Chapter 3

Bren takes a deep breath before walking inside the restaurant called Tiffanys, from what James told him he knew that the place is up and coming, most of the celebrities are spotted going in there and Mark chose the place due to its privacy. Now he almost had a heart attack when the staff told him that he’s the only one allowed inside but James assured him that he will be waiting outside and he’s just one call away from him.

When he showed the online stub that Mark sent him, one of the staff assist him and ushered him inside going far right back in the less crowded section. He pinches his hands as he wonders if all of this is real or he’s just dreaming.

“Here he is Mr. Roberts.” The staff bow towards them and walks away immediately.

Heart thumping fast on his chest he silently looks towards Mark who stared at him in sudden recognition.

“You’re the cashier on that coffee shop.” The man said out loud making the smaller man flinch.

“Uhm…yes. Nice to see you again Mr. Roberts.” Bren whispers, silently imagining on how to murder his best friend for putting him in this kind of situation.

Mark scowled and huffs under his breath, now that he realizes that he’s somewhat being duped by the younger man, he is less keen on being with him. He doesn’t want another heartless bitch on his arms.

He knew this kind of people, they will just take what they want and spend his money on themselves, so much for wishful thinking.

“Have a seat.” He coldly said while pointing at the empty chair.

“Thank you for meeting up with me…” Bren slowly said, not knowing what to say to the other.

“Let’s go straight to the point, shall we? What the fuck do you want with me? I thought that when I found your profile on that site that you wouldn’t know anything about me but the thought that you might plan all of this just to get me and my money…”

“No! No please don’t think about it that way. I have never intentionally plot anything just to be with you. You might not believe me but I never made that account on DDBB website, it was my friend James who did it.” Bren quietly said, finally revealing the truth because being judged as a bad person doesn’t sit well with him. He has no money but he wouldn’t stoop that low.

Mark crosses his arms and lifted an eyebrow at him.

“And I am supposed to believe that?

Bren scowled at the man, what an incorrigible one.

“I’m not here to make you believe me anyway, I’m just here to try my luck.

“Are you so desperate for that money huh?

Bren lowers his head, not an hour has passed and this man is already trying his patience.

“I am, that’s why when my friend did what he did I just went on with it. Now if you don’t like me and wouldn’t want to continue with the contract that’s fine with me too. I have three jobs anyway, it’s exhausting but I am managing.” Bren sulkily said it is true. Having too many jobs takes too much energy from him but he’s been doing it for years clearly, he can do it for a couple of years more until he graduates from college.

Mark stayed silent and stare at the younger man, from what he gets from Bren’s online profile he is twenty years old. Much younger than him by six years, hearing him talk makes him feel at ease, he knew that the smaller man is telling the truth. He has always been a good judge in character, that’s what makes him land some great deals from business partners.

“Tell you what, I am willing to take a chance with you. Let’s get on with the agreement, I need to ask you first though, are you willing to commit? Because I have a very possessive nature, when I said that I will take care of you I mean it, I will provide you with everything that you need but I want full loyalty from you. For these time period, you are mine, I don’t want you flirting with someone else, I don’t want you to be in a relationship with someone else, you will be mine and cater to my needs whenever I want them, can you do that?” He challenges the smaller man who sits up straight.

“When you say needs..can you please explain it in detail? I knew that James told me what you need the most is companionship but, we all know the sexual one is included in this type of relationship as well.” Bren whispers in embarrassment but he needs to know so he can prepare himself mentally and emotionally.

Mark gaze at him in interest, Bren has always been slim and more feminine looking than James who has a bulkier built and goes regularly to the gym, for him, he basically looks like a stick but from the way the older man looks at him it seems like he likes what he is seeing.

“You have a very pretty face and I like my partners to be smaller than me so you’re acceptable,” Mark said with a teasing grin.

“I’m not pretty,…” Bren insisted.

“Tell that to your self love, and one more thing I don’t want you to answer me like that. I will let you off now, don’t do that again.

Bren hisses and grits his teeth it’s official, his sugar daddy is the most insufferable man on earth. If he didn’t need that cash he will walk out of this place and put his middle finger up.

Mark lean forward and put his hand on the other’s chin to lift his face up, making the smaller man look directly at him.

“When I say something you need to answer back love, I am paying for your company. Do your job, if you’re calling this thing a job.” Mark quietly said.

“Okay, Mr. Roberts.

“You can call me Mark, we will spend time together so let’s make it more comfortable shall we?

“Yes Mark,…” Bren glumly answers back getting an amused smile from the older.

“You’re a very interesting guy Bren, I like it.” Mark lifted his glass of wine as the waiter came up with his order for both of them.

Bren looks at the delicacies that are spread out on the table.

“Dig in love, I don’t want you to starve, taste everything that you haven’t tasted before. If you want you can order something else from the menu.

“No this is alright Mr. Roberts.

“Mark..I said call me Mark.

“This is alright Mark.

Meanwhile, James continues to patiently wait outside the restaurant having parked his car near the venue checking his watch every now and then. He’s getting more and more nervous, what if Bren couldn’t take Mark Robert’s infamous bad attitude and walks out of the deal.

“I hope Bren keeps his cool, it’s for cash.” He whispers to himself.

He saw someone walks pass him, stops and walk backward to address him.

“Hey, you’re the one from the café right? What are you doing here? Stalking me huh?” Yell said with a confident smile which makes James stare at him in disbelief.

This man has the guts to say he is stalking him? What a conceited asshole, he glares at him totally turned off by the statement.

“Well excuse me Mister but I am waiting for my friend and have no intention of stalking you, thank you very much.” He dismissively waved a hand and Yell smirked even wider.

“I knew this kind of thing, you’re making me think that you have no interest in me to pique my interest right? I knew it babe…”

James glares at the man and put his middle finger up.

“I’m not into your asshole, get off my place, please. Idiot..” He whispers the last part as Yell looks taken aback by his attitude.

James knew that he’s not that rude towards anyone but the long wait for his friend makes him jittery. No one should mess up with him when he is in this state.

“Alright I will let you off this time, but if I saw you again then it will prove my theory that you are stalking me.

“Yeah, whatever. Have a nice day Mr. Sandoval.

James gets his phone in a snap as soon as he heard a text notification. He let out a huge grin and jumps in happiness.

“Yeah, my bitch just closes the deal. Time to celebrate!” He said out loud and suddenly looks at Yell who’s still standing in front of him.

“I’m not talking to you, go away.

Yell stared at him in curiosity.

“You’re a weird one.

“And you’re an annoying one now snap! Getaway, disappear and evaporate.

He clutches his phone towards his chest and walks towards his car. Bren finally has the opportunity to improve his life now, at least he wouldn’t burden himself with tons of workload while studying at the same time. In conclusion, he is very satisfied with how things went and very thankful that he has finally got that one chance to help his friend.

“Is it too much to pray that both of them will fall in love and live happily ever after?” He said to himself chuckling under his breath. Oh, he is such a hopeless romantic.

Mark and Bren finished their meal and is now ready to leave, the older noticed how the younger man continues to shift on his seat and seems very eager to leave the premises.

“Shall we go now?

“Uhm, yes, I have class in an hour so I really need to go.

“I want to take you there, let’s go to your apartment first and I’ll take you to your university.” Mark calmly said, wanting to see where the younger man stayed and where he studied. He wants to know every detail about Bren.

“Are you sure? You wouldn’t like my apartment. If you go to high-class haunts like these then my kind of place is not ideal to you. And my apartment is actually my cousins, she lets me stay there while she’s in Paris.” He quickly explains wanting to escape Mark’s company for a while.

“Well surprise me, I really want to go with you. You see I’m quite bored, entertain me for a bit and be my little tour guide alright?” Mark asked while Bren really doesn’t have a choice but to agree.

“Alright, if you really want to. And don’t blame me if you don’t like what you see, you’re the one coming in our side of the town, not the other way around.” He sulkily said while standing up.

“Great! I love surprises love, but don’t tell anyone that. I have a reputation to uphold.” Mark said while standing up as well, rearranging his tie and walking towards the smaller man to put his arms around him.

Bren gasp in shock, he knew that Mark towers all over him but being in the other man’s arms makes him realize the size difference between them. Seeing as how people around the area look at them he knew that they know who’s the dominant one. Face flushed with embarrassment he tugs the man and walks faster than he intends to.

“Slow down, we got time to spare,” Mark orders him making him turn his head back and glare at the man.

“Easy for you to say, you don’t get embarrassed by what people are thinking.

“Hey, you don’t have to be embarrassed. Remember that what he has between us will stay between us. They don’t know that you’re my responsibility, they just saw you as my current lover. Now, what’s to be embarrassed about that huh?” Mark calmly explains as he grabs the smaller man’s hands instead.

“You need to calm down and trust me.

Bren silently looks into those eyes thinking how afraid he is to trust, but can he trust this man? This man who is on his way to claim him.

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