Chapter 7: Dreams

General Bracodo was a tired man. He worked every day to protect the Revolution from the Imperials.

Tonight he would finally have some sleep. Little did he know that tonight would be really different.

In the Realm of Dreams

The realm of Dreams was different. Everything looks shattered. As Mey was about to explore, a familiar voice came.

He turned to see. It was Cody in his old uniform,

"Look who came by for a visit," Cody said as he smiled to Mey.

"Well, I never expected to see you here." Mey replied.

"I know what has been happening. I am always watching the events from up there" Cody pointed to the sky.

"The Imperialist finally took over. They never gave up on their ambitions and now they won. They destroyed the republic for their own desires," Mey said as he suppressed his tears.

"I know. Dwayne is tearing through my old desk to find the secrets of the republic and my battle tactics," Cody said as he looks towards the shards of the memory.

"A few days from now, there will be a battle at Jakusta the enemy will do a Calvary charge, turn it against them by getting to Jakusta first and setting up a trench that has cannons pointing towards them," Cody said.

"But what if we never arrived at Jakusta before them?" Mey questioned.

" Use one of the oldest battle formations that I taught you," Cody replied

The shattered world began to shake. They both hear church bells ringing

"Well, it's my time to go. I am not the only founder you will speak tonight though, don't worry Mey I will always guide you no matter what happens." Cody finished as he fades away.

Mey went to explore the shattered world. Seeing the memory of him having the last drink with Karl before he dispatched Roga.

As he wandered a figure appeared to him it was Ken Drick, founder of the Democracy,

"Hello there old friend, did you talk with Cody already?" Ken Drick said as he shook hands with Mey.

"Yeah I did, he told me that a battle will ensue tomorrow," Mey replied smiling.

"When the revolution finishes and you guys win, please appoint Senator Venator as President." Ken Drick said as he remembers those times he would play card games with Hiro in the tavern.

"I will tell that to the National Convention. They will be able to give action when the revolution is over," Mey replied as he touched one of the shattered memories.

"Yet I thought our Revolution was more messed up and violent." Ken Drick joked as he smiled at the good times he had when he, Kyra, and Cody were just ordinary people who wanted reform.

The next chime of church bells came.

"Well, it was nice talking to you again old friend. I will see you at the flip-side." Ken Drick said as he fades away.

Mey continues to go all around the shattered world until he sees a stronghold. It has the banner of Secret Society.

He entered the stronghold and in the middle of the room, there was a podium with a tape recorder.

He played the tape recorder. It started normal. There is an announcement by the Founders.

"We are having big plans for the future!"Cody said.

"The revolution will stop the colonial rule of the British Empire," Ken Drick said.

"It is time to take arms," Kyra said,


The tape ended, Mey smiled because he remembered the first time he joined Secret Society.

He played the tape again but it was different;

"Everyone is not satisfied with what they heard, this is important and must not go unnoticed. Your puny revolution will not win this time, "an unfamiliar voice said.

"I don't care. The revolution will prevail and I will never surrender to a traitor!" Cody said.

"Are you sure, because one of your colleagues is dying. She is not going to make it, " the voice said.

"She passed away with the person she like" Cody countered.

"You win this round Cody but don't forget, your republic will fall because of the person you loved the most. She will finish off what I have started." the voice said.

After the tape ended, the shattered world turned red, Mey was about to get out when a voice behind Mey Said,

"This is interesting... knowledge"

Mey gasped as he woke up. He checked the clock. It was 4:00 am.

He thought about what just happened there. The voice sounds really familiar, yet he couldn't figure out who it is.

He wanted to go back to sleep but his mind is awake.

"I guess I got to prepare for the next few days," Mey said as he got out of bed


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