Chapter 5: Whispers

Luke couldn't stop laughing and neither could I.

I'd been laughing about it all day and it didn't seem to go old to me. It was the most hilarious prank in Bluefalls because the king himself fell a victim of it. It only became funnier when he was walking down the hallway with pink dye all over him.

I'd never been so satisfied in my whole life.

Who knew a locker prank could be so funny? I'd seen numerous locker pranks but it was by far the funniest I experienced. It definitely left a mark on Bluefalls because no one dared pull a prank on him but guess what?

I don't give a spoon.

If he even dared to pull another prank on me, I'd do the same and we might be the first people to start a prank war in Bluefalls.

"You would laugh your butt off if you saw the expression on his face. He was far beyond shocked." I said "Since he likes the idea of being a bad boy and wearing black clothes and stuff, I kept pink dye in it"

"Pink dye? I thought we agreed on flour"

"Nah, I want something that would stick to his body for a couple of days so every time he looks at the mirror, he would remember me"

"I taught you well" he patted my shoulder.

"That's just because I'm a good student"

"You just have a way of taking all the credit, don't you?"

"You know me well" I paused "How's Nick by the way? You didn't tell me the results from the vet"

"Oh yeah" He said in realization "Blah blah blah sick and stuff"

I couldn't have expected a better reply.

"Do you remember a thing the vet said?"

"Yeah, blah blah blah" He said. He knew I was about to give him a reply he wouldn't like so he stood up and said "I gotta go" he pinched my cheek "I have some work to do. See you tomorrow" he said before pulling me into a hug. I flinched when he tightened the hug. He pulled away and gave me a worried look.

"Are you okay" he asked

"Yes. Goodbye" I said quickly to avoid any other question. He turned and left.

I took a napkin and started wiping the tables since I was bored. I wiped them till I could clearly see my reflection. I moved to the other table and started wiping it too. If I got a thousand dollars for cleaning tables, I would be a billionaire. I mean, just look at this.

The only reason I was happy was because of the prank. I had a feeling I'd never forget about it. It was definitely the bravest and most epic thing I'd ever done in my life 

I heard the door open and a customer walked in. I recognized her from earlier. She was the girl that told me she knew about my plan against Dylan. I would've been worried if she was one of the popular kids in school because that could've been a disaster. They would run to Dylan, tell him everything so he'll finally notice them. The point of the whole thing was so they'd be friends with him but the actual truth was, whether you helped Dylan or not, it didn't stop him from pranking you.

Jeremy Carter knew better. Jeremy was also a senior like us. Last year, he tried to be friends with Dylan. Keyword tried.

I had to admit, he tried, he really tried. He threw numerous parties and invited the whole school so Dylan and his goons would come. According to rumors, Dylan attended just one of his parties and he spent only minutes there. Poor kid, he must have done a lot to get Dylan to attend his party.

Anyways, after all his effort, Dylan set him up with one of his girlfriends. She was seducing him in the boy's toilet while the whole school watched them live in the cafeteria. He intentionally got a huge screen TV and attached it to the cafeteria just to make fun of him.

Of course, he fell for the trick and she was all over him the next second. People laughed at how red he was. It looked like it was his first time with a girl.

It took seconds before he figured out and when he did, he attempted to run out and he had caramel and popcorn all over him the next second. He was humiliated in front of the whole school. He ran out just to find Dylan and his minions laughing and throwing rude remarks about the kiss.

Jeremy didn't show up in school till after a month. Turns out he was highly allergic to caramel. His parents came to pick him minutes later but he already had red dots on his body. I expected his parents to call for a meeting with Dylan and his parents but as rumors had it, they were compensated.

What money could do.

"Esther" I said and she nodded in reply. She took a seat in front of me and placed her backpack in front of her.


"Did you follow me here?" I asked as she brought out a notebook from her bag.

"I don't think you've noticed but I live there" She pointed at the house in front of the shop.

"How stupid was I to not have seen that?"

"I come home very early and I don't leave the house. Besides, this is my first time here"

"So you're an indoor girl" I acknowledged "I definitely didn't expect that from a badass like you"

"I get that a lot."

"What would you like to have?"

"Hot water"

"Hot water?" I asked to be sure and she nodded. How weird could she possibly be? Who comes to a cafe to take hot water.

"That's not part of the menu"

"I know but I get that because I'm your friend"

I couldn't remember telling her we were friends but she didn't look like she had one, neither did I "Friends" I smiled and grabbed a cup to get her hot water from the water dispenser.

I placed it in front of her and said "Here's your hot water friend"

"It seems I'm your first friend" She took a sip of her hot water "Because of your excessive use of the word friend"

"Are you always this weird?"

"I don't socially interact with people that much so yeah, you can call me weird" She paused "The real reason I came here is to warn you that Dylan is on his way here right now"


"I overhead him and a couple of friends say he was going to make sure you get it and I also heard him say he would come to the dumb cafe after school" She said, air quoting the word 'dumb "His words, not mine"

"How do you know about this?"

"Darling, I know everything that happens in Bluefalls."

"I'm definitely keeping a friend like you"

"As much as I'd like to stay here and chat with you, I have to leave." She stood up and picked up her school bag, taking her cup of hot water with her "I don't want that kid noticing me"

"You're such a chicken"

"Whatever girl, you've seen the consequences" She laughed and made her way to the door.

As if life couldn't be a better bitch, she met Dylan at the door. His face was slightly pink and I could see strands of his pink hair fall from the cap. He looked far beyond pissed and that red hoodie he was wearing made him look more of an angry bird.

For the first time in history people, he was wearing something asides black.

It was Esther's turn to get lucky, Dylan was too busy starring at me, he didn't notice a girl walk past me.

"Good evening Mr Angry bird, what should I get for you?" As soon as I said those words, I started laughing again. His facial expression only made it worse.

What was it with the guy and facial expressions? Does he have to make everything a million times funnier.

"You think this is funny?!" He yelled.

"Hell yeah" I continued laughing. He started walking towards me. I guessed he thought everyone would be intimidated by his tall figure.

Not this gal.

"You've messed with the wrong guy and I promise you'll pay for what you did. You can't run or hide. I promise I'll track you down if I have to" he whispered before turning to leave.

"And I also promise that if you dare pull another one of your pranks on me, I'll show you you're not the only one who knows how to prank"

"You don't see what this is all about, do you?" He asked "You humiliated me in front of the whole school"

"Excuse you, you did the exact same thing time me"

"With ketchup, take a look at me" He removed the hat on his head, exposing his light pink hair.

"What's wrong with it? You look cute" I said, suppressing the laughter I had in me.

"I'll get you for this"

"Oooh I'm scared" I said sarcastically.


"I'm going to ask you one last time sweetie" She moved closer to me "What is this?"

"It's dye" I said, seeing no reason why she would get mad about dye. Just like the other day, I came home and found her on the couch with the whole room dark. It wasn't until I got upstairs I heard her call my name. Knowing I did nothing wrong, I went downstairs.

"Were you planning on dying your hair"

"What? No. Why would I dye my hair pink?"

"I should ask you the same question"

"I_I got it for a friend"

"Darling, who told you you could have friends?" She said moving closer to me. I felt my back hit the wall and hence, I was trapped in between a wall and a psychotic woman.

"You didn't say I couldn't"

"Don't share your bad luck with everyone you see. You don't deserve anything good. I don't see the importance of your existence. You're useless and completely worthless. The only thing you've ever done to me is to give me pain."

"I'm sorry mom"

"Don't call me your mother. You lost that right years ago"

Moments later, I was sprawled across the ground, tired and pained.

After moments of lying on the ground like a lifeless object, I sat up and rested my back on the chair.

My mom had left the house minutes earlier taking along with her bottles of beer. She walked past me and ignored my whimpering like I was air. I didn't expect her to care neither did I expect her to sleep here overnight. After all,she had spent her evening waiting for me. Watching me cry would be the last thing she would do.

I stood up, wiped my sweat and found my way outside.

Fresh air was the best option at that moment.

I kept walking to nowhere in particular. The streets we're dark and deserted. It was midnight, if not morning, and most people were in their shelters.

I took a seat on the first bench I saw and pulled my legs up to my chest.

I embraced the fresh air as the gush of cold wind hit me. I couldn't have felt any better. For the first time, I felt free


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