" September you have to stay strong not for you, not for me but for our Claire."

Chris said with a small smile after attending the last customer and patted my shoulder.

I tried to smile back at him but failed, as I couldn't collect the enough strength in me to smile, again.

It's been two months now since that heart clenching incident. Two months since I've lost my dad. Two months since I've lost my stepmother who loves me to core. Two months since I've lost my boyfriend. Two months since I've lost the idea of ever laughing once again. And two months since I am living just like a dead body.

Everything was perfect. I was happy in my own little, beautiful world but just in a blink of an eye everything went crashing down. I have no reason to be happy now. Not when those people are not with me any more, with whom once I was living happily.

Tears started to form in my eyelids but before chris can notice, I wiped them away.

My heart started filling up with immense pain and everything around me started suffocating. Suffocating like hell.

" Strength? Stop this nonsense Chris."

I muttered without looking at him and moved my fingers slowly over the diamond ring which I've been wearing.

" September. Look at me."

He ordered and I followed his action blankly.

" I know it's hard for you.. Fuck I know it's hell for you right now but cupcake just for once think about Claire. Don't you think it would be unfair for her if we just stay gloomy all the time and neglect that little girl's happiness? No, right? She needs you, she needs your love, your care, your smile. She was orphan before, now don't once again make her feel that there's no one for her. Just make her happy even if it needs you to fake a smile for her."

He said and grabbed my palm, creasing my fingers in a comforting way.

His every words started spinning inside my mind one by one and then only I realize that how much selfish I am acting by just thinking about my pain. There's also Chris and Claire. They both are also my family and at one hand where Chris is trying real hard to put everything together there only I am acting like nothing good could ever happen.

Why the hell I wasn't thinking about Claire?

It's been two months also since I've seen her smile freely. She's missing everyone and instead of bringing the smile back on her face, I am thinking that I couldn't smile ever. She deserves happiness and yes, definitely Chris was right. If her happiness is in my smile then I am ready to plaster a fake smile for her. From now on my only priorities are Chris and Claire. I've to make them happy.

" Thanks for striking a light to guide me."

I added with a small smile after rubbing my fingers together and that's when I realized a genuine smile to cross on his lips.

" You know what cupcake. You've not only lost everyone. I've also lost two people who were like my mom and dad and one best friend who was more like my brother."

He said out of blue and the corner of his lips twitched into painful curve.

I bite the corner if my lips and found his eyes moistened.

" I want to start a fresh start with you me and our Claire. Will you help me?"

I asked slowly shifting the topic and instantly he nodded with a huge smile.

I know, he has been also hurting as much as me. After all he has also lost his family and after the loss of his real family, once again he has lost people whom he had right to call family.

Thank you Chris for making me realize something this precious.

" Wouldn't you like to have a fresh start with me baby?"

Suddenly a strong edgy-rough, husky voice came to me, making me eyes snapped in that direction.

And as soon as my eyes landed on the person, I felt my throat getting dried.

My fingers started trembling and I blinked few times, wishing that this would be just my nightmare, not reality.

I closed my eyes and looked at him again but he was still there.

" Z-Zachary W-Wi-Wilson?"

I shuttered and gulped down my saliva and instantly took a step back. I stumbled on my feet but before I could hit the ground, I felt a hand getting wrapped around my waist, supporting me. I squeezed my eyes and when open again, I saw a moss green pair of eyes staring back at me in mischief.

I blinked and slowly one by one in those eyes, the pictures of brutality and ruthlessness started reflecting. My heart hammered in my chest and with shaky fingers, I tried to wriggle myself out of his strong hold.

He smirked after experiencing my discomfort and pulled his arms away from me but still nothing like a breath of relief came to me.

Why he's here? What if he still wants to kill us?

With that thought, my body started shaking in fear and I shifted my eyes towards Chris who was equally scared as me.

" Disappear."

He said to Chris with his eyes fixed on me. I chewed my inner cheek in nervousness and passed Chris a look to go away from here but he just stood still at his place.

Please Chris go away from here. I don't want to lose any other person now.

" Fine then don't blame me for your death."

He said and pulled out his gun, directly pointing at Chris temple.

I almost chocked in fear. Tears started splashing down and in next second I grabbed his arm.

" P-please d-dont kill him."

I pleased whilst looking at him and instantly he rose up his eyebrows at Chris.

" Leave."

He added in a dangerous voice. Chris and I had an eye contact and quickly I took a chance to gesture him about Claire and after nodding he went out of the café, leaving me alone with this criminal.

He smirked again and pulled his gun back in his waistband and next thing I know I was being pushed back to wall and his lips were smashed over mine. I cringed in disgust and with my fists, I tried to push him away but instead he grabbed my both arms and pinned them over my head. His hold became insanely tight, hurting my wrist badly.

He kissed me roughly but my mind refused to think anything but about Hunter and the way he used to kiss me.

Our kiss used to be full of love and care not like this forcefull and rough one. Hunter was always soft and tender to me.

" Kiss me back."

He ordered and I tried hard not to broke down into tears. I weekly started my lips moving against his, realizing that if I'll not do what he's saying then definitely he'll kill Chris and Claire.

I pressed my eyes shut and then after few minutes which felt like hell, he parted away.

He freed my wrists from his hold and I felt them getting numb die to his right hold. I rubbed my wrists slowly and licked my lips.

" Why had you saved me?"

He asked suddenly after leaning on the counter and crossing his hands over his chest.

He looked intimidating with his eyes brows arched up and eyed filled with curiosity.

I shook my head and focused my thought to his question.

Why I had saved him?

I chuckled dryly and felt my heart getting in the pit of my stomach.

" I don't know."

I snapped with bitterness lacing in my words.

At that moment, I felt strange courage collecting in me to have the thought that I can fight against him. I am not weak. I was the one to save his life, if I had enough guts to save the life of that person who had killed my family then at least I could have enough guts to stood up against him.

" Ah..feisty."

He commented with a smirk but after few seconds that smirk turned into clenched jaw. His eyes filled up with rage and with that he straighten up his posture and grabbed my throat, tightly in between his palm.

I felt my breath draining down and I closed my eyes shut tightly.

" Don't fucking test my patience. Just answer why the hell you had saved my life?"

He asked with clenched teeth, sounding dominating and dangerous.

I parted my eyelids in fear and bite my lips to suppress my cries.

" I am not a god."

I hissed and tilted my head in different direction.

" what the crap? Don't beat around the bushes. I need fucking straight answer."

He yelled and let go of my throat. I coughed and shoot him a death glare.

" You want to know why I saved you, right?"

I asked calmly to which he just remained silent.

I faked a smile. I will never tell you the real reason why I had saved your life because for understanding that reason one must have some feelings but that's not in your case because a ruthless criminal like you could never have any feelings.

I had saved him because at that moment when he was shot, I had remembered something. I had remembered my mom's words. When I was small, she used to say that there's nothing more important then saving someone's life.

I never understood her words but that day I realized what she actually meant.

I realised that I am not a god to give or to take anyone's life. That day I had a choice, I had a choice to either let my soul satisfy by witnessing him bleed to death or save him. And as soon as I choosed second option, my mind told me that there is nothing more precious then a single life.

At that moment it doesn't mattered that he's the one who had killed my parents and my boyfriend. All that mattered was if I can save him then that's all matters the most.

It was duty of my humanity to save him and I couldn't let my personal hatred to come in between.

Maybe my mom was happy with my decision otherwise Chris was so pissed at me for doing so.

" I saved you because I couldn't let you die so easily. A monster like you deserves to be suffered. What? You expected me to let you die so easily and miss the fun of watching you suffering till death? No, right? I guess you've got all your answers now. I only saved you because I want you to cry in pain as I know very well that at that moment there will be no one to wipe your tears, who knows maybe because you've killed them all."

I said instead of the truth but couldn't controlled my tone which was full of hatred.

I've lied the reason behind him but I do want him to suffer. There is nothing more then hatred I feel for this cold hearted criminal. Hell... I will care less if something like that actually happens to him.


In reality I would be really happy to see him suffer in living hell. Person like him don't deserve positive emotions, they only deserves pain.

He clenched his jaw again and his nose flattened in rage. His eyes full of dark and then again I felt scared of him.

My body shivered in fear and I took a step back only to hit my back into the wall.

He stared me deeply which caused me to look down on the floor. Panic arises from my heart and automatically my breath became uneven.

He came closer to me and and leaned closer to my neck. After ignoring the numerous butterflies bursting into my belly, I tried to say something but nothing came out of my mouth.

He inhaled deeply near my neck and don't know how but I could sense lust in his actions?

" Lie."

He said sternly and his one palm move up to my hairs, tugging them. His hold on my hair tightens and brutally grabbed fist full of my hair.

I hissed in pain and that's when our eyes meet.

" I know very well that it wasn't the reason."

He added and pecked my lips.

" I want real reason and I will get it as from now we would be having a lot time to spent together."

He said and smirked.

" Wh-what?"

I shuttered and looked up at him in confusion.

" You'll clear your confusion soon."

He said and with that left out of the café.

I sat on the ground and wrapped my arms around me, resting my chin on my knee.

My tears went down my cheek but at this moment I couldn't blame anyone for my sick life. Not even God cause now I've clearly got the idea that there is nothing like God in this world. If God was there then he couldn't have taken every thing away from me.

But apart from everything, I couldn't get over one thought.

That criminal will not leave me alone.

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