Chap 2: Celebrations and Meetings

The wedding celebrations at the Silverlake Pack were done at a grand scale. The pack garden was decorated with Silver and blue colored curtains and the entrance gate was beautifully decorated with flowers and ribbons. The circle-shaped wedding alter was set under a huge tree arranged with flowers and greenery. The aisle was scattered with flower petals.

Silverlake pack was the second-largest pack and were quite famous among the werewolf community. They had good relations with the other packs, and many of the pack Alpha’s and Beta’s were invited to the wedding. The guests had started arriving. Soon it was time for the wedding and the bride walked down the aisle with her father. Axel brightened up seeing his bride. She looked mesmerizing.

Adele could see the love Axel and Daisy had for each other.

“ They look so much in love,” thought Adele to herself.

“We will feel the same once we find our mate,” said Alexa dreamily.

Adele huffed and said “ The mate who is yet to show up and seriously what’s up with you Al, you are acting all weird and romantic suddenly”

“ We will meet him soon. I can feel it” says Alexa.

“You always feel that from past 4 years once we turned 16” scoffed Adele.

“This time it's different, I am feeling restless today, I’m sure we will meet him soon. I think we should look around” says Alexa. She was really on edge. She wanted to go around and look for her mate. She was desperately concentrating on the people around who had gathered for the celebration, trying to smell the particular scent that was solely meant for her.

“ Calm down Al, it's Axel’s wedding, we must focus on that,” said Adele.

“You humans are so insensitive, don’t you know the importance of mates. Soul mates are chosen by the moon goddess herself, they are meant for each other. I am sure my mate would also be eagerly waiting for me” saying this Alexa started thinking about being with her imaginary mate.

Adele didn’t want to think about the ‘X-rated’ stuffs right in the middle of her brother’s wedding. She had enough of those in the past 4 years while they were waiting for their mate to show up. She immediately stops Alexa saying “Woah... Woah Hold on with your thoughts, we are surrounded by so many people. Let the celebrations be over then we will look around for a bit”

Alexa seemed to have calmed down as she also didn’t want to miss her only brother’s wedding. They see Axel and Daisy taking their vows and sharing a passionate kiss. Everybody cheers for the couple and Adele gives them a thumbs up.

The guests were now coming towards the stage to congratulate the couple, so Adele decides to look around a bit at Alexa’s insistence. She was moving through the sea of people occasionally talking and smiling at a few of them whom she already knew.

As Adele was looking around the pack garden, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around to see who it was and her mood instantly dampened. It was Archer Hall, the Alpha of Firemoon Pack. They were a huge pack with approximately 800 wolves and were the third-largest pack. Archer was an arrogant and selfish bastard who was too ambitious. He and his pack had attacked many other small packs and gained so many wolves. They did not have a good reputation in the werewolf community. He was rumored to be best friends with the Alpha of the strongest pack in the World, the Blackwood Pack. He was also a playboy who would flirt with all she wolfs whether mated or unmated.

Archer smirked at Adele and said “ What is a beauty like you doing here all alone by herself? If you don’t mind, I would be happy to accompany you.

Adele brushed off his hand which was on her shoulder and said “ Thank You for your offer but I am quite busy now and would like to be alone”. She had never liked him and wanted to get rid of him soon. She was about to leave but was stopped again by Archer.

“Why are you in a rush, can we have a drink together?” said Archer in a way he thought to be flirtatious, but it made Adele cringe. Alexa let out a low growl as she never liked to be this close to other men and especially this man. She got negatives vibes from him.

Adele shook her head and said, “ I think my Mom is calling for me, I need to go.” She left before giving him a chance to reply.

Archer stared at the sexy figure of the retreating blonde beauty and was instantly filled with lust. He had devoured many beautiful she-wolfs before and it was always easy for him as they easily fell for his charms, but, this unmated she-wolf was hard to please. He had heard a lot about her. She was the first-ever female head warrior and could fight really well. She was the perfect combination of beauty and strength. He was sipping his drink and imagining having a passionate night with Adele when he heard his phone ring. He checked and saw it was his friend Chris.

“Have you arrived yet?” asked Archer.

“I am on my way. Do I really have to come? You know I don’t like to go to such gatherings. I don’t know why I agreed in the first place” replied Chris irritatingly.

“Come on Chris. We have not met for so long and I think this will be a good opportunity to meet. This pack is quite huge and prosperous and they have many strong warriors. It will be good to be on their good terms” says Archer.

Chris snorted on the other end of the phone and said “ I don’t need any other pack’s support. My pack is the strongest and largest among all the packs and I am perfectly capable of handling it.

Archer ignored his arrogant rants and said “ As you are already on your way, you can as well come soon. I will be waiting.” Chris finally agreed and said he will be there.

“That arrogant fucker, if I had no use for him I would have never sucked up to him,” thought Archer.

Archer never thought of Chris as his friend. He approached Chris with ulterior motives. Chris and his Beta Liam were the strongest werewolf’s in the werewolf community with a pack of approx. 1000 wolves. Being friends with them was an advantage for Archer. He always thought Chris does not deserve to be the strongest wolf, it should be him. He wanted to be the King of werewolves wherein the entire werewolf community bows down to him. Chris was too lenient, he was not ambitious enough and was just happy being busy with his own pack. He never made proper use of the power he had. But Archer was not a fool. He knew currently he was not in a position to be the King. He could never defeat Blackwood and Silverlake pack with strength as they were too strong and powerful for him. He was desperately looking for other means to fulfil his wish and the first step would be to gain the trust of these 2 packs. He had managed to gain the trust of Chris and Liam, but Axel was tricky. He attended this wedding hoping to be his friend, but even today Axel seemed to be wary around him. He had hoped Adele would be his mate but that didn’t happen and she wouldn’t even fall for his charms. Thinking about the possibilities Archer decides to wait for his so-called ‘Friend’.

Meanwhile, Chris Black was sitting in the back seat of his car dressed in a black suit. He was going to the Silverlake pack for the first time to attend the Alpha’s wedding. He never attended gatherings around the werewolf community. He was not a social person and preferred to be only with his childhood friend Liam and a few of his pack mates. He had only one friend outside of his pack, Archer Hall. Chris had agreed to attend this wedding on the insistence of Archer. Also, his wolf was quite restless since morning and for the first time had suggested they go. Chris’s wolf Conan was getting more agitated as they were nearing the Silverlake pack.

Chris asks his wolf “ Why are you getting so worked up?

Conan was sure they were going to meet their mate today. He didn’t know how to feel about it so he does not respond. They reach the Silverlake pack which was very well decorated and lit up by lights. They were greeted by the previous Alpha Mr. Aron Green who takes them to the pack garden where the wedding was held. Conan looked around the pack and was impressed. The pack gardens were beautiful and the surrounding forests seemed greener compared to their own pack, though it was not as big. They had heard a lot of praises regarding the Silverlake pack and their hospitality. Mr. Green seemed to be an outgoing man who had good relations with everyone. Chris and Conan never felt the need to build relationships with others.

Chris met the current Alpha Axel and his mate and congratulated them on their wedding. Many other pack Alpha's and Beta's greeted him and he already felt out of place and wanted to leave as soon as possible. He wished Liam was here with him but he hated crowds so he didn't agree to come along. Also, Conan was more silent than usual today and was not responding to him. He decided to look for his friend Archer but he got distracted by the unique smell of forest and lavender. The smell was so intoxicating that he couldn’t resist trying to reach that smell. It was as if his feet were no more under his control. He followed the direction of the smell and saw the most beautiful woman in a sea-green colored gown staring at him from a distance. She had sea-green colored eyes and silky blonde hair. She was tall and had the most amazing body, looking at which he was filled with desire and lust. He then heard Conan say the word “Mate.

Adele locked eyes with the Greek God-like man in front of her. He had short pitch black colored hair and deep brown colored eyes. He was tall, in fact very tall around 6’5” with broad shoulders and chiseled abs showing through the black colored suit he was wearing. He clearly gave of an Aura of being an Alpha. Alexa was jumping with joy and cried out happily “Mate”.

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