"Wow that was actually good."I whispered staring at the credits on the tv screen

"It really was thank you for watching it with me."Jacob turn and smile at me. He was laying at the foot of the bed while i had my back press to the headboard.

"It's fine I enjoyed it."

"Z-zaiden are you gay?"Jacob ask with a frown

"Umm yes?"

"Are you in the closet?"He ask sitting up and looking straight at me

"Kind of."I scratch the back of my head

"Oh i never thought you would be gay or even bi but can i tell you something?"


Jacob nibbled on his bottom lip for a minute before speaking

"I like you...I've like you since i saw you on the football field but i didnt think you knew i exist until i ran into you."

"Awww."I reach for him and pulled him into my chest.He blush and hid his face

"Well Jacob I've noticed you for a long time now, you're so cute its kind of hard to not see you especially with those eyes,they're beautiful."I whispered

Its true i have like Jacob that is why i didnt want to go through with this dare and I'm basically in the closet.

"What are you doing tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow is Saturday,I don't really do anything ."He mumbled

"Would you like to go on a date with me?"

"Really?"He rose from my chest quickly and asked with a surprise expression

I nod

"Wow i never thought i would ever go on a date...especially with zaiden."He mumbled the last part to himself

"Well you haven't answered yet."I laugh

"Yes."He grin


"Good evening Lucy I'm here to pick up Jacob."

"Oh he's right behind the door hiding."she chuckled and pulled Jacob from behind the door

I smirk at how pink his face was.He looked so cute in his white button shirt and jeans.


"Hey these are for you guys."

I shared the two bouquet of roses between Lucy and Jacob.They took them and smile at each other before thanking me

"Dont have too much fun now."Lucy chuckled and close the front door

I took Jacob's small hand and led him to my car.I opened the door for him and he blush and got in.

We drove 30 minutes to a five star restaurant, Jacob humming to every song playing in the car.

I took Jacob's had and guide him into the restaurant. A waiter led us to a table at the back.I pulled out the chair for Jacob

"Thank you".

I smile and sat down looking at him,the lit candles made him look even cuter,his eyes glowing,his cheeks red and his lips fighting to break free a smile.

"I'm so nervous right now."He chuckled nervously


"Y-you ask me on a date,we're on a date.I'm on a date with you...Zaiden."

"I know right who would have thought i would be so lucky to go on a date with Jacob Richard."I smirk at the way he covered his face to hide his embarrassment

I looked over at the waitress approaching us.She had blonde hair with pink highlights, blue eyes and the body of a model.She was slowly over yo us with her eyes on me and her eyes filled with lust


"Good evening gentlemen are you two ready to order?"

Even though she addressed both of us she was staring at me biting her lips and twirling her hair

"Uh yes Jacob would you like to order first?"

I didnt get an answer so i look up at Jacob and he was glaring dangerously at the waitress.She was busy staring at me but i think at any moment now Jacob is about to jump on her and rip her apart.

"I'll order for you then."I mumbled and looked down at the menu " I'll have the Chicken Broccoli Alfredo and he'll have the Cajun Pasta with pineapple juice and cranberry juice for me."

"Any dessert sexy?"

"Bring the best."I gave her a fake smile and she went on her way

"Bitch."Jacob mumbled.I was a little shock at what he said but didnt show it

"Dont worry I'm here with you."

To me it was kind of hot seeing him jealous because of the way a chick was looking at me.Now he was pouting at its the cutest thing ever.The way his eyebrows drew close together and his bottom lip pushing out and his big blue eyes looking at the glass of water in front of him.





"Let's go for a walk".

He smile and nod and we got up. I paid the bill and took Jacob's hand and we exit the restaurant.We walked down the flower path Jacob touching and smelling .every.single. kind .of. flowers.

"Their food was delicious,how do you know this place?".He ask as we walked the side walked to wherever.

"My parents brought me here on my eighteenth birthday and I've been coming here since".

"You guys go on family dinners alot?"

"Use to."

Jacob nod and continue to smell the white flower he was caressing.Suddenly he screamed and jumped on me.I was caught off guard and slipped with him in my arms. I winced when my back hit the ground, i rest my head back and sighed.

"I umm i touched a lizard."Jacob bit his lip and stared at me.Even in the damn night his eyes are bright and beautiful.

I just stared,stared into his beautiful eyes and he did the same.His mouth slightly open,his breathing the same pace as mine.When I realized that we were still on the concrete i tried to move him but his hands stopped me though and both rested on my cheek while he closed his eyes and press him lips to mine.

Before i could actually react he pulled away,his eyes widen in realization.


"Mhmm."I press my lips to his again.I knew he didn't expect my action when he gasp and i took that chance to slip my tongue in his mouth.








I close my front door with a smile on my face but it quickly disappeared when i say my father entering the kitchen. He stopped when he saw me.

"Hey you went on a date?"


"Who is she?"

"I just met her."I shrug stuffing my hands in my jeans pocket.

"Hope she isn't a slut."He said and continue walking

"She's not."I hissed

I glare at my dad's back before making my way to my room.

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