Chapter 5


It been a year and half staying with Jessica and beening a stripper, but now i have move out from her placed. I now own an apartment, Jessica also move out to rent a different apartment. The club pays as good, so i have enough to rent and to get a sperm donner.

I almost forget to tell you guys, a friend of mine or let say a coworker who works in the same club with Jessica and i . She has the same problem as mine, she also hate men touching her. So she one day invited us to her house, we were shock what we saw.

"She is a mother of two children, one boy and a girl. So i asked her how did this happen, that where she introduced me into insemination. Because of what she did she is not alone, she have her children with her everyday. It's that not mean to have sex with the male partner before you get pregnant.

I love children very much, so i decided to follow her processes. I sat there looking at the kids then said "Lena i think i'm ready now", they were surprise what i said. So the following day Jessica and i visit the hospital, we were greeted by the nurse at the counter.

So we told her the reason why we were here, they give me a forum to fill. I finished everything and played for the sperm, they even asked me if i will do it here or elsewhere. So i decide to do it there, they took me to a room to change to the hospital gown and lay on the bed.

I am now lying on an examination table in the fertility, the doctor came in holding the syringe in her hand. She walk towards me and the syringe goes in and i turned my head to watch on the fuzzy tv screen, as the egg are carefully placed on my womb lining like a peas on to a soft cushion.

After two weeks, i started going through what is called the 10 days wait. This is the gap between egg transfer and the momeme, so i bought the pregnancy test tube at a nearby phamancy, i tested and is "POSITIVE". I called Jessica and Lena, and they where happy for me.

"So a year late i gave birth to two lovely girls", yes i mean twins. God is so wonderful to me for blessing me with two lovely girls, i'm so happy to have them. I'm not regretting for doing the insemination, but rather i'm so much happy i did the insemination.


"Hello! Dante", how are you? "Okay i will be the house waiting for you. I hang up the call, i just wake up having my breakfast. To think about it, why is Dante calling me so early this morning. I hope everything is alright with him, Eva walk out of the kitchen towards me.

"Lucas i want to have a word with you".

I'm all ears Eva, she sat beside me.

"Son i'm getting old now and i can't been doing all the cooking and lundary alone, so i have decided to hire a new maid. Who will help in doing all the work in the mansion, but i have to inform you first. I can't do anything without asking you first son.

Eva you don't have to tell me first, i told you to stop working longtime ago, and get some rest if not you will not see your grandchildren. She started smiling.

"I will stop when i see my grandchildren", and by the way are you seeing someone.

"I laugh out loud, i stood up and went and hug her from the back and peck her cheek. You will be the first to know my dear Eva.

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