Chapter 7: Truth or dare

Pranking Dylan made me popular.

While walking down the hallway, people sent me random 'Hi's and 'Hey's and being the idiot I was, I smiled back or returned it with a nod but that was until I got used to it. I couldn't walk in school without sending greetings to people I didn't know. It got so good, some of the football players and cheerleaders smiled at me like I won the Nobel prize. They made it look like I saved them from doom which I did if I might add.

At least, from Dylan's pranks.

It was funny I got friends in just a week. Well, not real friends actually. They just did it to make sure they we're friends to the legend that pranked Dylan.

The best thing was that for the first time in my life, I got invited to a party.

Lisa was a cheerleader just like Cassandra but with not as much bitchyness. Just like the rest, she also sent me constant 'Hi's in school but I had no idea she was going to invite me to a party.

I was surprised at her sudden generosity but in Bluefalls, popularity was the key to everything. I agreed without thinking twice.

Might as well make some memories in highschool.

I didn't have a perfect dress for the party or any dress at all.

I definitely couldn't spend my money on a dress I would wear just once. Yeah, you heard me, just once.

Something about Bluefalls was that you couldn't wear the same dress to more than one party. Not that they were going to kick you out. You would just be embarrassed for about a lifetime.

Lisa was loaded and the party would be filled with kids in the same class as her so I couldn't wear normal jeans and T-shirt.

Curse my boring taste in clothes.

I wore a simple red turtle neck sweater and black leggings. It covered up what was meant to be covered so I didn't have a problem with that. It had a little upsidedown triangle opening right at the chest but it only opened little cleavage.

At least, something would make it different from the normal everyday clothes.

After an accurate amount if foundation and face powder, I applied lip gloss, mascara and eye liner. It was a bit different from my regular school make up. I just hope they notice that.

Lisa's house was a bit far but there was nothing my sweet legs couldn't carry.

Just like I'd expected, her house was huge. I once heard heard her dad was a mayor so that explained everything.

There was a pool right outside with pink lights in it that made it look like the water was blue, a garden filled with beautiful roses which would soon be destroyed by drunk teenagers, a parking space for cars I guessed belonged to some of the students and a very wide compound.

I was welcomed by the small of alcohol and sweat. I really didn't expect more from a high school party.

Teenagers were, well, being teenagers. Some were making out which wasn't something I'd like to dive into. The pool was surrounded by people in bikinis and swimsuits, either drinking or doing things I wouldn't do on a normal day. The pool itself was filled with random people making out, drinking, yelling or whatever that was. Which reminds me, how were they in bikinis while the temperature was that low.

Just like you predicted, I saw Dylan close to the pool but he was fully dressed. It didn't matter though, he had more girls than other guys in the party. He was saying something that I guessed was stupid, since he said stupid things regularly, and they were laughing like they heard the greatest joke in the planet. I didn't hear it but I was sure I could make better jokes in my sleep.

I'll be kind and make one for you.

What do you call a witch a witch at the beach? A sandwich.

Oh my God, that's hilarious!

I ended up laughing like the idiot I was and I got stares from some people who looked at me like I grew a second head. Imagine how they'd be laughing if they heard how good the joke was.

Before I turned to a clown, I stopped laughing and made my way into the house. It was illuminated with random blue and red lights with hint of smoke in the air.

Don't tell me they smoke weed here?

"Oh hey Diana!" I flinched when I heard a feminine high pitched voice beside me. It was Lisa, dressed in a leopard print top and an extremely right leather skirt.

Seriously, how was she moving?


"Glad you could make it" She smiled "Did you find any problem getting here"

With the noise and how huge it was "Of course not. I love your skirt"

"Thank you. You don't look too bad yourself" She smiled "Make yourself comfortable and don't forget to call me if you have any problems" She smiled, gave me a little hug and left.

Why can't I have more people like her in my life?

Squeezing my way through sweaty teenagers, I searched for the kitchen. I ended up opening random doors and muttering 'sorry' when I saw things you're too young to know of.

I finally found the kitchen and sighed as I made my way towards it. Luckily, it was empty and the lights were white. There were bowls of chips and other party snacks displayed on the counter and empty bottles and cups of drink were in the floor.

It didn't take long till someone else entered the kitchen. I turned anime saw Dylan with a sick smile on his face.

"Look who's here" he said and sat down behind the counter.

"Please leave"

"No can do, cupcake." He popped a chip in his mouth "I spent my time following you here and I don't think you've noticed but my time is very important so it can't be wasted"

"It's confirmed. You're a stalker"

"I'd rather stalk a bird"

"Then leave me alone"

"I can't. Not when you're in that sweater. I have to admit cupcake, you look good in red. At least, less stupid with that open" He sad and pointed at my cleavage.

"Damn you"

"Oh come on, it's the first time I'm seeing how real it is" He chuckled "I wouldn't have guessed you'd ever let them breathe. Seriously, I would've believed it if they told me you were a nun in training"

"Nuns don't wear jeans"

"I said in training"

"It's almost the same thing you idiot" I paused "You know what, i'm wasting my time arguing with you" I said before walking out of the kitchen.

I didn't know what Dylan was worshiping but it worked for him by giving me the punishment for wasting his time. I walked straight into a wall as I got out and fell on my butt.

With the white lights in the kitchen, I could see it wasn't a wall but a person.

"Esther?" I asked as I stood up "You're here?"

"Obviously" She said "I'm not surprised you got invited"

She was dressed in black leather pants, a white top and a jacket. She had high black boots on and all I could say was damn.

I wonder why she didn't get as much boys as other bimbos in school. She was drop dead gorgeous and her bad ass attitude was out of this world.

"You look hot"

"Not as much as you do" She replied "You'd have boys around you with that amount of boobs out"

"Oh please. They're girls outside dressed in bikini, what makes me better?"

"The fact that they've not had a thing with you before and besides, you're the new popular kid, boys will be around you soon"

"If only there's a way to escape this"

"Actually there is" She said "They're only few people upstairs. You can stay there but it comes with a condition"

"And that is?"

"They're playing a game of truth or dare and you have to play it to stay with them"

"I've not played it before but I heard it's_"

"Shh" She cut me off "I'll be there with you."


"Esther it's your turn" Amelia said "Truth or dare" she asked giving me a sick smile. I never really like the kid. She was a total weirdo but because she was Lisa's sister, she got a free pass to popular world.

I wouldn't pick truth because they'd ask me something I didn't want to share and they would end up making fun of me while I turned to a tomato.  Something about highschool kids was that if they knew your secret, it took only a few seconds till the whole school finds out. In as much as technology is still against me.

"Truth" She said casually.

"Are you a virgin and if you're not, who took it?"

"No, I'm not and I lost it to my first boyfriend"

"Care to tell us his name?" She pressed on, hoping to find something juicy from it.

"Last time I checked, you get to ask one question. Not two"

"Okay whatever" She rolled her eyes. "Diana, you're up next. Truth or dare?"


"I dare you to kiss Dylan on the lips"

And that's another win for life guys.

Life        Me

100          0

From the corner of my eyes, I already say Dylan smiling at me. A couple of 'ooooooh's went round and that alone was enough to let me know it would be the gist of the whole school.

"Okay I'll give you another one since it looks difficult for you" she paused "Run into the pool naked"

"Yes yes yes" Ryan rejoiced "It's high time we saw what's under those clothes"

I glared at him and he threw me a silly wink in return. "I can't run around naked"

"Then do the first one. I'm not giving you another one"

"I'll go with the first one" I stood up and went over to Dylan who licked his lips and smiled at me.

"Come on. It's just a kiss, I've had better" He winked while Ryan and Finn laughed like he said something funny.

I was only inches away from him and I already felt like chickening out. My life would be over if I left and I'd be sacrificing my dignity to the idiot if I did it.

At that point, I froze in one position. I had a lot running through my head. It was just a silly kiss but Dylan would make sure he made me life a living hell after this. He would mark me out of his high school kiss list if he even had something like that.

"Come on, cupcake. We don't have all day" He whispered and just that made me feel it wasn't as important to him as it was to me.

"I don't want to do this" I whispered back and was thankful he was the only one that heard it.

"Too bad" He said and before I knew it, he placed his lips on mine and and used both his hands to draw me close. I sealed my mouth should and tried pushing him away but he stuck to me like a leech, holding me tight.

I heard cheers and before I could register it, I used all my energy, pushed him away and my hand went flying to his cheek.

I slapped him.


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