Tristan and i walked into school together on Monday.We spotted our group by the cooler and joined them. Tristan join in their conversation but i was too busy looking up and down the hall for Jacob.

I join in on their conversation when i failed to see Jacob but they were talking about a house party and for once i had no interest in going so I zoned out.

"What time will you be there Z?" My team mate Alex ask. Alex was a party animal, i've known him since freshman and he's been going to parties since then


"The party tonight. What time are you coming?"

"Naah i think I'm gonna pass."


They all yelled making people stare at us and i glared at them,Tristan laughing to himself."

"Dude.Jessica is gonna be there what do you mean you're gonna pass?"

"I think he has the flu.He don't know what he's saying."

"Maybe he was drinking ."Mason suggested

"I'm fine i just dont wanna go."I huff

Mason was about to reply and i cut him off when i spotted Jacob and his friend.

"Gotta go."

I walked down towards Jacob at his locker.He had his back towards me but his friend saw me.

"Good morning Jay and J'adore."I smile at both of them.

"Good morning Zai."Jacob turned and replied with a smile

"Morning, what do you want?"J'adore asked

"Well i wanted to see Jacob before going to class."I smirk when Jacob blushed and looked down on his converse.

The bell started ringing and J'adore took up her bag off the floor.

"See you at lunch."She pat Jacob on his back and skated off.

I was looking at her as she went away when suddenly Jacob took my hand and pulled me into the near by bathroom

"Can i kiss you again?"He whispered shuffling on his feet

"You don't have to ask just go for it."

Jacob blush and stepped to me,he put him hands on my waist and went on his toes to press his lips to mine.Gosh his lips are so soft and addicting

"Okay i have to g-get to class now bye!"I chuckled as he ran out the bathroom.I can't get enough of him.









Tristan and i were in math class waiting for it to start.We had a free session before so we and a few other kids were early. We were talking about the basketball game from last night.

Just then Benji entered the class with an angry expression and threw his bag on the floor as he sat down in his seat in front of us.

"What the hell is wrong with you?"Tristan ask kind of annoyed since kind of interrupted us

"F.ucking nerd said that I'm delusional in front of the entire class ."he yelled and turn around to face us.

Tristan and i looked at each other. We both knew he was talking about Jacob

"Well he ain't lying."

"Would you hurry up with this damn plan i would really like to see him cry now."Benji huff and put his feet on the desk in front of hin

"Bro its really not that serious if he makes fun of your intelligence besides you have to do something for him to say you're delusional."

"The teacher said to work in groups, he was my partner and i said that he souls do all the work and just out my name of it. The class was very quiet and he said 'you're delusional if you think I'm going to do everything just cause you're too lazy."

"I mean...you deserves that."

"Why are you on his side,you got a little soft spot for the nerd?"Benji wiggled his eyebrows and smirk

"Fuck you."I roll my eyes





After school i waited by my car with Tristan for Jacob. I wanted to introduce them, they already knew each other just never talked.

Jacob came out with his huge text books in his hands,it reminded me of that day i met him when he was struggling to carry the books.He's too small for his own good.

When he was in front of us i took the books from him and he quietly thanked me with a relief sigh.

"Jacob this is Tristan you might already know that,Tristan...Jacob."

"Hi Tristan."Jacob whispered shyly

"Hey Jacob nice to meet you."

"Would you like to stay for my football practice? We can go get ice cream afterwords."

"Can i watch tomorrow? i have to pick up my mom's medication from the pharmacy before it closes."

"I can bring you there."I suggested

"Its quite fine i don't want you to miss practice because of me."Jacob shook his head

"Alright I'll see you tomorrow?"I stepped forward and kiss him on his cheek.I smirk as his face turn red and smiled at me.He took his books from me and turn.

"Bye,bye Tristan."

"Bye Jacob."

I watch as Jacob walked away before turning back to Tristan who was smirking at me

"What?" I raised a brow at him

"You kissed him."

I shrug

"Are you seriously taking it that far,you're really going to hurt him Z,look at him."Tristan pointed to Jacob who was happily walking down the street his eyes wondering around as if everything caught his interest.

"I like him."I whispered


"I like him."I repeated

"If you like him why hurt him?"

"I'm not planning on hurting him.That was the aim at first but now i really like him and that makes this whole thing complicated." I sighed and massage my temple

"You could always just back out of the dare,you dont have to give Benji your captain badge it isnt that serious."Tristan exclaim put his hands on his hips showing me that he was upset

"Benji wont stop there, you know he's evil he'll probably tell my dad I'm gay."

"You are though."

"You dont get it my dad has plans for me and me coming out as gay will ruin everything."

"So you rather ruin someone else's life.He dont deserve the heartbreak thats coming Zaiden."Tristan shook his head and walk away towards the field.

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