety of my life.

Whatever happened today was not me.

I had never behaved with anyone so mean like I did today with Grace. I do feel guilty. At one point what I did was feeling right but now I feel wrong.

Since when I have started disrespecting my morals. The morals which my Mom had given to me.

How could I go against her morals?

I should have thought before that using such cheap words against Grace that it was her dignity on which I was putting my fingers on.

What if she was really nothing but just like a sister to him?

More and more guilt consumed me suddenly and without thinking twice I did my best to get away from his hold without waking him up.

Finally after few attempts I became successful in doing so then quietly walked outside the room.

At the quite distance, Grace was sitting on a couch in another room with her eyes fixed on the magazine placed on her lap but still she was not actually reading. I took a step towards her then sat next to her.

" I'm sorry."

I whispered in a guilty voice.

She looked at me then shook her head with painful smile.

" Don't be. I can understand that this whatever happening with you is not something to be happy about. I mean you've just loss your family then this marriage and all...Err it's okay I guess. Back then I was just a victim of your anger. So it's completely fine."

He replied with a small assuring smile whilst putting her hand over my shoulder and squeezing them slightly.

Automatically, a soft smile danced over my lips too because after so long, I've found someone genuine.

I was wrong about her. She's sweet and perfectly the type of different person from Zachary.

Her words melted my heart and without saying much I just hugged her tightly. She soon dropped her arms around me.

" I shouldn't have said such cheap words to you. It was your dignity I was talking about and no one has given me such right to say a word about any girl's character whether you slept with him or not. It was just I was kind off stuffed with my mind and you seemed an easy target for me to unload my bad mood. Forgive me."

I said.

She laughed in response and wiped my tears away.

" Hey. It's okay. I forgive you. Now smile and shoo stay away from me before anyone see us and have a wrong idea about us being lesbian or something like that."

She commented and we both burst out laughing.

" So friends?"

She asked offering me her hand with a warm smile. I immediately nodded and shook hand with her.

" Yep. Friends. At least I need someone in this hell house to keep me sane."

I said.

After hearing to me her smile dropped and she looked at me like I was wrong.

" Zachy bro is not that bad..."

I bite the corner of my lips at her words and mentally rolled my eyes.

He's the definition of worst human being.

I am sure Grace do knows that he had killed my parents and my boyfriend but still she's taking his side. Is this because of the fact that she loves him in brotherly way?

" When you develop a deep connection with someone then their mistakes doesn't bother you to care less about them. I know Zachy bro has done wrong but due to my attachment to him I just couldn't hate him."

She answered my unasked question.

I knitted my eyebrows in confusion and gave her a look to elaborate.

" If your boyfriend, his name Hunter I guess?"

I nodded at her feeling the similar pang of pain in my heart at the mention of his name.

" If Hunter has killed someone will you then had stopped loving him? No right? You must have hated him for that fact but your heart wouldn't loved him a slight less then before. It's all about love Embwhen Whether that love is in any relation as in of friends, siblings, family, spouse or anyone. Love will always make you to learn the chapter of forgiveness. Forgiveness for your loved one even if you hold enormous amount of hatred against them."

She said with a bright smile whilst passing a wink at me.

I blinked several times at her words.

Unconsciously I agreed with every single word of her but what does she actually means?

Don't she wants me to forgive Zachary?

I clenched my theeth then stood up from the couch.

" Don't forget that Hunter was my love and Dad and Cherry were my parents. Just in the same way as you feel connected towards Zachary, in the same way I felt towards my family and boyfriend. So Grace stop your bullshit of love and forgiveness because there is nothing less and nothing more I hate about your so called brother. He had taken my life since the day he killed them and don't get any false hope that I saved Zachary because I felt anything towards him. It was just goddamn reflex action. I never wanted to save him. And for sure I would love to watch his death."

I said in frustration and as I was going to step out of the room, my body get collided with strong chest.

I groned mentally when found a similar pair of haunting eyes staring at me.


" We are getting late for the wedding ceremony."

He said in a emotion devoid voice then grabbed my arms,dragging me outside.

I followed him without saying anything but the thing which was bothering me most was his face which was blank but there was something strange. I don't know why but I have a feeling that he has heard every single word conversed between me and Grace.

I re remembered our conversation and sighed in relief when realized that I haven't spilled the real reason behind saving his life.

But then why the hell was he looking mad?

Had I said something?


I don't care.

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