The Strippers Insemination

Chapter 1

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"What do you need my sperm for huh Dante"?

"Man you already know what I'm going to use it for, i need to do this expirement.

"Why don't you use your own sperm Dante"?

"I already used mine in the hospital, that why i'm asking for yours.

Right now we are at the club chilling with some of our friends.

"So man what are you saying, are you going to give me or what.

I will think about it later Dante, but right now let us enjoy ourselves first and stop thinking about sperm i said laughing at him.

We continue enjoying our beer when i notice a hot lady dancing on the dance floor, Dante check out the lady on the dance floor.

"Wow"! man she is hot, said Dante.

I think i got my catch for the night guys, i slowly stood up. Guys we will meet up later and Dante i will call you tomorrow morning okay bye guys. I walk over to her on the dance floor, "hi babe".

"Hi handsome".

"You are a good dancer i said.

"Thanks handsome".

Do you mine if i join you, i asked her.

"I don't mine.

I join her on the dance floor, then she started grinding herself on me and swaying her hip in front of me. I whisper into her ear, "can we take it elsewhere". She nod her head yes then we left.

I woke up having headache due to the drink i drunk at the club yesterday, i then heard a knock on my door. But were is the lady i came with last night, then i heard the knock again.

"Yes! come in" i said.

"Sorry Lucas but it already 10:25am in the morning and you are still sleeping, i was wondering if everything is alright. Said Eva.

Eva is my nanny since i was a little boy, she is my second mother. She is also my chef, she take care of everything in the mansion. People thought she is a maid here but to me she is my mother.

"Oh Eva you worry too much", i stood up from the bed having only my boxer's on.


She quickly cover her face with her hands.

"For God sake! Lucas put on something descent".

"I laugh at her behavior", i walk towards her and pulled her hands from her face. Why are you covering your face Eva? You have see me since i was a little boy, so why are you covering your face.

"You are a big boy now my dear", so behave she said smiling. Your breakfast is cold now, let me go and warm it for you.

"Okay Eva", oh wait Eva, were is the lady i came back with yesterday?

"Oh that" she left this morning in a hurry.

"What" but i did not pay her.

"She took money from me and left.

Thanks Eva!, i kiss her cheeks.

But son when are you going to settle down and have your own family, i want to see my grandchildren. You are not getting any younger.

You worry too much Eva.

"But i want to see my grandchildren.

She hold my cheeks, son you are 24 years old. You are no more a kid, you have your own company at the young age, i mean you are one of the billionaires in this city. So put a end to this behavior please, changing of women will not take you anywhere.

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