Chapter 7

Bren makes himself comfortable as he dials James' number, wanting a friendly voice to talk to for once. Having an argument with Mark really messes up his feelings making him more confused than before.

"Hi there, how are things? Did you arrived safe and sound?" James cheerfully asked on the other line.

A sigh is Bren's only answer which makes James chuckles under his breath.

"That bad huh? And you've only been there for like an hour or so." James said while shaking his head in disappointment. He knew it, all guys are jerks.

"We talked in the car and he opens up to me somehow, that calms me down. Seeing him like that makes me think that I can do it but as soon as we are in this building he shuts himself off and returns to being a rude douchebag. He is confusing me." Bren complains as he unpacked his bad which was delivered up to the apartment by the staff.

"Why, I need some details." James curiously said.

"We talked he said he wants me available anytime anywhere, he wants me to be with him and only him and then he said it's okay for me to quit my jobs and still study." Bren enumerated.

"That's good, what's the catch? Why did you two argue?"

"Well, remember that I only said yes to this arrangement is because you said that he only needs companionship and that the sexual side of the relationship can be postponed for a while and that he promised to not do anything without my consent?"

"Yes..." James slowly said.

"Well he announced that I will have a separate room for myself, that actually made me happy but then he speaks up again."

"What did he said that makes you so mad?"

"He said that he's taking lovers and will go out on dates when he has the urge to fuck. I mean, what a dick. He specifically told me that I need to be loyal to him, now I am not expecting him to do the same but the thought of him bringing his sex mates here and have sex in his room knowing that I am next door?!" Bren didn't notice that he is practically shouting through the phone when James tries to calm him down.

"Okay, calm down. Take deep breaths and lower your voice honey. As you said your room is right next to his extra careful."

"I don't care about him right now, I haven't even said my list yet and here we are arguing already," Bren complains as he leaves the clothes on the bed.

"You two act like a married couple who doesn't want to get married but ended up tied to each other anyways. Talk to him again and if things don't look good end this whole thing before it starts." James calmly advised while Bren nods his head in agreement wanting to get off the phone now to see Mark.

"I will do that, bye James. I'll text you later."

He readies himself as he walks to the door to confront the man when a knock was heard as soon as he touches the doorknob, his heart is suddenly beating fast he stayed still for a while before taking in a deep breath.

"Alright, I am ready." He whispers to himself as he finally opens the door to reveal Mark wearing a maroon tank top that shows his muscled arms nicely.

"Hey, we need to talk. Sorry for being rude." Mark straightforwardly said as he looks uncomfortable while standing there and being stared at by Bren.

Bren opens the door widely and crosses his arms.

"We'll talk inside my room."

"Okay..." Mark tentatively step inside and Bren gestured towards the messy bed.

"I knew it, you are naturally messy." The taller man mutters as Bren glared at him.

"I guess you are inside my room and my territory to formally apologize for your actions?" Bren insisted while Mark sigh and sat down.

"I'm sorry okay? I step out of bounds and I admit I am so rude back then I haven't even asked you yet on what you are expecting from our set up."

"Okay this is finally my turn now, first I want mutual respect. I know we can't be best friends but at least we both need to be more considerate with the other's emotions or feelings. Mark, I have no problems with you having sex with other people, really because I can't give that to you just yet. What makes me tick off is the fact that you're not sensitive enough to respect me being in your apartment. Do you really think that I will be comfortable being inside here, inside my room while you're moaning and sexing someone in your room? Which is next to mine? At least have the decency to do it elsewhere, I don't care." angrily said while Mark bows down his head in shame.

"I am sorry babe...really. I promise to respect you and to avoid hurting you in any way." Mark mutters clearly uncomfortable and not used to apologizing.

"I am here to be your companion Mark, I think we both should make some effort to genuinely like each other as we are going to spend so much time together, remember you are actually insisting that I quit my three jobs so that I can be at your beck and call." Bren testily said as Mark put up a hand.

"About that babe, please don't think that I will make your life miserable by forcing you to play wife and stay at the house all the time I am actually considering a job for you at my company but I need to talk to my staff first and I need to make sure it will not hinder your class schedules." Mark casually said silently observing Bren's face.

"Really? You will do that for me?" Bren said in disbelief, working at Mark's company will be a huge help for him to gain experience with office jobs, a thing that he is looking forward to.

"Yes, I think I will be busy most of the time so it will be a great idea for you to work near me. Easy access and all that...I can take you to lunch outside and you can entertain me with your loud mouth." Mark sarcastically said with a teasing grin.

Bren smiled back and shakes his head.

"Alright, I take that peace offering Mr. Roberts."

"I know you will Bren...I know you will."

Bren calls James again after his talk with Mark and is now cooking some dinner for the two of them.

"Hey, you okay now?" James asked.

"Yes, listen I can't go to the cafe anymore since Mark wants me to quit immediately, let's ask around the university if there's someone who needs the job since you're gonna be the only one at the counter. I am sorry to leave on such short notice." Bren apologizes over the phone while Mark casually sits on the chair, grabbing an apple.

"You don't go around apologizing to other people babe, it's actually not your problem if they are short on people."

Bren looks back and scowled at the man.

"Mark that is so rude, I worked at that cafe for a very long time and I want to make it easier for my friend who will be left out at that hell hole, you have no idea how rude our customers are especially the 6AM batch and the 7AM batch." Bren whines as he prepares the meal while Mark chuckles at him finding the younger man cute when he gets angry.

"Whatever you say, babe, just don't go out and hand out flyers. And don't talk to other men, don't even think of shaking their hands." Mark seriously said while Bren shakes his head at his possessiveness.

"Whatever you say Daddy..." he sassily said while Mark lifted an eyebrow at his statement.

"You better behave yourself baby.." Mark replied back.

James cough awkwardly on the line which shifted Bren's attention to him.

"Hello, I am still here you asses. If you wanted to flirt and fight with your DADDY you shouldn't have called me, bitch. Hearing you speak like that makes me cringe, no offense babe." James complains as Bren sigh through the phone.

"Ugh, why am I surrounded by weird people, I will call you back later bye."Bren cut the call and look back to see Mark staring intensely at him.

"What are you looking at?" he quietly asked as Mark shrugs.

"Just looking at you cooking for me." Mark slowly said.

"Does it bother you?" Bren tentatively asked, knowing that they can just order some take-outs instead of a freshly made dinner.

"No it doesn't, it just feels good to have someone cook for me again. It's been a very long time."

Bren stayed silent, this man has been on his own for a very long time and was not able to eat homemade food. That is kinda sad.

"I am here now and I will cook for you every day," Bren whispers as Mark smiled at him.

"I would love that..."

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