Chapter 4: Sweet revenge

The ringing of the alarm clock woke me up. It was 6 sharp and the skies we're still a bit dark from the rain that fell earlier this morning. I loved the rain, it was a reminder that the world still had good things in it. It was also a reminder that I needed a damn heater.

I pulled the sheets off me and placed my feet on the cold floor.

First, I got pranked by a rich brat for doing absolutely nothing. I had to walk to the girls toilet yesterday with people starring and laughing at me. I got everyone's attention yesterday and it was the worst thing I thought would happen to me besides dying.

It was the first time I got pranked and the first time I was humiliated in front of teenagers. Before yesterday, I didn't know how being humiliated was but I understood that feeling and it was really bad.

I had no idea how I would walk into that school without getting stares. People would point fingers and gossip about me. I would be the number one trending topic. The once quiet and shy nobody is now the gist of the whole school.

That was going to end. With the help of my annoying best friend, I plotted a revenge against me. Dylan was in for it. I was going to give him a taste of his own poison. I might as well be the first person to do this. It could lead me into more trouble but It was worth the risk.

As if yesterday's prank wasn't enough, I got home and met my mom waiting to punish me for lying to her yesterday. At first, I thought she wasn't at home but as I turned to go upstairs, I heard the flick of the switch and the white light brightened up the place. She was on the armchair at the corner so the action only made it look like it was a movie.

You know, those movies where a teenager gets caught for sneaking out.

I didn't get away with this one. She was pouncing on me before I knew it. She dragged me to the kitchen, grabbed a pair of scissors  and cut my baby.

She cut my hair

When the realization hit me, she was already done with cutting my hair. I saw the strands fell off one after the other. I begged and begged but it was no avail. She did what she felt was right as a punishment for the stunt i pulled yesterday morning.

When she was done, she kicked me, whispered 'bitch',  and left the house to go to a club or something.

I didn't bother looking at the mirror or crying. What was the point of crying when it wouldn't bring back my hair? I picked up the hair on the floor, kept in in a plastic bag and took it with me upstairs. I dropped it somewhere in the corner and spent the night completing my assignment.

I was glad she didn't come back home later.

I walked to the bathroom and took my bathroom and took a look at the mirror to check the damage. My hair was so short, it only reached my neck. It was cut unevenly but the shortest was the front hair that reached my neck.

I wouldn't say I didn't care about my looks because no one saw me.

I grabbed a pair of scissors and completed it myself. I kept cutting till it was even. At the end, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

I washed my hair properly with shampoo and spent some minutes beneath the shower. When I was done, I wrapped a towel around myself and walked out of the bathroom. I wore a T-shirt and blue jeans with my pair of scruffy sneakers. The T-shirt was my father's. I had the exact same replica of it. We used to wear it for golf before he left.  After he died, I took all his t-shirts and some other tops I could wear  They were oversized but comfortable. My mom burned his remaining clothes and every other memories of him.

I guess she thought erasing every memory of him was going to make her feel better. It sure didn't. I could remember how she was crying while burning the rest of his stuff. She couldn't take the damage she was causing but she thought it would make her feel a lot more better. That was probably the reason why she despised me so much. I looked like my father.

The resemblance was clear. I could remember he used to call me his tween when I was a kid and my mother loved the fact she gave birth to a replica of the love of her life.

I pushed those thoughts behind my head and thought of the only thing that could make this day better


Man, I couldn't wait to prank that kid. I was going to use the same old locker prank he pulled on me but mine was going to leave a mark on him. A mark he would never forget.

I grabbed my backpack and phone before settling downstairs for breakfast since my mom didn't come home to eat what I prepared. Get ready Dylan.

Mama's coming


I got to school an hour earlier to execute the plan. There was no student in school,the only people there were the janitors and some teachers. Luckily, they didn't notice my presence. I found my way to his locker before anyone noticed. I easily opened it and I had to admit, I was surprised.

His books were properly arranged from the biggest to the smallest. I bet he hasn't used them before.  His pencils and pen were arranged right next to it and right beside it were numerous letters. I knew my job there was to plot a revenge but it wouldn't hurt to read some of then. The first letter said.

Dear Dylan,

I've been in love with you since as long as I remember. I love your dark hair and mesmerizing eyes. I also love your deep voice and your choice of fashion. I might be a few years younger than you but it doesn't stop the love I have for you. I hope you that as you read this letter, you understand my feelings for you and hopefully reciprocate it.

Gigi Walker.

Wait a moment. I know this kid. Gigi was a younger sister to one of the queen bees of Bluefalls. She just got admitted into highschool a year ago and she was already head over hills for a senior that would graduate in a few months?

I folded it back and opened another letter. It said,

Dear Dylan,

I've had feelings for you for three years now. I tried to stop but it only got stronger. After the kiss we shared in the janitor's closet, I've always imagined your lips on mine and the way you touc_

Okay, that's enough.

I folded the letter and placed it the same way I met it then is started what I came here for.

Minutes later, I was done with it and I closed his locker gently. Turns out it took a lot of time to arrange a locker prank but even if I had to spend the while day here, I would do it for revenge.

At the end I was fifteen minutes early. It sucks really. I had to spend an additional fifteen minutes in hell hole starring at people pointing fingers at me.

Students were in the hallway, gossiping about what happened yesterday. It was either they were terrible at whispering or they just wanted me to hear it.

Either ways, I was still happy about the revenge.

I spotted Dylan and his minions around his locker. He was putting on a black v neckline top and black jeans, as usual. He doesn't run out of black clothes.

Or any clothes.

I couldn't remember seeing Dylan repeat clothes but that wasn't what I was starring at. I was patiently waiting for him to open the locker. He laughed about something Finns and brought his hand towards the locker.

Wait for it. Wait for it. Wait for it.

He stopped when a brunette girl walked up to him. Darn it. He was meant to open the damn locker. Who's this brunette girl anyway?

She started giggling as he whispered things in her ear. They stayed there for minutes before he started peppering kisses on her body.

I waited there for another twenty minutes as I watched him make out with two girls. It was finally time for first period and he didn't open his locker. Great. I had to wait till lunchtime.

Life might have your back this time Dylan but it'll have mine later.


I was sitting on one of the bleachers and watching students get ready for P.E. I didn't take part in it simply because I wrote a fake letter to the school telling them I shouldn't take part in any sports. They were dumb enough to fall for it but they didn't remember to take it out of my schedule. Either ways, it was nice because I had to watch other students whine about it.

Dylan was also in the class but it seemed to me that it was his favourite even when he didn't play football.

Mrs Edwards entered. Students called her Iron woman all because of her muscles. To be truthful, she was really muscular. How in the world did she make herself look that much of a man?

Don't let me get started on her hairy legs and loud voice.

"Alright everyone five laps!"

I chuckled and rested my back as I watch students flinch at how loud her voice was. They just never get used to this, do they?

"Hello" I heard a feminine voice beside me "I'm Esther."

I took my time to take in her description. She had dark hair and dark eyes with that bad girl look. She was dressed in a purple top and black leather skirt. Her hair fell past her shoulders to her waist.

It made me want to cry about mine.

"You probably already know who I am. Look here, if you're here to make fun of me_"

"I know you plotted a locker revenge against Dylan"

I almost chocked on my saliva "What?"

"You should've checked your surroundings first"

"I did"

"Pretty sure you didn't" She said "I walked passed you while you were reading the love letters, said 'hi',  and grabbed things at my locker"

I couldn't be more confused "You did" I paused "What do you want"

"Nothing" She stood up and left.



It was lunch break and students were gathered in the hall way. It couldn't be a better time to pull a prank.

I glued a note to his locker earlier to make this more dramatic. Once he got to his locker, he pulled it off and started laughing

"Well well well. What do we have here. A note" he held it out and students gathered around him.

If only he knew what he was about to get.

"Love, Diana" he read it out loud and the hallway became quiet. No one uttered a word as people starred at me in confusion. He opened his locker and


Pink dye gushed out of his locker to his face. It wasn't until after seconds the dye stopped gushing out.  The place erupted with laughter and I couldn't keep it to myself again. I started laughing.

He was glued to one position, probably shocked I had the guts to do this.

"DIANA!" He yelled and all the students stopped laughing. I,on the other hand, didn't stop laughing. You have to see the expression on his face,he was far beyond mad. He faced me with pure anger on his face.

"Sorry, I should... I should have kept purple dye!" I laughed using his phrase against him.

"It's a fucking dye?!"

"Of course, barbie" I said and the hallway erupted with laughter again. People were laughing their butts off. This was probably going to be the talk of the school till Dylan would graduate.

"You'll pay for this" he said through a gritted teeth before leaving.

"Say hello to our new prank queen, Diana!" A random student yelled before everyone started praising my name.

Now this is a good way of getting all the attention.

"Diana! Diana! Diana!"

This day couldn't get any better.


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