Chapter 6: Battle of Cheapsake Bay

Commander Lystrum of the 23rd Cheapsake Battalion and Commander Nikes of the 59th Jakusta Battalion were both called before Mey.

"Mey, did you called both of us?" Ertchin said as both him and Cristian took a seat next to Mey's desk.

"The Imperialist were able to convince the British to join this war, spies from Revilla told me that they are setting up a blockade at Cheapsake Bay." Mey said towards them.

Both Cristian and Ertchin looked at Mey with shock. The British, they are an old enemy, this isn't good news. They were able to squeeze in a victory that would ensure them independence. And now without the leadership of Cody and Ken Drick, it nearly seems impossible. Mey looked towards them and told them the plan.

"We need to send the Old Republic Navy in battle or else our supplies from the French will be raided."

"But-" Ertchin said before Mey cut him.

"I know the Old Republic Navy is composed of old merchant ships and ships donated from the French during Cody's time, but those ships were able to score us victory at Cheapsake and stop the British from getting supplies. If we were able to do that again, they would be forced to go back to their homeland and not carry out an attack in a few weeks."

"Alright, General I trust your judgement. Now tell us what the plan is."


Mey opens a drawer and takes out an old map, placing it on his desk. He faced Cristian.

"Commander Nikes, I want you to defend the town of Cheapsake. If the Imperial and British Armies start their offensive to stop the Navy from going out into open sea, you and your men would be able to defend them." Mey said as he turns towards Ertchin.

"Commander Lystrum, I believe you and your troops were originally part of the navy before becoming a part of the Continental army, right?"

"Yes, General"

"You and your battalion are going to handle the Navy. I know its going to be difficult, but I trust you."

Ertchin nodded and Mey continued explaining the plan.

"British ships will be coming, You and some French ships will be stopping the British from blockading this port."

As Mey finished explaining his plan towards Commander Lystrum and Nikes. They agreed and saluted towards him. Mey nodded and dismissed them.

A few Days later

Both battalions are ready at the defense of the port. Ertchin got up into the ship as he took the helm. Some men of his battalion took their stations like how they did during the revolutionary war.

The breeze of the wind reminded him of The Freedom Maker, the poor ship. The fastest and strongest ship of its time, sadly during the battle of fort Puerto Princesa, the ship got cursed to shrink and was placed inside a bottle.

Ertchin signed as he took out the bottle from his coat and looked inside. The ship floating inside the bottle.

"I wish that we could sail the seas again with the Freedom Maker." Ertchin thought as he places the ship in a bottle back into his coat.

"Set the sail, prepare the broadside. We're coming for war!" Ertchin said as he sailed the ship out of the port.

Like back then a Man-O-War sailed up to the brig. An admiral shouted towards him.

"Commander are you sure that old brig could survive this battle?"

Ertchin looked at the Admiral with a stern look, while the Admiral looked at him smugly.

"The First battle of this bay should have given you tge idea, admiral. I survived the battle with The Freedom Maker being the sole survivor."

The admiral's smug-look stopped as he commanded his men to prepare for battle.

Ertchin commanded his men to prepare for battle.

"Set the sails to full speed! Prepare the chase cannons and prepare the barrels of gunpowder!"

The men started preparing as the ship started to sail.

The British Man-O-Wars were accompanied by some Imperial-class ships.

The Imperial Iron-clad frigate fired its chase cannons towards The Rejuvenance. The crew prepared the chase cannons and fired grape-shots towards the Iron clad but the cannon balls just bounced off the hull.

"Sir, the shot just bounced off it's hull." Ertchin sighed as he heard the sailors report. If only he had his beloved ship. It could deal with the iron-plated ships because the cannons were powerful enough to go through Iron-plating. His only hope now was to trick the ship into ramming the barrels of gunpowder.

"Prepare the mortars!" Ertchin shouted as he plans to set the Iron-clad.

The men prepared the mortar as Ertchin positioned The Rejuvenance towards the frigate.

The chase cannons of the frigate fired towards the brig. The men braced for the attack.

"Drop the barrels of gunpowder!" Ertchin commanded as some of his men lighted the barrels on fire before dropping them.

They threw it overboard as the Iron-clad hits the barrels and exploded. Making it more vulnerable at the bottom.

Ertchin ordered his men to continue throwing the barrels towards the Frigate.

Commodore Crolin of The Iron Beast watched as The Rejuvenance tried to escape his mighty ship or that is what he thinks. Little did he know that the Iron hull at the bottom of ship is slowly removing.

At land Commander Cristian was defending the port from The Imperialist.

Commander Hector Pritell of the 315th Imperial special forces tried to besiege the small town.

"Come on men! Fire the artillery!" He commanded.

The men did as they were commanded.

"Get to Cover!" Cristian said as the men get down.

"Aim the cannons towards that heavy Cannon! Use the Grapeshot!" Cristian commanded as the men placed grape-shots into the cannons.

"Wait for it!" Cristian said as lieutenants and privates started getting nervous.

"What are they doing?" A Captain said towards Commander Hector.

"They want us to fire the artillery. Keep ranks and prepare for a charge!" Commander Hector said as he gave his binoculars to the captain.

Cristian continued holding his ground despite the other officers panicking.

"Hold it!"


The Imperial army charged to battle as Cristian finally gives out his order.


Shouted Ertchin as the cannons of The Rejuvenance fired towards the British Man-O-War as it tried to ram the small brig.

A storm started brewing. It reminded Ertchin of the original battle.

"Prepare for boarding!" Commodore Crolin said as the men fired their bayonets at the crew of The Rejuvenance. The Crew men of the ship took their bayonets from the cargo hold and started firing upon the crew men of The Iron Beast.

Royal Navy troops started to board the small ship. One of them went straight for Ertchin.

Ertchin took out his pistol and fired it while steering the helm.

"Never attack me whenever I'm steering the ship!" Ertchin said as he tries to steer the ship away from the Iron-clad.

The sailors at the galley continued firing the cannons towards the Man-O-War. French Man-O-Wars and frigates fired their cannons toward the British ships.

"Place the shot in so that we could send that Iron beast down to the depths of Davy Jones locker!" Ertchin shouted as the men finally placed the shot in the mortar.

"Hold it!" Ertchin said as the men started positioning the mortar.


Said Cristian as they continued their defense. The cannons continued firing grape-shots to repel the Imperialist. The Men held their ground as they fired their bayonets towards them as well.

"We might not live till the end but we will fight until we regain what is rightfully ours!" Cristian said as his men continued firing the cannons and their guns.

The mortar shot was able to set the Frigate on fire.

"Prepare for Chain-shot!" Ertchin said as the men started placing chain-shots into the cannon.

"Fire!" The chain shot was able to destroy the mast of the ship.

It started falling rendering the ship nearly speed-less.

"Prepare Flame-shot!" Ertchin said as the men started placing them into the cannons.


The flame shot damaged the Iron-Clad as it made the damage worst.

"Abandon ship!" Crolin said as he and his men gotten onto the longboat. Rowing for land.

"The Battle for the sea is done. Make that frigate blow up boys!" Ertchin said as the crewmen threw barrels of gunpowder at the frigate, lighting a match to destroy it.

It blew up to a million pieces as the rest of it sunk to the bottom of the bay. Ertchin smiled at the sight. Commander Hector watched it with disdain. The Royal Navy looks at it with shock, and the French were celebrating the victory.

Watching that, Hector decided to retreat since the greatest instrument to win this battle was lost.

"They're retreating!" Shouted one of the soldiers

The troops started to cheer. Commander Nikes can only give a sigh of a relief and joy as they won the battle for the Revolution.

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