Chapter 8

Bren wakes up early confused, trying to blink the sleepiness away from his eyes he groggily looks around and stares at the unfamiliar wallpaper. Slowly opening his eyes wider he finally realizes where he is. Right, he is inside his new apartment or shall we say his sugar daddy's apartment.

"This will be a long day..." He whispers as he stretches himself before getting up and starts to get ready. He already asked Mark to drive him off to the cafe to work there one last time and to talk to their manager.

"Mr. Ross will be angry at me..damn it." He says to himself as he washes his hair.

When he's decent enough he walks out and knocks on Mark's door.

"Mark? Are you still sleeping?" Bren calls out as he gently pushes the door open, taking a peek inside the room he sees the man lying on the sheets, snoring gently.

"Shall I wake him up?"

Bren stares at Mark's peaceful aura and smiles gently.

"You look so handsome like this... too bad you have an irritating attitude mister," Bren whispers as he trails a finger on the man's jawline.

The smaller man decides to go alone and leave Mark with a note. He grabs his bags and goes off towards the cafe where he finds a surprised James who looks at him in shock.

"What the heck are you doing here? I thought Mark said you should quit your jobs?"

"He's still sleeping and actually this is my last day to work here, I just don't want to leave you alone with our beloved customers. I will talk to Mr. Ross too to formally quit." Bren explained as James nodded in thanks.

"That's cool but I don't want you to be in trouble, what if Mark gets pissed that you're not there to cater to his needs?"

"Don't worry, he knows I am coming here today and actually offered to drive me here but I can't wake him up I mean, he seems like a very busy man so I thought he should take a rest as much as he can."

"Oohhh, what a nice man you have Bren." James teases his friend who flicks a hand to his forehead.

"Shut up, he is not my man," Bren said with a flustered face.

"Yet..." James smirks and shakes his head. He has seen them together and feels the tension between the two. They don't know it yet but they are perfect for each other.

The two does their usual task and enjoy the remaining time together, Bren eventually talked to the manager who let him go with a sincere wish that he'll be successful in his next job not knowing that he will be working as some man's sugar baby. Bren coughs awkwardly and leaves the premises as fast as he can with James sniggering at his expense.

"Mr. Ross basically said good luck on you being a kept man..that sly old dog...haha" James loudly says.

"Shut up..." Bren whines as they head towards the university, his phone rings and he answeres it quickly.


"Why didn't you wake me up? I said I will drive you off to work." Mark grumpily says from the other line.

"You were sleeping peacefully and I decided to not wake you up. Sorry, this is my last day anyway and now we're heading off to the university." He hastily says as he tries to keep up with James' longer stride.

"Are you walking to school?" Mark askes.

"Ahm..yes. It's a couple of blocks away from the cafe anyway."

"Next time wake me up okay? I don't want you walking a great distance to somewhere. I will assign a driver and a bodyguard to watch over you while I am busy with work." Mark tersely said as he walks around the kitchen for his much-needed coffee.

"Oh, there is no need for that..." Bren tentatively says as he hears Mark's snort from the other line.

"There's a great need for that babe, once we are attending social events the public will know of your existence and paparazzi will bother you like shit."

"Damn, I'm not ready for that yet," Bren mutters.

"You need to be ready as early as you can. Tell you what, I'll pick you up when you get off from school and let's check my list of bodyguards and see if you would be comfortable with some of them." Mark suggests.

"Don't you have work to do today? I mean I appreciate you being attentive and all but to neglect your job..."

"They can do without me for a while. I own that company and I worked my ass off for a long time, this time is my chance to lay back and enjoy being with someone."

"That someone is me huh?" Bren says with a smile.

"Yeah, lucky you right?" Mark answers back while Bren silently curses him making the older man laugh.

"See yah later Daddy... don't nag me the whole time. James and I will be busy. Ciao." Bren cuts the call before Mark can complain.

"You are settling in right Bren, you actually sound like a legit whiny and annoying sugar baby," James says as Bren glares at him.

"No, I'm not, Mark is just naturally annoying. He wants me to have bodyguards." He announces as James stops in his track looking excited.

"Oh my gosh, really? Bodyguard? That is so fucking cool man, can I go too?"

"I don't know, I have to ask Mark's permission first."

"You do that, I want to see those legit bodyguards, are they as sexy as they are portrayed on the big screen?" James wonders loudly.

"I don't know, maybe. If they do then we'll have to pick the hottest one."

"You bet we will..."

The two attended their classes and walked around the university with their flyers on, wanting to quickly find a replacement for Bren.

"It's so sad that I won't fucking see you in the mornings anymore but the thought that I can still annoy you during school lifts my mood up."

"Geez, you're so romantic.."

They both turned around when someone shouted Bren's name.

"Hey, Bren!"

"Hi, Leo, what's up." Leo has been in one of their statistics class.

"I heard you were asking for another worker for that cafe you worked at."

"Yes, I'm quitting so they need another hand asap."

"Is the position still available? I badly need another job."

"Yeah, sure. Just give your email to James and he'll forward it personally to the manager."

"Okay, thanks Bren and by the way you look great." Leo shyly said before running away.

"Oh my God, that dude just hit on you." James burst out laughing while Bren shook his head at his friend.

"Don't say a word."

They walked through the cafeteria and sat down for a much-needed gossip time.

"So what's up with Mark?"

"He apologized to me and said he will make it up. He kinda said that he wouldn't do it know searching for someone to satisfy his needs but can you honestly believe that I will believe him on that one?" Bren laughed as James shook his head.

"No way, we can't trust these men babe. You know that they want to be in our asses but they will eventually miss those pussies and cheat on us. That's the scenario that always happens." James said with resignation.

"Yeah...I won't trust him." Bren whispered as he looked elsewhere, with that confusing man on his mind.

Bren knew from the start that he had to guard his heart at all times, Mark sought out his company and even wanted a sort of relationship with him but that didn't mean that he would change just for Bren. Mark has been known to the public as the man with the money, girls are throwing themselves at him and it actually surprised Bren that he picked him, a boy to be his sugar baby when the public knows him as straight.

"I think he just wants some entertainment in his life that's why he answers my email that day, you know for him...a straight man to try something new and explore that side of his sexuality."

"I get it. I'm just an experiment."

"Yeah but don't feel too bad babe, always remember that you are getting something out of this. Just persevere for now and when you saved enough money you can always quit and say so long sucker."

"I wish things are that simple James..."

"Everything is simple, we just had the knack of making things look complicated."

Bren taps his fingers on the table, having stabbed his plate of salad without actually eating anything.

"Listen, he will pick me up later and then we'll look for a decent bodyguard tell me what to do next, my mind is a mess."

"What do you mean? You do nothing just make him entertained with conversation or such. You are not his maid Bren, you don't need to go out of your way to please him." James complains.

"But that's the problem...I want to do something for him."


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