Chapter 15: Returning to the Capital

Mey was drinking his coffee when he called Meika. She was eating breakfast in front of him.

"Meika, are you okay after yesterday's events?" Mey asked.

Meika stayed quiet and just continued finishing her breakfast.

"I'll take that as a no," Mey said taking a sip from his coffee.

Meika then looked up at him, she opened her mouth and said;

"You are spending too much time with your friends, again."

"They are my friends but how could I avoid them when we are so close to capturing the capital, I will give the command to Karl once we capture the Capital back from the Imperialist, then I will spend more time with you," Mey said as he sat down on his desk and started drafting a battle plan.

"Okay, then. Good-luck to that General." Meika said emotionless as she went out of the tent.

"Today is going to be a long day." Mey thought as he continued to make the battle plan.

Meanwhile inside the Capital

"The old Continental Army is just outside our doorstep my Empress, why should I not send the Imperial Army to attack them already?!" Gen. Dwayne said angrily in the Imperial Council as he points out that they should attack, while the Continentals are still at rest.

The Imperial Council was filled to the brink of talking from other members trying to decide what to do.

Everyone decided to stop once the Empress started to speak.

"Patience. General Dwayne, the Continental Army will face us off in a showdown to which Government will win, The Empire has shown its competence than the measly Patriotic Republic." The Empress said heatedly towards Dwayne.

The Council members started to voice out their concerns;

"With all due respect, Your Highness but the people are growing tired with the constant war, most of them are joining the Revolution." Sec. Herryl said as he looks at the other council members who agreed with him.

"I agree with him, My Majesty." First Consul Victoria said as she looks through the old archives of the Republic.

"Fine, so be it. The Continental Army is prepared to meet heavy Imperial Resistance." She looks at Dwayne.

"If you lose this battle Senior General, the Empire will fall and all what you have built, with my husband, Will Fall." She said as she exits the court.

Back in Jacoba

Mey is preparing his men to attack. He had already contacted General Brooker, and Commander Nikes to help him surround the Capital and arrest the Empress.

As he continued with their march he could already see a familiar color that is going all around.

They heard cannons firing, The Battle for Revilla has begun.

The National Guardsmen started shooting their guns and cannons towards the brick walls that hold the great city.

Mey saw Karl and called him out,

"Karl, glad to see you again" Mey said as he and Karl ducked a cannonball.

"Yeah, the local militia was overruled by Imperials so we had to take them down" Karl said as he recall what happened.

"Hold your ground! We can end the Imperial supply line to Revilla once we win this battle! No matter what, hold Your Ground!"

"Well anyway, this might be the last battle. There will be a full transition onto the New Republic," Mey said as he shot his gun towards an Imperial officer.


as Karl shoots another Imperial trooper.

"Mey, we need to talk after this battle,

I need to tell you something," Karl said.

The attack lasted for 5 days until the Imperial defense broke.

Revolutionaries stormed the streets of Revilla. Some of them meeting their families and bringing them to safety, while some of them ran for the Imperial Revolution Building.

The entire scene was covered by smoke as guns we're fired. Dwayne Newhiskey was in the front line defending the Inner Court. They cannot do the same trick the Cabinet did a year ago. The lever to open the passage is missing.

As more Revolutionaries and Imperialists storm into the building, the battle started to become a bit more tense for both sides.

Mey came face to face with Dwayne. They clashed their swords and shot their guns towards each other.

"You betrayed the ideals you have pledged to!" Mey said as their blades collided.

"I didn't betray it, Commodore, I simply made it better!" Dwayne shouted as he shoots his gun.

Mey simply dodged behind a wooden table.

"Then why did you marshaled Kyra a week earlier to her initial day of execution," Mey said heatedly as his attacks became more fierce.

"Cody told me this, you placed poison on Ken Drick's medicine when he was sick! You have a sick sense of justice, you know that!"

Dwayne was blocking the attacks to the best of his ability,

"then here's the icing on the cake you shot Cody at his stomach! He raised his gun to the sky showing that he isn't willing to continue the goddamn Duel!"

It was Dwayne's turn to be aggressive," With all due respect, Kyra was committing treason that's why I sent her to be court martial!

She was helping the British!"

Dwayne send another attack yet he missed,

"Ken Drick was already dying from his disease!" as he missed another slash towards Mey again,

"Cody discovered the truth about Ken Drick's death that is why I challenged him to a duel. If he told the press about the poison I would have been ruined! I, No, I don't have a sick sense of justice! " Dwayne said as his attacks slowed down a bit.

"So you only cared about your status as a politician back then, huh!" Mey said as they continued fighting.

"Because it is simply making me rich. Who wouldn't resist the urge of making quick money by not attending any meetings that the congress and the Cabinets held." Dwayne shouted as he raised his blade and tried to slash Mey at the chess.

Mey dodged as Dwayne stumbles a bit. Mey took this as his chance and shot Dwayne at the stomach.

"Men like you in this world don't deserve a chance to live!" Mey said as he plunged his Blade in Dwayne's shoulder.

Dwayne dropped on the floor, he lost a lot of blood, then he passed away.

Revolutionaries saw what happened , the Imperialist also saw it.

The Imperialist dropped their guns and blades, they all knelled down on their knees, hands on their heads showing their declaration of defeat.

As they continued down the hall, they have reached the Imperial Court. They busted down the doors and arrested all the officials including the Empress herself.

"Release me! You have no right!" The Empress shouted as Revolutionary troops held her. Mey went up to her. Her face softened as she saw the young man that Cody took in become a leading figure in something he believed was right. Her husband was like that also.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Rivera, but under the power granted to me by the Revolution and founder Cody Rivera... you are under arrest."

"How could you use his name against me?!" Jazmin said towards Mey as tears silently went down her face.

"Do you think he would have agreed with what you did?" Mey said as he stared at her.

"I-" she shivered. Mey continued looking at her.

"He died because you were threatened. Dwayne didn't only threatened that he would destroy his hard work but he also threatened to kill you and the kids." Mey said as he watched the crying woman.

"After all this time I -hic- I thought that he only -hic- cared about -hic- the republic. He was only trying to protect us." Jazmine said as she was dragged away by the troops.

Mey could only feel bad for this woman.

As the Revilla started transition back to a revolutionary state.

They took down the flag of the Empire and placed the flag of The Revolution. The troops burned the Imperial flags that were around the city.

As Mey walked the streets of Revilla. He saw Meika, he quickly walked up to her and carried her to the sky.

"Meika, you know what this means!" Mey said with a goofy smile.

Meika turned to him with tears of joy, she smiled for the first time since the election.

"I love you!" Meika said as she passionately kissed Mey.

Mey returned the kiss. Happy that he finally gets to have a break and spend time with the woman he cared about the most.

There might be some battles left to retake older areas of the republic, but with the capture of Revilla and the arrest of the Empress and her high council it seems like,

The Revolution has truly ended

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