Chapter 4

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It been a year since i took Luca's sperm to my lab for my research, on that same year i travel to Canada for further studies, i came back just yesterday. Did i tell you i left Lucas's sperm in a special storage, i was not able to use it for my experiments.

I had a call from our head office to come to Canada for my studies, so i left it in a safe place. I walk to my lab and called one of the workers there, "Robert"!

"Yes boss", welcome sir.

Thanks Robert, can you please get me the sperm i kept in the special storage room a year a go. I hope you remember where i kept it.

"Yeah boss", let me get it for you, he said and left. 3 minute later he came.

"Boss i can't find it".

"What do you mean you can't find it Robert!". Okay when i left for Canada who came here?

"Err... i now remember boss, is Daniel boss", he came here to collect all the sperms in the storage.

"Why are you telling me now".

I'm sorry boss, you know it been one year now that why i did not remember.

"Did he open the special storage?"

"I don't know boss."

"What! do you mean you don't know huh", i quickly run to the storage to check but it was no where to be seen. "Oh my God", "called Daniel for me now!".

"Okay boss.

It can't be, i'm so much dead. Lucas will kill me.

"Boss you called me", is everything alright?

"I should ask you that question, when you came for the sperm did you open the special storage.

"Err...boss, do you mean yesterday.

"No, i mean the one i placed it in the special storage a year ago".

"Oh! that, i thought you will not use it again.

"What!, you thought i will not used it again. "Oh my God", okay where is it.

I send it to the sperm bank section, maybe they have sell it long time.

Can you remember the month Daniel.

"You left for Canada on march, Err...yes i remember now". I send it on June.

That sperm is not meant for selling Daniel!

I don't know that boss, i'm sorry.

"I quickly rush to the sperm bank, "Lisa show me the last year sperm chart from June going.

"Okay Boss, a minute please. Here boss.

Thanks Lisa, i check through it. "Were is sperm (L)" i asked her?

"I'm sorry boss, someone bought it last year."


"I'm sorry boss, Daniel brought it on June and the person bought it on July.

"Can i have the person details".

"Yes boss, here is it".

Name: Elle Dickson

Age: 22

ID no: 18102285

Mobile no: 22158679531

Work place: 90s night club/ stripper

Marriage status: Single

I took all the details and left the hospital, God i'm dead. What i'm i going to tell Lucas, that his sperm is been sell to a stripper. Who will believe such a thing, he will think I'm lying to him. Where i'm i going to find this lady, what if she had used the sperm.

"God help me", should i tell Lucas or not. "Damn! i mess up big time, i walk slowly to my office and sat down. I have to find a way to tell him any how because maybe his child is living with a stripper somewhere.

"A stripper", oh my God Lucas is going to kill me.

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