Chapter 3

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Ever since i came living with her, she always go out in the afternoon and come back the following morning. So i was kind of wondering what she does for a living, so i asked her one day and she said "i'm a stripper in a club".

"What! a... stripper",she nodded her head yes, that what i do for a living Jessica said. So you sleep with men to get money, she said "no! Elle, because people don't know that i'm a stripper. I put on mask when i go on stage, i only dance on the poll, when i'm done the club owner will pay me.

But some of the club dancer sleeps with some of the men there but mine is different she said. So you mean you only dance and you get played.

"Yes Elle," why don't you go with me tonight.

"No Jessica", i don't know how to dance, i said.

Don't worry i will teach you.

Will men be touching you, i asked her?

Yes Elle, they will touch you but it does not mean they want to sleep with you.

"Okay, i will go with you today. You know i don't want men touching me, i hate that.

I understand but Elle, all men are not like your uncle. Your uncle is different from other men out there, it does not mean they are all the same huh.

"Whatever Jessica", but i hate them.

So are you not going to get married and have children.

I don't know about marriage but i love children so much.

So how are you going to get them from gun Elle?

But there are lot of centers where you can get a sperm donner to buy.


"Yes, everyday people go there to donate their sperm to get money, so why not. I will go there to get one myself.

"Really", Elle you will go in for that.

"Why not?"

Okay let go.

But i have no clothes to change into.

You don't worry, everything is already in here.

So that how i became a club stripper dancer.


"Yo! man, can i come to your office now. Have you think about it, okay i will be right there. I hope Lucas will accept my proposal for my experiment in the lab, i know Lucas since high school.

He choose to be a business man and i choose to be a lab technique. I arrived at Lucas company L and D, i asked the Secretary is your boss in.

"Yes sir".

Thanks dear, then i left and knock on the door.

"Yes come in". I open the door and enter, "hi man".

"Hey Dante", have a seat my friend.

"So have you think about what we discuses yesterday, i asked him.


So what is your answer.

"My answer is "YES".

"That my man! Wow!

But on one condition Dante.

"Okay what is your condition?"

My condition is, my sperm is not to be used outside of your lab, used it within your lab. "Please don't sale it".

"No! Lucas", i'm not going to sale it. I need it for the experiment that all.

"Okay here is it".

I took it from him, thanks man.

You are my friend that why i'm doing it for you.

"I know man!

Be careful Dante, if you mess it up you will pay for it.

Chill up man, nothing will happen to it. One hour later i left his office.

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