Chapter 10: Old Faces return

After the Election a Cabinet meeting has been called. As well as a reconstruction of the former Cabinet of Ken Drick Winchester.

Mey has been called in as well as Karl, both of them were honestly relieved that the former cabinet has been reinstated. The cabinet during the Revolutionary War as well as the build up to Ken Drick's death, has performed extremely well.

They entered the meeting room, the scene seems so familiar yet at the same time its not. Instead of President Winchester and Secretary Cody leading the Cabinet, its President Venator and Secretary Garcia who are leading it. Both Mey and Karl were surprised. They haven't seen him since Ken Drick's cabinet was disbanded.

"Secretary Garcia, it has been a long time." Mey said in warm tone. The old secretary looked at him and nodded trying to give him a ruffle on the hair.

"General Bracodo, it has been a while. When I last saw you were you just as tall as me now you're like a giant now" The veteran secretary joked as Mey smiled. The old secretary turned towards Karl.

"General Brooker, it gas also been a while since I've seen you." The Secretary said as he patted Karl at the back.

"It also good to see you, old friend." Karl said as he returned Garcia the favor.

"well now my boys we have to go and attend the meeting we don't want to keep the president waiting don't we?" Garcia said as the three of them entered the cabinet meeting room. IT looked so close to the design of the meeting room at Vichisburg. For a moment Mey thought that he was back at the Capital. Karl nudged him a bit to make him pay attention to what the President is saying.

"We need to end this war, The French cannot continue supporting us in this war. They have given us supplies and Troops for this war and we would rather end this rather swiftly than drag it into a third year." President Venator said as the secretaries nodded.

"General Bracodo and General Brooker, what is the current status of the Continental Army?" The President asked as the Secretaries turned their heads towards both of them.

"Sir, The Army has suffered heavy losses at battles of Paley Courthouse as well as the Battle of Baguion Hill." Mey said as he looked at Karl to continue the report.

"supplies has also been scarce, sir due to merchant only accepting Imperial Credits. It's a repeat of the Revolution eleven years ago to be honest." Karl said as the President thought about the Report.

"We need to end this war, we don't know how long this Republic can fight." President Venator said.

"Sir may I suggest that we continue with the siege of Revilla. We have already taken out two of their main supply lines." Mey said as he took out a map.

"If we have General Quins and General Brooker take out the Koppercos supply line we could take out Revilla with one giant attack." He pointed the city of Koppercos as he took out a quill and circled the Capital.

Secretaries started to whisper to each other about it while President Venator looked at the map.

"Who are in favor of General Bracodo's plan?"

Secretary Garcia counted the votes. Seven out of eleven secretaries are in favor of the plan. He wrote it down and gave it to President Venator. He took it and read the results.

"Well its official we shall continue with General Bracodo's plan. General Brooker you shall leave with General Quins immediately." Karl nodded as the meeting draw to a conclusion.

"General Brooker it has been a while." General Quins said as he offered a handshake towards him. He took the handshake and nodded.

"I agree it has been a while." Karl said as they went inside the barracks to prepare their battalions.


Mey was in the tavern again, as he goes to his usual spot and orders a cup of hot chocolate. He feels pretty confident that they could win this war now, considering that the Imperials suffered terrible losses at the Battle of Roga and the Battle of Cheapsake.

Its only a matter of time before this war could be drawn to conclusion.

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