"Good morning hun i didn't know you came in last night."

My mother said as she entered the kithcen. I roll his eyes and continue to cut up fruits into his bowl

"Thats because you weren't here."I hissed

"Don't be disrespectful."My father scold as he entered the kitchen placing his coffee mug on the counter

"How's school?"He ask

"School is school."I answer

This is the type of conversation i have with my parents.

"National try outs are coming up you better be ready."My father gave me a hard stare and i look away from him

"When am i never?"I mumbled and walked over to the blender dropping the small pieces of fruit into it and adding water.My father was about to speak again but i started the blender blocking him out and focusing on the machine.Once i was finished i poured the mixture into my bottle and exit the kitchen.

I took my car keys up and school bag and walked out the house.

I decided it would be good to take Jacob to school.He lives about ten minutes by car away from me.

I drank my juice and started to drive in the direction of his house. I was a little nervous walking up to his house but i took a deep breath and rang the door bell

I waited a couple seconds before the door opened revealing his mother.

"Good morning Zaiden,come on in."

" Good morning Lucy is it okay if i take Jacob to school?"

"Thats totally fine with me the only problem is i dont know if he's ready,you can go up and check."

"Thank you."

"Would you like a sandwich to go, I make one for Jacob every morning."

"Yes thank you."

I made my way to his bedroom door and knocked.

"Z-zaiden."He said once he opened the door

"Good morning."

"Good morning i didnt expect you to be here."

"Thought it would be nice to bring you to school."

"Thank you.Come in."

He turned and walked back in his room and i followed.I sat down at his desk and watch him take out the books he would need today from his book shelf.He packed his bag  and then went to his closet.I say and started think about football and what would my father think if i came out as gay.Tristan already knows i am,the rest of my friends just think I'm 'acting' gay because of this dare/bet.

"I'm ready."I looked up at Jacob who was smiling like crazy for some odd reason

We walked back into the kitchen and Lucy handed us our ham and cheese sandwich with lettuce.

"Thank you and bye."Jacob said and kiss his mother's cheek

"Thanks again Lucy."

"You boys have a good day."She pat my head


As we walked into all eyes were on us but i didn't give them my attention i just continue looking ahead but Jacob beside me was nervous as hell.

"I need to ho to my locker p-please."I look down at him and pit my lip.The way his blue eyes was staring into mu brown ones was driving me insane

I nod my head and we turn down another hall to his locker.Jacob stuff his bag into the locker for a reason i don't know and looked through his binder.

I saw Tristan at my locker and walked over to him.He smirk when he saw me coming 

"Saw you two came in a few minutes ago,all eyes were on you two."

"I know its like theyve never seen two people walking before."

"The star football player,the ladies man,the rich Jock and the small semi mute nerd walking together."

I roll my eyes and lean against his locker and look back at Jacob.He was now talking to his friend but i still don't remember her name.

"How did it go with Jacob yesterday?"

"It went fine,i had to bring him home early though."

"Yeah thats because he have a mother thats sick."Tristan hissed

"Dude stop bringing that up i already feel guilty."

"Then stop."

"I can't."

"Whatever see you in class."

He didn't wait for me to answer he just walked away.I sighed and went into my locker for my math book and made my way over to the two nerds

The female glared at me as i approach them and Jacob blush.

"Zaiden this is my friend J'adore,J this is Zaiden."

"I know who he is,what do you want with my friend?"

"J'adore! Be nice."Jacob mumbled

"Sorry it's kind if weird seeing him here with you."

"Well Jacob is my friend."I spoke

"Mhmm,I watching you 'Z'."She said and skated away with her head turned to us and glared at me

"Sorry about her she's usually nice to people."

"It's fine she's just being protective."

The bell ring and Jacob close his locker

"So I'll see you after school?"

"I'll see you the Zai."He smile and walked away

"Aww look at that smile."

I roll my eyes and turn to Benji who had a smirk on his face.The hall way was now clearing up leaving the two of us

"Go to class dude."

"I'm actually skipping would you like to Join Zai."

I huff and walked away from him and i heard him laugh


"Oh my gosh is this Diego?!"

Jacob screamed kneeling down when Diego ran to him and started licking his face and neck

"It is him."

"Hi. Its nice to meet you.You are so cute and you smell so good."Jacob giggled.His little laugh sounded like music to my ears

"So you wanna play with my dog for the rest of the day or watch a movie with me."

" I wanna play with your dog for the rest of the day."

"Well shit."I sighed

"Nice house by the way."Jacob said without looking away from Diego

"Jacob."I fake whine

He pout and stood up but Diego stayed beside him

"He loves you already didnt even greet me."I huff and glared at my dog

I brought Jacob up the stairs to my room

"Wow you are a very organized person Zai.I like you room."

"Thank you."

"What movie would you like to watch."

"Well there is this movie on Netflix I haven't really had the time to watch it..."

"Whats it called?"I asked as i turned on the tv


"What?" I turn to Jacob who was sitting on my bed legs crossed with Diego at his side on my chair

"Its a gay movie."He whispered and bit his bottom lip


Come to think of it i didn't really think about Jacob being gay or not but him wanting to watch a gay movie kind of make this easier for me. I don't have to force him to like me or date me

"Never mind we can watch what you want."

"No its okay,get it started while i go to the kitchen."

I gave Jacob the remote and he blushed but took it,i exited my room and made my way to the kitchen

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