Chapter 6

Mark walks straight towards the door and knocks. He just texted Bren and the younger man knew he's already in the area. He looks at James in surprise when the man is the one who opens the door.

"Hey, come in." he shifts and gestures for him to go inside.

"Hi, so you're my friend's stalker huh?" Mark curiously said while James snorted.

"You're friend really spread it out like I really followed him huh? That dick." James hisses in irritation as Mark nods his head.

"Bren also said that you're the one who made that online account..." Mark started while James suddenly waved around in worry.

"Yes, about that. It was never done to make a fool of someone and I had my best friend's best intention at heart. I just did it to help my friend, please believe me."

Mark stared at him and nods in acceptance.

"That's understandable but I suggest you don't do anything like that again. That is too dangerous."

"It ends well anyway, but yeah. I will lay off the crazy next time." James said with a guilty smile as they walk inside the living room where Bren is currently waiting.

"Hi, you're finally here." he greeted Mark who went straight towards him and leans down for a kiss. James opens his mouth in shock as Bren just lay there calmly and accepts it.

"I got stuck in that meeting and then with Yell." Mark look pointedly at James who rolled his eyes.

"Shall we go now?" Bren hesitantly asked.

"Yeah, you can visit your friend anytime so you don't have to feel bad about moving in with me this sudden," Mark said as he looks at the two who sadly smiled at each other.

"It's okay, I am ready to move in with you. James and I attend the same university and will often see each other at school."

"That's great. It's nice meeting you James but we need to go now."

"Alright, nice to finally meet you too Mr. Roberts please take care of my friend here. Bren, call me, message me anytime that you want okay. Be safe."

Bren looks up at the man who suddenly barges in his life to whisk him away for his own needs. Mark felt his gaze as he drives home and shifted in his seat.

"If you're hesitating on doing this whole thing you can still back off Bren, I don't like to force someone..." Mark slowly said as Bren shakes his head.

"No, it's not like that. I am just thinking.." Bren answers back as he looks outside the car.

"About what?"

"About what will happen to me under your care, what shall I do to please you." Bren seriously said as Mark grabs his hands.

"I only need you to be with me and keep me company."

"Why? Are you that lonely Mark?"

"Yes,... I am so lonely I am going to pay someone just to be with me. Pathetic right?" Mark said with a bitter laugh.

Bren looks at him in sadness, sometimes people get blinded by outer appearance. When they see someone who's well off and living a comfortable life they tend to think that, that someone has everything and is happy but that's not the case most of the time. There is pain and suffering behind that magazine's smile and happy appearance. He squeezed Mark's hands and smiled sweetly up at him.

"Don't worry now, I will be beside you from now on."

Mark didn't reply but that comforting squeezed back on his hand answers back for him.

They stayed silent for most of the ride back to the CEO's apartment. Bren tries to drown the nervousness and shyness that he felt when they walk inside the building with Mark walking ahead and him following behind. His bags will be taken up by a hotel staff. The older man didn't say anything and just continue to walk quickly as if he doesn't have anyone with him. Bren got so confused with Mark's actions, one minute he's opening his heart out and the next thing he closes himself off. What a complicated man he is.

The younger didn't dare say a word and continue to follow Mark up to his unit. He breathes a sigh of relief when they finally get there, going inside as soon as the door opens up. Mark leads the smaller man inside and makes him sit on the couch.

"You want a drink or something?" Mark asked.

"No, I am actually tired, can we talk about the arrangement now so we can finally take a rest?" Bren weakly said the happenings are finally getting into his nerve.

"Alright, let's finally talk about this setup. As your sugar daddy, I want access to your company whenever I want it and wherever I need it." Mark seriously said.

"That's understandable since you're going to pay for it. I will have to quit my three jobs for that..but as you already know I am still in college and I have no plan to quit." Bren insisted while Mark nods his head.

"You don't have to worry about that, you will continue Uni and I will pay for everything that you need. Now let's go to the next topic, I want you to move in with me but we won't be sharing the same bed. You have your own room next to mine."

Bren claps his hands in glee as he smiles at the taller man.

"I love that,..thank you for your consideration." he started when Mark lifts up a hand.

"There's a reason for that, did say that you're not ready for the sexual part of our arrangement but I still have my needs that's why I might take someone with me on some dates to relive my stress." Mark casually said as Bren stares at him in shock.

So that means the taller man will bring someone home to fuck while he is in the other room? What a fucking dick, Bren can't speak due to shock, he is also confused that he feels slighted. Why would he need to be here while Mark is having sex with someone? But this information is supposed to make him happy because he knows that he can't do it with the man yet right?

" got your tongue?" Mark said with a challenge while Bren closes his mouth and shakes his head.

"No, I understand if you want to do that and I have no objections whatsoever. You can do whatever you like because this is your apartment and I am a mere slave and my opinion doesn't matter." Bren sarcastically said which makes the taller man grits his teeth in annoyance.

"I am only doing this because of what you said, you don't want any physical relationship with me and I need a release every now and then." Mark insisted while Bren lifts up a hand to stop him.

"We will not be able to finish this conversation if we keep on arguing, Mark I am not against your decision, you're the one who's calling the shots here okay not me. If I am upset at some of your decisions just ignore it, okay." Bren said with a sigh as he crosses his arms. This whole talking thing is not going right because something came up and make Mark bitchy than his history teacher.

They stay silent for a few minutes until Mark speaks again.

"I only want your company here, I don't want you. I might want to have sex with you but that's just it..." Mark insisted as he grabs his coat and takes it off. Your room is on the right side, the one with the gray-toned door." Mark leaves the scene and Bren looks at his retreating back in shock.

What the hell is up with that man's ass? One time he's hot and the next time he's cold as fuck. Bren curses under his breath and walks towards that said room and closes the door silently, going straight towards the bed and sat down. Tears start falling down his cheeks as he thinks about his older sister Mia and his niece Vera who is in the hospital right now getting treatment.

"I have to endure, for my future and for my family. I need to be strong." He put both his hands on his eyes as if that could stop his tears from falling.

Meanwhile, Mark paces back and forth in his room. Running a finger on his hair in frustration, he wants nothing more than to walk next door to talk to the younger man and ask for forgiveness but what is there to forgive when he is telling the truth. The man can't expect him to live like a monk and abstained from sex while he waits for Bren to be comfortable enough in their relationship, which might take some time or more likely that will never happen from the way he observes the younger man.

"I should never have said that I will wait for his consent,...but I never thought I will be this sexually attracted to him in the first place. Fuck, I screwed up."

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