We all met at the entrance of the mall at 3:00 pm. When Jacob and I arrive we didn't get any weird looks like before except Britney was frowning. Another thing was more of our friends were here including Benji. When he turn around and saw us he gave me a evil smirk. I ignored him and greeted Tristan first. I decided I was not going to let him ruin this day with his pettiness.

After paying for the shoes and the rounds in the bowling alley we partnered up and began playing. Tristan, Jacob, Britney and I were on team A. Mason, Carmen,Logan and Benji was on team B and Ricky, Louis,Sammy and Clair was on team C.

We played for hours enjoying ourselves. We went around the mall and bought whatever we felt like, ate at the food court and continued with the game since the guys wanted a rematch against my winning team.

"Since when do you hang out with nerds?" Britney whispered in my ears looking over at Jacob who was waiting for his ball a few feet away from us.

"I can hang out with whoever I want." I roll my eyes

"Yeah but its just you and him since recently."


"It looks weird and he's probably gay just look at him what if he makes a move on you?"

I turn around and face Britney, she gave me and inncornt smile but I shook my head.

"I dont care if he's gay, don't say things like that."

"Whatever... I saw that picture you posted last night you look good in adidas tracksuit." Britney complimented.

"Thanks I like their tracksuits."

"Me too, they should hire me to model in their underwear."

I laugh and shook my head. Only Britney says things like that.

"I could wear matching red lipstick and my highlighter would be so blinding oh my gosh."

"You do look good in red lipstick ."

"Thank you." She giggled.

"Britney let's go to the bathroom!" Carmen yelled. Britney excused herself and left with the two girls.

I looked around the room for Jacob but didn't see him. I thought he may have went to use the bathroom but five minutes later there was still no sign of him. Mason and the others were sitting watching Tristan play. I waited for Tristan to take his shot before walking over to him.

"Have you see Jacob?" I asked.

"No I thought he was with you."

"He was but Britney came and started talking and when I turn Jacob wasn't beside me anymore."

I sighed and walked towards the counter to return the bowling shoes and collect my shoes. I walked around the mall a little until I saw Jacob outside sitting by the fountain, the same spot he was sitting when we first came here for ice cream and he was also playing with the fishes.

"Hey why are  you out here by yourself?"

"Just playing with the fishes." He mumbled and continue to move his hand around in the water touching the fishes that swam close to him fingers.

"You okay?" I ask and sat down beside him. He nod his head but he was frowning and not looking at me.

"Jacob What's wrong?"

Jacob removed his hand from the water and looked around nervously. He began to chew on his bottom lip before answering.

"I kind of got jealous when I saw you with Britney."

"We were just talking there's no need to be jealous." I assured him.

"Yeah it's okay to have conversation with people but she was touching you like I would and she was blushing and giggling and touching your chest." Jacob huff.

Usually I would find his jealousy cute but he was deeply upset to the point his eyes started to water.

"I'm sorry I didn't realize she was being too touchy and that it upset you"

"You shouldn't apologize we aren't together so I shouldn't be jealous when someone else has your attention, or if you want to be with someone else."

I didnt know what to say, he was right but he was wrong at the same time. I would have gotten jealous is I saw him with someone too and we all know how soft Jacob is so it broke my heart to see him upset because he thought he was going to loose me to Britney.

"Is it time to go home?"He ask looking at me with glossy eyes.

"We'll leave whenever you're ready Jay."

"I'm ready." He got up. I told him to wait while I go and tell the others that we were leaving. I did and went back to Jacob to take him home.







I parked just in front of him home and turned the car off. Jacob shift in his seat before mumbling a goodbye and reached for the door handle.

"Jacob will you be my boyfriend?"I ask quickly. He look at me surprised and I gave him a nervous smile. My heart was beating rapidly in my chest waiting for Jacob to answer. I would honestly give everything up for Jacob at this point, this kid was an angel in my eyes.

He looked outside before shifting his gaze back to me and smile.

"Yes I'll be your boyfriend." He giggled.

I sighed in relieved before smiling and firmly gripping Jacob's jaw to open his mouth then slipped my tongue in. My tongue came in contact with his and I lost it. I moan shamelessly, one hand leaving the steering wheel to grip Jacob's thigh while the other still on his face. I was enjoying the kiss and I was going crazy on the inside because we were now boyfriends which made kissing Jacob ten times more special. Jacob didn't mind that I took over the kiss exploring his mouth causing him to move in his seat and moan. We kissed for about two minutes, both of us craving the other's taste and touch.

I broke the kiss first and caressed Jacob's right cheek smiling brightly at  him. I ran my thumb over his pink swollen lips before whispering.

"Thank you for being my boyfriend Jay."

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