Chapter 7

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Dante and i sat there looking at her, at long last we found her. She has a nice hour of glass shape, her boobs are medium size and nice round butt gosh! She is beautiful.

Lucas i think she is the one Dante said".

I also think so, but Dante she does not look like someone who has given birth. She look hot i said.

"Wait Lucas she is looking at you".

"Yeah! i can see that, i stood up and walk towards her and throws money at her". She is a good dancer, when she finished dancing. She hurried down from the stage.

She walk to Eric the club manager, i called Dante, let go we started walking towards them. She notice us fast, then she started running out of the club. Wait! Please! i said, i mean no harm.

She stop a taxi fast, "Shit! We lost her. Dante let go and talk to Eric maybe she knows something about her. We walk to Eric office.

"Yo! man welcome and longtime Eric said".

"Please have a seat, how may i help you Lucas".

Eric we need your help.

"Anything Lucas". i

The mask lady, how well do you know her?

I hope everything is alright he asked.

" Yeah everything is fine i said".

Dante explain everything to him.

"Oh really!,okay her name is Elle Dickson", She is a no noises girl. All the men here fear to touch her, she is a good dancer too. she was out of the system for a year now.

She just started work two month ago.

No wonder we could not find her Dante said.

So what is the reason why she was out of the system for a year i asked him.

Because she was pregnant, i was surprise when she told me that she was pregnant.

So has she give birth i asked him?

Yes, a year ago.

How can a stripper be a mother, thanks Eric for given us this information, we are grateful.

We walk out of the club, she is a mystery lady i said.

" Wow! Lucas, you are a Dad now Dante said.

"Shut! the fuck up Dante!".

" Yo! man take it easy, i know i mess up man. But I'm happy for you.

I'm not ready for a child now Dante.

I know but Eva and your Mom will be so happy to hear this, and i know that you will be a good Daddy. I will call her to the lab tomorrow, after that we will meet you at your office Dante said.

I hope everything goes on well tomorrow, Dante said.

"What do you mean if everything goes on well Dante".

Lucas you know she came to buy the sperm from the hospital, So she have every right on the child Lucas.

" So do i Dante, i also have equal right too".

I know man so calm down.

"Don't tell me to calm down Dante". I did not prepare for this, you mess everything up for me.

"Calm down Lucas, we will solve everything in peace.

" You better do that Dante", i will be free tomorrow around 1:00pm in the afternoon.

Okay man then see you tomorrow, we both took our separate ways. Tomorrow is another day.


I heard a cry from the baby monitor, "Awww! coming". " God i'm tired, i stood up and walk to their room, they were standing in their cribs each. "Good morning my Cutie's".

"Mama!" they rise their arms up for me to picked them up. I stood in the middle of their room, girls mama is not feeling well today. "Mama!" Dorcas call, okay let me put you all down.

Okay let go, see their chubby legs. Let go and get you your breakfast, since they started walking one month ago. They refuse to be carried, we walk to the kitchen, i placed them on their high chairs.

Okay ladies what do you want for breakfast, they started to giggles "mama" .

"Yes dear", let me feed you mashed potato with a little bit of milk and fry eggs. What do you say girls i trickle both of them making them to laugh.

I feed them finished, then they took their bath. I placed them on my bed, girls i'm tired let get some sleep. Today i decide I'm not going to the club for a week, then my phone ring

ELLE: Elle speaking

ERIC : hello Elle, will you come in today.

ELLE: No Eric, I'm not feeling well

ERIC: okay you can rest all you want

ELLE: um! Eric, the guy i mean the own of L&D did he come looking for me.

ERIC: oh you mean Lucas, they storm by but they did not asked of you.

ELLE: okay thanks

I hang up the call, i was about to put my phone down when a call came through it.

ELLE: hello Elle speaking, who is it?

DANTE: hi um!, I'm Dante from hope hospital. I work in the lab there.

ELLE: i know hope hospital, but i don't remember anyone called Dante.

DANTE: Yeah i was not there at that time.

ELLE: okay, how may i help you Mr Dante.

DANTE: please we need you at the hospital for an error we made.

ELLE: an error on what.

DANTE: we can't explain it on phone madam, so please can you come to the hospital.

ELLE: i will be right there in an hour

DANTE: okay, thanks for your corporation.

ELLE: you welcome.

What error did they made at the hospital, but it been a year now. Okay, let me call Jessica, "hello jess can you please come over.

Okay i will be waiting, i hang up.

10 minute later Jessica came in, hi Elle.

"Hey Jessica".

"Where are the girls?"

They are sleeping in my room i said.

"So what up girl".

Let sit down first, i had a call from hope hospital.

Where you did your insemination Jessica said.

I nod my head yes.

"So what happen?"

They said they made an error in the hospital, So they need me there i said.

"For what?"

I don't know unless i go there.

Okay, i will go with you Elle.

"No Jess", i called you here because of the girls. I want you to take care of them for me.

"No! Elle i don't know the reason why they called you over there.

"Okay", then who is going to look after the girls.

"Call their nanny".

Doris only comes in the evening i said.

"Okay, let me asked my neighbor Mrs Beth, i called her. Okay thanks very much, a minute later. I heard a knock on the door, please come in Mrs Beth, thanks so much for coming.

They are in my bedroom sleeping, we will be back in an hour or two.

Okay bye, We got to the hospital, hi i'm after Mr Dante, who work in the lab here.

Oh okay please follow me the nurse said, go forward madam the door on your right, thanks. Jess and i knock on the door.

"Yes! please come in, we heard the voice. Jess and i walk inside, his back was facing us.

He immediately turned around, my eyes widen at what i saw. He was with that's Greek God i met in the club, he smirked looking at me.

"Um! you are the guy i saw in the club yesterday".

"Yeah, but you run away he said".

But what are you doing here i asked him?

I work here, he said.

"Okay, we are looking for one Mr Dante.

I'm Dante.

"What!, are you joking with me right now.

Why will i do that Elle.

He even knows my name.

Then what I'm i doing here, i asked him.

Please let sit down first this way please. We settle down in one of the couch in the office.

What can i offer you ladies he asked.

We are all right, Jess whisper something in to my ear " he is hot". Stop it Jess, she start to giggle.

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