Chapter 2

Bren slowly walks towards the apartment where his small and cold bed awaits him, as an independent college student who never relies on his parents for his monetary needs he has three to four jobs throughout the day. It’s a crazy schedule but he thanks the heavens for he never had any serious illness even if he works for almost 24/7.

Humming under his breath he thinks about the what-ifs in his life, what if he has responsible parents, what if he is born rich, what if he has someone to take care of him for once.

“Ahhh wishful thinking Bren…stop it.” He whispers to himself as he arrives at the building where his cousin’s apartment is located. He can’t thank Giselle enough for making him live in her apartment when she needed to go to Paris for her work. That is a huge help for him.

He goes inside and gets surprised that the lights are still on.

“James? Are you still awake?

He walks into the living room where he finds his best friend who is snoring all over their shared laptop.

Chuckling under his breath, he knows that James sometimes goes on his way to wait for him and share some food before sleeping in. He reaches a hand and shakes him awake.

“Hey, why are you sleeping here? Go to your room!

“Wha…what.” James lifts his head and looks around, saw Bren and smiles.

“Hey Bren, I’ve been waiting for you.” James yawns and rubs his tummy.

“Yeah, want some food?

“Yes but before that, come here. Come and sit with me! I have something to tell you!” James excitedly said as he grabs Bren by the arms and pulls him closer.

“Okay, why am I suddenly so afraid..” Bren slowly says while looking curiously at his friend.

“Listen, you don’t have to work 3 jobs a day anymore. I just single-handedly save your life! I am such a hero.” James says gleefully as he reaches his shoulders and pats himself.

Bren rolls his eyes at his friend’s antics.

“I don’t want to hear it,…this is what you said to me when you got me that entertainer job at some Korean KTV. That didn’t end well remember?” Bren complains as James scowls back at him.

“I didn’t know that they offer sexual services. They haven’t told me that, okay? I will never want you to sell your body to anyone, but only to filthy rich men who will shower you with lots of money.” James says as he opens the laptop again and shows him a letter.

“Go ahead and look at that piece of contract.” James literally shoves Bren’s face on the screen as he forces his friend to do what he said.

Bren’s eyes turn bigger and bigger as he reads the whole letter. Finally finishing it he curses loudly and turns his angry eyes on James.

“What did you do? What’s this!” He shouts as James put a hand on his mouth.

“First of all let me explain, this site is called the DDBB site and as you can see through the pictures it is a sight for sugar babies and sugar daddies to meet up and engage in conversation before getting into an agreement,” James explains as if he is inside the classroom while Bren hold up his head, feeling like a headache will come soon.

“So I was saying, I made an account with your name and picture on and pretended to be you. You are so freaking in demand with these online daddies. You have no idea I literally have to answer tons of messages before I saw someone….

Bren lifts his head and stares at James.


“Mark Roberts…It’s like a match made in heaven. I viewed his profile and saw that he just made it too just like yours. We also saw him earlier in the day so I said what the heck this one is your soulmate!” James insists as Bren knocks his head on the table.

“Why are you like this James.” Bren weakly whines.

“I messaged him first and he instantly replied saying that he was interested too! Say what? Is that too much of a coincidence. Believe me hon, this is your soulmate, this is your man. We get into an agreement as you already saw the contract and you are both scheduled for a meet up by tomorrow. Now go ahead and thank me for saving your life.” James smiles at his friend who just glares at him.

“Do you honestly believe that Mark Roberts, that rich dude will go to that website and acquire a sugar baby when he can have anyone that he wants?

“That is for us to find out later, that is why you have to meet him to confirm that it is him. And if he is the real one then you just hit the jackpot hun, listen up. You badly need some money and you need to pass and graduate college so you can find some decent job to support yourself and your sister, as I can see now that will be hard for you if you don’t have any help from anyone.

Bren bows his head down as the truth sink in. He is broke and cashless.

“I've done a quick chat on him and tell you what, he just wants the company. The other details of the relationship can follow as time goes by but he’s not in a hurry. You can just lend a friendship and be his companion for now if he wants to take it to another level he said that he will consult you first. Isn’t that great? You need money, here it is. Work for it and make your dreams come true.

“What if I meet up with him and he doesn’t like me, up close and personal I mean.” Bren slowly says.

“Well that’s his loss, not yours, he already saw you at the café anyway.

“But he hardly looks at us..

“Don’t worry about that, he will like you, I will repeat, he said he wants companionship. Be his friend and he will like you a lot. So… I finally getting you a make-over tomorrow?

Bren stays silent as he thinks of those cold eyes and serious aura at the café, that man is not someone to mess with but if what James said is true then he is a lonely man too just like him. He doesn’t feel good with the thought of using someone just to get some cash but his best friend is correct too. He needs to hustle and do everything he can now to make his dreams come true.

“You will come with me?” Bren asks as James shouts glee.

‘Yes! I knew you would say yes! Of course, I will come with you to make sure everything runs smoothly. I am so happy. He said that he will financially support you as long as you offer him companionship. He wants someone to talk to and listen to him and be with him when he’s lonely.

“Alright, I will go tomorrow. Tell you what, I need to go and review first then I’ll sleep.” He stands up as James started to speak again.

‘See that, you work most of the day and study one to two hours each night, you won’t have to do that anymore once you’re working as Mark’s sugar baby.

Meanwhile, Mark hums under his breath as he picks out his clothes for tomorrow.

“Is this much better?” he puts up a casual outfit when Yell shakes his head at him.

“You don’t even know if the guy is legit man, just go there with your suite on so you can intimidate anyone that might mess with you.

“No, I actually have a good feeling about this.

“For real? You can have anyone Mark, the girls are all throwing themselves at you and you go for a twink that you met in a seedy website?” Yell complains as he looks at his friend as if Mark suddenly sprouts another head.

“Listen I didn’t mean to find that site I just accidentally clicked on it, it’s a good thing though for I saw Bren on that one. I think he’s a decent one.” Mark calmly says.

“A decent one who messaged you asking you if you want to be his sugar daddy?” Yell sarcastically says as Mark shakes his head at him.

“You’re determined to change my mind about this one. Listen, I am just taking some chances on finding someone who can get on well with my attitude, this is just a test or you may call it whatever you like but I am still doing it okay, it helps me relax and have fun for a while.

“I have nothing against you finding some relaxation, I just want you to be safe and happy. I never thought you will do something like this man.” Yell whines in disbelief as Mark laughs at him.

“As they say, there’s always a first time for everything.

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