Chapter 3: The big...

Tuesday wasn't any better than Monday. I still had three more days till weekend and besides, I was always so busy on Tuesdays and trust me, it sucks. The dumb schedule didn't favour me at all and Tuesday's timetable was the worst.

Why can't everyday be Saturday?

Oddly, I woke up earlier than normal. My eyes were wide open before the alarm. It was still a few minutes before the normal time and I was too lazy to get out of bed so I spent my time rolling over what happened the day before.

Went to school as usual, sat down for boring classes, went to work. The only eventful thing that happened was the incident in math class. I wondered what would've happened if the sweater slipped off and my thigh was left on display. If that happened, trust me, I wouldn't step a foot in that school till a month or two. I would patiently wait at home till one of the popular kids dump another one and they become the school's gist. Though, some people would stare but they would be too busy talking about the new trending topic.

My thoughts we're cut short l when I heard shuffling from my mother's room. She was waking up.

I didn't waste any more time. I sprinted to the bathroom, took off my clothes and went beneath the shower. Once I was done, I wore a big green T-shirt that once belonged to my dad. I loved the comfort I got from it so I kept it deep in my closet. I wore blue jeans and a pair of converse.

I couldn't afford to go through the door downstairs so I had no other choice than to go for the window. I placed one foot on the edge and_


A big brown bottle of beer hit the wall right beside me. It shattered into pieces and the brown liquid stained my wall. So much for trying to keep the room clean and spotless.

"Darling" She started in a very calm voice "We're you planning on leaving without preparing breakfast for your lovely mother?" I knew that voice better than I knew my name. The lower the voice, the more dangerous she could be. She was a total psycho.

She took slow and steady steps forward. I understood her techniques and she definitely was about to lunge herself at me. To delay that, I plastered my back to the wall and started living towards the door.

"I'm sorry"

"No need for apologies sweetie" She laughed "For every mistake, there's a punishment"

When I was close to the door, I pulled it open and started sprinting towards the stairs. I could hear her huge feet hitting the wooden floor with every step she made.

I didn't make it to the third stair when her hand reached for my hair and she pulled me back with it.

You guessed it right, hurts like a bitch.

After I felt my butt hit a stair, I pulled her down with me. She fell right behind me and took her hand away from my hair. I used the opportunity and ran for my dear life. It wasn't until I reached the last stair that I figured out my backpack was still upstairs.

Come on, life! Now is not the right time!

As I turned to make my way back upstairs, I felt her hand hut my right cheek. I heard the slap echo in my head before I came back to my senses.

"Darling, this wouldn't be painful if you just told me where my meal is" She said, slowly descending from the stairs. I pointed at the counter top and she made her way towards it. I sprinted upstairs immediately and locked my bedroom door.

The truth is, there wasn't food in those plates. She used the same plates to eat this morning and left it there. I didn't understand how she fell for that dumb trick.

"You lied" I heard a bang on the door "That isn't a good way to treat you mother Diana"

Ignoring her speech, I headed to the bathroom and splashed cold water on my face. I washed the make up off and applied a new layer.

I could feel a headache forming already but the first aid kid was downstairs and I couldn't risk opening that door.

My clothes we're already dirty from the dust on the staircase and the little stain from the beer on the wall. I took them off and placed it in the laundry basket. I changed to black leggings and a white sweater. I wore a pair of black boots and took my bag. There was only one way out of the house and it was through the window. I took my backpack and headed to the window.

It's now or never.

I jumped on the first branch of the tree with my bag on my back. The branch was far from the ground so I couldn't jump down. I jumped to another branch and it broke immediately. I fell on my butt.


I stood up after seconds of resting on the ground. I couldn't even feel my butt anymore.


I got to school at exactly nine fourteen. A minute to first period. I ran to my locker and pulled out my calculus textbooks and notes. The bell rang and the students flooded the hallway. I waited a bit for them to leave since the calculus teacher never got to class early. Almost all the students were gone before I noticed Dylan walking towards my direction.

How cliche could this be?

I knew I was done with getting my books from the locker but I didn't want on make him feel he could get all the attention in the world so I acted like I was searching for something. I went through all the books one after the other like I was actually looking for something. It was then I noticed,

My locker was a complete mess.

How come I never saw this? My books were not properly arranged and papers we're sticking out of everywhere.

Dylan would make fun of me if he saw this and I would be termed as paper girl or something. Curse the fact I couldn't notice things around me.

I slammed the locker shut when he was just a foot or two in front of me. My eyes met his and he threw me one of his silly winks.

Who am I kidding? I've not seen a wink as good as that in a while.

I rolled my eyes in return and made my way to class

Just like i'd predicted, the calculus teacher was not in class. He was always late and that was an advantage for the students. It was an opportunity to have a small chat before class.

I wasn't one of those who had that free opportunity because I didn't have anyone to chat with. Normally, I'd just walk up to my seat and stare at people say things to each other. However, sometimes I got lucky enough to hear some of the trending topics in school.

For instance, I just heard a girl say she had something with Finn yesterday and it was the best day of her life.

My thoughts we're cut short when the calculus teacher walked into the class. He was wearing a suit as usual but this time it was a silver one. Everyone knew him for the fact that he wore suits wall the time. The only difference was the change in colour.

I'd never really owned a suit before and I didn't want one at all. I mean, I couldn't wear underwear, a shirt, tie and then top it up with a jacket.


It was finally my favourite time of the day.

Lunch break.

I could walk around without breakfast or dinner but I couldn't afford to miss lunch. I could feel a smile appear on my face when I heard the bell. First, the English teacher was about to give us an assignment but she couldn't because her time was over and second, I was going to meet the love of my life. Food.

What could possibly make this day worse.

I packed my books and headed towards my locker. The hallway was crowded again but with my petit figure, I could go through anything. I found my way to my locker and I noticed people move away from me.

Some had smiles on their faces, some were chuckling and others were looking at me like I lost my family. I didn't get this amount of attention on a normal day, something was wrong somewhere.

It wasn't my time of the month so I couldn't have blood on me and even if I did, the sweater would be covering that.

Can someone just tell me what's going on?

Either ways, I was not going to let them ruin my lunchtime. I opened my locker and


That's why.

A bright red thick liquid splashed on my body. I couldn't open my eyes because my face was covered with ketchup. My books fell on the ground beside me before I brought my hands up to my face and wipe some away.

I heard echoes of laughter around me. I'd never felt so embarrassed in my entire life. I was the center of attention, they were all laughing at me.

I'd seen people get pranked before but never had I thought It was going to be my fate.

"Oh my God" I heard Dylan Laugh beside me "Your facial expression is priceless. I should've kept caramel instead" He said between his laughs.

Of course, he did this.

"You got her there, dude" Toby said from somewhere in the crowd. He was also laughing his butt off.

"You know" he walked closer "I would hug you but I don't want ketchup on me now. Try not to cry baby"

I smiled in return, something I did when I knew I was going to get back at someone ten times harder.

He looked confused for a second before covering it up with laughter.


"So let me get this straight" luke said "he pranked you?"

"Yes Luke for the tenth time. Can you just help me plan the revenge. I'm sick and tired if the questions"

"Fine. I'll tell you but only if you promise to get me pancakes"

"Okay. Just tell me the plan already"

"So the plan is... "


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