I saw my bestfriend approaching me and I sigh.Just the way he was walking I know he was about to scold me.

"What was the dare?"Tristan ask with his arms crossed.I knew exactly what he was talking about I just didn't want to have this conversation

"To date him and dump him at his weakest moment."I mumbled

"That's messed up,he already have a dying mother to deal with Z."Tristan said glaring at me

"I know."I sigh looking around for Jacob

"So you have to date him or what?"

"Or I give  Benji my spot as the captain."

Benjamin is our friend he was the one that dared me to ask Jacob out.The reason is unknown to me

"Is it worth it? I mean Jacob haven't done anything he barely talks to anyone."

I shrug

"Why is Benji targeting him anyway?"

"Because he refused to do my homework and called me stupid."I roll my eyes when I heard Benji replied from behind me. He came around with a smirk on his face

"I failed the class because of him."Benji huff and stuff his hands the pockets of his adidas joggers

"He isnt suppose to be doing your homework."I shook my head

"Whatever.Its either him or your dream of becoming a pro football player."Benji said before smirking and walking away

"This is bad...even for you."

Before I could reply I saw Jacob making his way into the student parking lot

"You gotta go he's coming."I push Tristan away

"I'm parked right beside you." He laugh

"Well get in your car."

I stood still and waited for Jacob to approach me. I timidly walk up to me and gave me a nervous yet sweet smile.

"Hi Zaiden."

"Hey Jacob,would you like to get going now?"


I opened the door for him and shook my head smiling when I saw him blush.He got in and I closed the door and walked to the drivers side and got in.Jacob looked so small in his seat it was almost too cute.

Jacob got three flavors which I don't even know and a lot of gummy bears and chocolate syrup as his toppings.He also got cheese cake and hershley snickers since I told him to take whatever he wanted. I just got vanilla ice cream and red velvet cake since I'm not a fan of sweets. I let him lead the way to a table and he choose the very last one at the back.The smile never leaving his face as he sat down,his damn feet not even touching the ground.I sat down opposite of him and we started eating

"So Jacob tell me about yourself."

"Umm well you already know my name  there isn't much about me though. I have a friend name J'adore. She's my only friend.I love to watch criminal documentaries and discovery channel. I know its weird but theres so much  to learn.

"It's not weird its actually a good thing."

He smile and continued "I like ice cream and grapes. I hate scary movies and loud people.They're basically the same thing..because scary movies are loud with some unexpected drama and loud people are scary.I also have anxiety so those are two things I stay away from."

"You kind of caught me off guard with this ."He said in a low voice

"How so?"

"You never talk to me,I didn't even think you knew I existed and now all of a sudden we're here eating ice cream ."He chuckled and I joined him because it was a little weird.

"One question."

I nod

"If I didn't bumped  into you, would you have ask me to come with you? Would you even notice me?"

"I have noticed you Jacob."

"How come you never talked to me until now?"He frown

" I ummm I just didn't want to bother you."

Jacob laugh and  shook his head

"That should be the other way around ."

"I wouldn't mind you bothering me from now on though."I smirk and lick my lips.I thought he would find it disgusting because mostly players do those things but he blush and lift the spoon to his lips.

"Thank you for taking me out Zaiden I have so much on my mind and this made me forget about them for a bit."Jacob smile

"You're welcome Jacob,how's everything at home?"

"My mom...she isn't getting any better."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize you didn't do anything and you can't control things."

"Just know that I'm going to be here from now on even if its just to give you a hug."

"Are you my friend now?"

"I kind of wanna be more than just a friend."

"What do you mean?"

"How about this...which gender are you interested in?"

"I've never thought about that, but I did have a crush on Harry Styles."

"Don't laugh at me I was fifteen."

"You just turn seventeen it isn't that long of a time."

"Wait how do you know I just turn seventeen."

"Your friend left a birthday card on your locker on your birthday."

"What did you do."

"I didn't do anything this year because all my money have to go to my mother's medical needs."

"What would you have done if you could celebrate it?"

"Nothing just,I would have bought a cheese cake and a new sweater.I wanted a pink one since I already have yellow,those are my two favorite color."

"Good to know."We continued like that and afterwards I asked Jacob  if he wanted to walk around since we were at the mall.He said yes and we went out to explore.He didn't want to go into any stores he just wanted to walk around,literally.We stopped at a fountain with fish in it and Jacob sat on the edge and dipped his hand in the water.He giggled when two fish came and rubbed their self against his fingers then more came and did the same.I smile from where I was stand and watch him play with the fish like It was the best thing in the world to do.His giggles echoed through the room since where we were was basically empty.

He played with them for a few more minutes before jumping to his face,his sudden movement scared the fishes away and splash water on time the tile and his shirt.

"I have to get home to my mother!"

"Don't sorry I'll take you now."

He nod and grab my hand leading the way to my car.I breathe in closely to calm myself .The entire way I was just looking at our hands together,his obviously smaller than man but he feels so good to hold his soft and warm hands.

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