Crash and Burn

Chapter 1

Bren walks happily towards the café he is currently working at, knowing that James, his best friend, and roommate is already in there and ready to start the day. He walks inside with a welcoming smile on his face.

“Hey, guys! Good morning!” he greets his co-workers who nod at him in greeting. Some are still too groggy for their minds to function properly and most of them just ignore him.

James rolls his eyes at him.

“I don’t know where you’re getting all that energy from but if you feel happy catering to a bunch of hot-headed dudes wanting their coffee then you’re a fool.” He grumpily says.

Bren silently chuckles at his best friend, yet they serve coffee to a bunch of hot-headed people who want nothing but their coffee. Their work sucks as they have gone earlier than the rest as they need to open the store at 6 am and finish the first batch at 7 am until the next batch comes in with the same negative attitude.

“I am hoping that my everyday enthusiasm and positivity will affect them eventually. I am praying for it, James. Don’t jinx it.” Bren grins as he sees their co-workers shake their heads at his statement.

“Oh please, I will only get positive if ever a tall, handsome man gets his ass here and take me with him. Go and get dressed now, the first batch will get here in a few minutes.” James whines as he drags his friend inside.

Bren grins as he put his apron and cap on. Wiping his hands on his apron as he walks to the counter to start his work.

“Tall, handsome man huh?” he teases.

He walks out and into the main shop, preparing their things as the bell rang signaling the entrance of their customers. James looks at his friend in resignation.

“Here we go again…” he mutters glumly as a bunch of office workers walk inside the cafe and go in line.

“Hey Good Morning, what’s your order?” Bren cheerfully asks the man who glares at him.

“Coffee of course, what else can I buy from a coffee shop?” The man gravely says. James huffs under his breath whispering the words “Rude, Ass, Dunderhead” all in that order.

“You can order a pastry for a change, sir,” Bren offers but the man curses and shakes his head at him.

“No don’t offer me anything, just give me my coffee and my change so I can go.” The man tersely says.

Bren smiles through his teeth, accepts the money and gives the man his change.

“Wait for a while, sir,”

He gives the coffee and closes his eyes before addressing the next customer. This job requires all the patience in the world. They encounter a lot more rude customers before the first batch eventually ends.

“So…hoping for more miracles Bren Smith?

“I don’t know. I’m feeling hopeless as of the moment…Hey, I don’t want to impose but can I have the next month's rent from you? I need it to pay for the loan. I don’t want the interest to add up.” Bren quietly says. He and James are sharing the rent in his cousin’s apartment.

“Yeah, sure. My parents sent me some extra cash so I can lend you some.

“No…it’s okay. I will just wait for our payday.

They are so into their chat that they haven’t noticed the customers who are waiting for them to take their orders. A cough is heard and they both turn their heads towards the man.

“Excuse me but can we order two coffee please, one with cream, one without cream.” Yell smiles towards them.

James opens his mouth in shock. He recognizes the man. He is Yell Sandoval, the famous and most sought after bachelor in town. What in the world is that man doing here? He’s a celebrity of some sort and he has someone with him that looks like his best buddy Mark Roberts, the young and wealthy CEO of RBB Group of Companies.

“Ahm…hello there. Cat got your tongue? I mean I know I’m handsome and all but it’s the first time that someone has that kind of reaction towards me.” Yell smiles confidently while Bren shoves his friend out of the counter and finally takes their order.

“Sorry for that one sir, two coffee one with cream and one without cream, that would be 3 dollars.

“Here you go, babe…” Yell says with a wink that Bren kindly ignores.

“Wait for a while…” He goes ahead to prepare the drinks when James suddenly opens his loud mouth.

“Oh my gosh, you’re Yell Sandoval!” He loudly says while pointing towards the man who shakes his head at him.

“That is such a super late reaction babe…”

“Hi, I’m James. What brings you around this side of the town? I heard you only go to cool places.” He excitedly says as Bren rolls his eyes at his best friend. Typical of James to know all the hot stuff around town, while Bren knows nothing and seems to live under the rock.

“We got an ongoing project around this area, babe. We just went in for a little walk and saw you guys in here talking and looking cute.” Yell flirts with James who goes on with it with a little blush on his face, for him being noticed by someone as well-known as Yell who is an honor already.

“Here’s your coffee, sir. Have a nice day.” Bren interrupts their conversation and sneaks a peek at Mark who stays silent, ignoring everyone.

“Alright, I would like to spend my time chatting up with a cutie like you but I and my buddy here needs to go and work our asses off. Bye!” Yell gives a little wave as he takes the coffee, shoves the other cup towards Mark who walks out as soon as he has his.

James grabs Bren’s hands and tries to put it on his face.

“Slap me, bitch…is that even real? Did I get the chance to talk to him? The Yell Sandoval? The popular wealthy CEO, my gosh Bren! I’m so blessed.” He says while putting his hands together.

“From your reaction, I guess they are popular?

James looks at him in shock.

“Like what? You don’t know them? Where the hell have you been? Under a rock? Those two are very famous because they are young, rich and powerful. The one who talks to me is Yell. He has a very rich family and basically doesn’t need to work at all but does it anyway so the media won’t say he’s a bum…a very rich bum. The one who’s been so quiet is even richer than Yell. He is Mark Roberts, coming from a family of billionaires you know. Billionaire Dad married Billionaire Mom and produced one Billionaire Baby.” James explains as they clean up, waiting for the next batch of their regular customers.

“Ohhh, rich people. I’m suddenly so jealous. And here we are taking too many jobs just to make it through another day in college.” Bren wistfully says.

James stays silent as he stares at his friend in pity, he is blessed to have very supportive parents while Bren has the misfortune of having an irresponsible set of parents who ignore him and his older sister’s existence. Bren’s sister, Mia also has a family of her own to feed so she can only send her spare money for her brother, that is why Bren is always short of cash.

“You know what, take my money for now. I don’t need it as of the moment and then, later on. I will search for something that will help you with your problem okay? Don’t look at me like that mister, I will do it right this time.” James waves a finger at him.

“I am telling you now James. I don’t want another plan to go awry after you mess up.

“It won’t this time okay? I will be so careful in choosing the right kind of deal for you. Trust me.

Bren shakes his head. He knows that James always has his best interest at heart but he gets to admit that his best friend doesn’t have the best decision in choosing the right extra job for him.

“Whatever you say, James…”

Meanwhile Yell looks at Mark with a teasing grin.

“Now that’s what I am telling you about, you just have to approach them and they will be all over you. They will know who we are because of our status in society, you basically can have anyone you want.” He calmly explains as Mark shrugs.

“I don’t want just anyone Yell. I want someone special.

“Let us pray that you’ll be able to find that special someone then, what’s with you being a social butterfly. Excuse my sarcasm.” Yell crudely laughs as he looks pointedly at his best friend, who is well known as being cold and unapproachable

“I will, soon I hope.

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