Chapter 14: Learning the truth

General Bracodo and Colonel Onderon have already set off from Vichisburg and they are now going towards Revilla which has been under Imperial hands long enough.

Mey remembered what happened inside the church.


"It is under the will of the Lord and the oath that our founders have taken, that I will take honor and Responsibility to hold office as President of the Revolutionary Republic," Hiro said as he had his right hand on a Bible that was placed at the book of Acts.

Mey and his friends took all their hats off and tossed them into the air as they celebrated their Friend becoming President.

"Long live the Republic! Long live the Revolution!" The soldiers cheered as they quickly put their hats back on.

*End of Flashback*

"Mey? Earth to Mey?" Meika waved as they continued their trip to the Capital.

Meika quickly took a compress from one of the chest and placed it on Mey's face.

"HOOOOTTTT!" Mey shouted as Meika removed the compress from his face.

"What was that for?" Mey asked as he rubbing the mark the compress left.

"That is for not paying attention to your surroundings again, We are already Jacoba," Meika said as she pointed towards a City that has brick walls that protect its insides.

"Well, I'll be damned the Capital is just a march away," Mey said shocked.

After that, they went inside a tent that a Private has set-up for them. He sat down on a chair and took out his radio.

"Contacting them again?" Meika said in a cold voice.

"That is new, since when does she do that?" Mey thought as he was about to respond.

"I am just going to tell them to prepare the siege of the Capital," Mey said as he took his radio and started tuning into the frequencies.

As he continued, he swears that he could see Meika looking at him as if he was going to do something really dumb. He decided to break the silence.

"Meika, are you okay? Do we need to call in a medic?" Mey asked as he looked at Meika not paying attention to his radio anymore.

"No, I'm fine," Meika said in a dangerously low voice. Mey gulped as he know when she is towing between the line of getting into a genocidal warmonger or democratic peacekeeper.

"I think its time for your rest," Mey said as he gets up from his chair and started to prepare the sleeping bag.

"Okay," Meika said as she lays down on the sleeping bag and closes her eyes.

Mey quickly let out a sigh of relief as she started to snoring lightly. He took his radio and tuned it to the frequency that all the general used.

"To all the Generals in the Revilla sector please prepare your battalions for a siege to the Capital. I recommend bring supplies also just in case a mishap might happen. Thank you" Mey said as he finished his announcement.

He turned off the light and went into his sleeping bag.

Land of Dreams

"Something odd is happening," Mey thought because when he visits the land of dreams, Cody and Ken Drick usually appears.

"Maybe they are checking other timelines again."He thought as he watched the shards show good memories.

He saw something in the distance, it is another structure but this time it was blocked off by wooden planks, as he neared it though the planks started to break one by one until a familiar figure appeared... it was Kyra.

She is holding an ax, prepared to hit anyone that is on her way.

"BeTrAyEd...AbAnDoNeD...I've done everything with them, yet they Screwed it up" Kyra said as she swings the ax like a Maniac.

Mey narrowly avoids the attack and saw something glimmering on the floor, It was a Pipe wrench. He picks up the tool and used it to block the attacks.

"aFtEr EvErYtHiNg We've gone through a Group of National Guardsmen just shoot me down like I am nothing," Kyra shouted as she fought fiercely with Mey.

"Then it is time for you to wake up Mey!" She shouted as the ax collided with his face.


Mey quickly checked his face for any blood gushing out but none.

"what was that all about?" Mey thought as he looked at his watch.

"4:37, well I cannot sleep anymore because of that," Mey said to himself

as he gets up and fixed his sleeping bag he made sure to keep quiet so that Meika won't wake up.

He decided to take a walk. The small town of Jacoba didn't seem what it wanted to portray for what Mey knows this is where the Founders all first met. He passed by a lot of famous places that surprisingly survived after the rise of the empire.

Mey decided he wanted to know why Kyra was so upset, and the only people he knows that actually know the truth are dead. So he went to Cody's and Ken Drick's old apartment and went through their old stuff.

Books, Journals, and Photo Albums in Ken Drick's Stuff.

He took the photo album out and saw a photo of Ken Drick smiling with his sister, along with his mother and father.

He never saw the guy smile ever since the Republic formed. The poor man didn't seem to have a break and mostly cut himself from his family.

He then placed the photo album back inside the box and went to read Ken Drick's journal, He found an entry that caught his eye.

"January 3, 1939

It was Mey's birthday I am happy to see him and Meika get along. I just love it to see when two persons begin to have that spark of love I am all too familiar with. Sadly I can't spend more time with my sister or my family.

The writing became disoriented a bit.

I am already getting to sick to even think straight I need some rest, Maybe after this party, I will go spend time with my family then I will go take a rest."

"Why didn't you tell Ken Drick you were always there when we needed you but we should have done it the other way as well, I hope that you are truly resting up there." Mey thought as he placed the journal back into Ken drick's stuff

After browsing through Ken Drick's stuff, He decided to go through Cody's stuff.

History Books, a journal, a lot of old Coins, and some photo albums.

Mey took Cody's photo album and saw a photo of Cody looking at the sunset with a woman next to him.

"I know that he knows about what happened but I can't stop feeling bad about his wife destroying everything that he worked hard on." Mey thought as he looks at the Photo Album. He then went to Cody's journal and it seems it's still in good condition to be readable.

He looked through the pages and dates and found the day when the Revolution was in full swing.

" November 30, 1936

I regret everything, Kyra was shot by firing Squad by none other than Com. Newhiskey. I should have stopped him when I had the chance. Ken Drick might be okay with it but I'm not. Right now someone is comforting her and she seems happy and accepting towards the concept of her dying, She might have rushed the entire process of having an economy set -up but in the end I am happy she did. Anyways today I got a letter from someone and they're asking to go meet up with them by Toms. Well, I need to go, just in case I would have my tape recorder on so that once I get into trouble I could make sure that I could track them down."

"He wrote this 2 days before the battle of Cheapsake, ever since then the poor man doesn't smile unless he is with us our his family." Mey thought as he continued to shuffle through the nearly-colored yellow pages of the journal.

Then he found another entry yet this time it wasn't Cody's handwriting.

" December 20, 1944

The Republic has fallen it was weak since the very start. If the founders truly loved the Republic as they say then maybe they should have placed some more effort into building it in the first place. Ken Drick passes away just by disease and Cody passes away by a bullet through his chest to fight for his legacy. Kyra died because of a rogue firing squad so I hate everything his works for the Republic to the times that he spent most of his rest on declarations instead of his family. I already told him to spend time with me and his son but no. He prefers to continue building in order to make the Republic live for a hundred years.

Well, I guess he failed Everyone."

as Mey read that final sentence he felt bad for Cody's wife yet at the same time sad for Cody.

"I guess she wanted to spend more time with him before that faithful night, he always did overwork on a lot of things inside the Convention building but I never knew that he would do it at home." Mey thought as he continued to look through old stuff.

Mey checked the time on his watch it was 5:00 in the morning.

"I thought both Ken Drick and Cody had lives outside of work, spending time with friends, also their family I am just happy that they no longer have to fight another war especially when they need a break. Maybe Cody's battle plans and leadership might have been handy and Ken Drick's quick thinking and fast writing skills might have come in handy, but I guess we have to live with the present, not the past." Mey thought as he continued to inspect the camp.

"Tomorrow, we will take back what is truly ours"

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