Chapter 3: News of an attack

Mey was in the tavern, thinking where the next attack will be. Lately, they were targeting the major town that held the Vichisburg supply lines, but every time they tried the battalion positioned would defend it well. As he ordered another hot chocolate. He remembered those Christmas nights when he, Cody, and Ken Drick would always grab a drink in this tavern.

As old memories resurface, a short woman came up to him and punched him playfully. He winced from that and looked around. He turned towards her, and she started laughing because of his face. He soon joined her in laughter.

"Alright, Meika what do you want this time?" Mey asked as he tapped her nose.

"You are needed at the military camp at this instant. General Brooker wants to speak with you before he gets dispatched to Roga," Meika said trying to fake her anger because of him tapping her nose.

"Okay, I'll be on my way." he said as he winked at her.

She smiled a bit and laughed. Finally deciding to give Karl the news.

Military camp inside of Vichisburg

It was an hour later. Mey finally arrived at the camp, looking around he saw Karl's battalion.

He started looking around then saw Karl there in front of his soldiers giving a speech before leaving for Roga.

"Men, we lived through a war for independence, it is now time for us to be proud and fight the evil, that has taken over our freedom! If this battle fails, I'm proud that I died for my country and lived to see freedom for a few years. BE PROUD TO FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY!" Karl shouted as he raised his blade. As Karl went to the back to prepare his battle plan he saw Mey,

"That is quite a speech, Old man." Mey joked as Karl took a piece of parchment and started planning.

"Hey, I can't say the same for you. You won battle after battle back then." Karl said as he continued to draw his plan. He looked towards the draft for one last time then called the messenger.

"Deliver this letter to the men at Fort Herodia. Tell them that it's necessary for them to arrive at Roga before the battle begins."

The Messenger nodded, took the letter, and left.

"Well, I need to go, Mey. My spies told me that the Imperial Army is going to pass through Gregor to attack Vichisburg."

"Why would they pass through Gregor when they could have passed through Yorkington?"

"Because Gregor is one of the major towns that is helping in the Revolution. They are connected to Cheapsake and Holington supply lines."

As Karl said that, he turned to look at Mey and gave him a nod. Mey understood nodded back at him. Karl gets on his horse outside of the tent, quickly rode off signaling his forces to start marching.

As Mey saw them march away, he looked around the camp, looking for a certain colonel. He saw Colonel Lovington playing cards with a few of the 212th troopers.

"Colonel Lovington, may I have some of your time?" Mey asked as the colonel looked at him nervously.

"Uhhh... yes... Sir" Colonel Lovington stood up and followed Mey.

As they reached the tavern and ordered some drinks. Mey decided to break the tension a bit and joked,

"What? You're scared that I'm firing you?" Mey joked

"Yes?" Lovington said with nervous chuckle

"Lighten up a bit won't ya, I need you to help me plan for the battle three days from now."

"Sir, that would be an honor"

The bartender brought their drinks. Mey decided to take a sip of his drink, and continued.

"Well, Mr. Lovington prepare the men, I don't want my soldiers to die this early in the war."

Colonel Lovington nodded as he took a sip from the drink.

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