Chapter 2

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"You have everything my dear, all you need is a strong woman who will help you built your future even more done what you have now. Bringing ladies here everyday will not better your life my dear, hmm a word to the wise is enough. She kiss my cheeks and left the room.

What Eva said is right, i'm a billionaire. I have everything at my disposal, and i have a lot to spend till my next next generation to come. I know i need to settle down but all the ladies want only my money, a times i'm rude and stupid but i need to enjoy life before i settle down.

I was about to take my shower when i saw a text message on my phone from Dante it reads "Man have you consider my proposal". I text him back, "come to my office this afternoon". I rushed to the bathroom.


"Elle!", Yes! what is the matter Jessica.

I need your help.

"On what Jessica."

I need you to take my placed tonight.

For what, if i may asked.

A friend of mine is not feeling well, so i want to visit her.

It okay, you don't worry i'm there for you.

"Thanks Elle, you are a life saver, she said and left. You ,any be wondering what kind of work we are talking about "club stripper". It all happen when my parents die and left me a huge sum of money and some property they own in Spain, they die 2years ago and leave me in the care of my uncle and his wife.

One night my uncle came to my room and force himself on me and slept with me, i told his wife what happen but she did not believe me. She rather beat the hell out of me, when my uncle came back from work she told him everything. They came to my room looking angry.

"What did you tell your anuty, that i slept with you. Is that how you are paying me back for all that i did for you, you ungrateful girl".

He pulled me out of my room and throw me out of the house, "uncle you can't throw me out of this house". This house is for my parents, you have no right to throw me out.

"Sorry my dear, they are all in my name". The property they left are all mine now he said.

"What! you can't do that uncle".

"Out before i beat you up, you good for nothing girl".

I pick up my bags and start my journey, where i'm i going right now. I saw a park nearby , i slowly walk over there and slept on one of the bench there. I was asleep when i heard someone shaking me, i slowly open my eyes.

"What are you doing here at this time of the night".

"I'm Elle Dickson, my uncle throw me out of the house".

"What did you do to him to throw you out of the house at this hour.

"I slowly sat down and told her everything", and she took me to her house. "By the way i'm Jessica, i live here alone. I don't have much but it okay to call it a home.

"It okay for me Jessica, and thanks so much for allowing me to stay here.

"It my pleasure my dear, come on make yourself comfortable. It been two month staying in Jessica's placed, she is a wonderful person to live with.

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