Chap 4: Meeting her mate

Adele was in a bad mood whereas Alexa was completely silent and not responding at all. Though Adele wanted to go and hide away in her room, she appeared to be cheerful so as not to bother her brother and best friend on their special day. She somehow went through the day by speaking and mingling with the various guests who had arrived. Finally, the day was over and Adele couldn’t wait to get back to her room. She was physically and mentally exhausted so she changed into her pajamas and slept thinking about her mate.

The next morning, Adele woke up and got fresh. She had an urge to swim in the river so she changed into her wolf form and raced towards the river which was inside the forest. She ran through the trees and as soon as she reached the river, she dived in. This was Alexa's favorite spot in the Silverlake pack. She felt a bit calm in the cool water and decided to relax her mind for a while.

In the Blackwood pack, Chris had already called the Silverlake pack and informed them that he would be visiting the pack to discuss an important matter. So, as soon as he woke up, he got ready and left for Silverlake pack. Aron decided to welcome Alpha Chris as Axel was busy with his newly wedded mate. Aron leads Chris to his office. After exchanging pleasantries Aron decides to get straight to the point as he already knew Chris was not a social person.

“What was the matter you wanted to discuss, Alpha?” asks Aron.

“It's a personal matter, nothing related to our pack's” replies Chris hesitantly.

“ Whatever the matter is, please do not hesitate “ Aron tries to reassure Chris.

Chris takes a deep breath and says “Yesterday, when I came here to attend the wedding, I could smell a unique scent, I think my mate is from this pack.

Aron is quite surprised at the news. This was not what he had expected but nevertheless, he was happy for Chris. He smiles and says “ Congratulations Alpha, That’s great news. Are you sure your mate is from our pack and not any of the guests who had arrived?"

" I don't know yet. I was hoping you could help me in this regard."

"I will surely help you. So…Did you meet her yesterday? Do you know her name?” asked Aron.

Chris shakes his head and says “ I have seen her but I couldn’t meet her.

“ Ok… If you can tell me something about her like how she looks, then maybe I can help you find her” says Aron.

Meanwhile, Alexa who had spent a lot of time relaxing in the pool decides to get back to the pack. She was running towards her room when she smells the most intoxicating smell of sea and cinnamon. She easily recognizes the smell which she had smelled the previous day too. She instantly sprints towards the direction of the smell which was coming from her dad’s office. The office window was open, so without thinking she jumped inside.

Aron who was conversing with Chris was shocked at the sudden intrusion. He looks at Alexa standing near the window, gets up from his seat and shouts “ What the hell, Alexa! What’s the meaning of barging into my office like this? Can’t you see I am busy?

Alexa had forgotten everything and everyone around her and was completely focused on her gorgeous mate.

Chris too gets up from his seat and looks at the beautiful snow-white wolf with snow colored eyes. He immediately recognizes she is his mate. He was impressed by the wolf, she was tall and looked strong.

Conan was mesmerized by the wolf and felt proud of her. “ She’s beautiful and strong.” He unconsciously whispered.

Chris seemed to agree with his wolf. He then heard Alpha Aron reprimanding his mate, so he decided to intervene. “ Not a problem Alpha. I am here for her.

Aron was confused at Chris’s words and asks him “ What do you mean you are here for her?

“She’s the one I am looking for. She’s my mate.

Aron was shocked at the revelation. The strongest Alpha Chris is his daughter’s mate. The shock slowly turned to happiness. He looked and smiled at Alexa and saw her engrossed in her mate. He could understand the situation as he was equally spellbound when he met his mate for the first time.

Chris looks at Alpha Aron smiling at Alexa and asks him “ Do you know her Alpha?

Aron smiles at Chris and proudly says “ Yes Alpha Chris. She’s my daughter Adele and her wolf is Alexa.” Aron moves towards Alexa and pats her on the head. He then mind-links to her “ Go to your room, change and come back.

Alexa suddenly realizes her dad was there and feels embarrassed. She immediately jumps out of the window and runs towards her room.

Aron notices Chris’s disappointed expression and says “ Don’t worry Alpha. She will change and come back soon.

Chris was ecstatic his mate was an Alpha. Having an Alpha mate meant his pups would be very strong and healthy as both his parents are of Alpha blood. He internally thanked the Moon Goddess, but on the other hand, he was a little worried too. He remembered Liam’s words wherein he had said the Silverlake pack being too concerned about their pack members and in his case, his mate was the daughter of the previous Alpha and the sister of the current Alpha, so obviously they will be more concerned.

Chris’s thoughts are interrupted as he sees his mate entering the office. She was dressed in a peach-colored sundress and looked exquisite. She had not put on any makeup but still looked beautiful. Chris had never bothered to notice any woman in detail but strangely it was as if he observed this woman on instinct. He blamed it on the effects of the mate bond.

Adele looked at him and gave a shy smile which he returned. Adele had never dated anyone before. Not for the lack of attention from other guys, but rather she was always busy with training to be a warrior, so the thought of dating like other regular girls her age never crossed her mind, moreover Alexa was also keen on waiting for her mate and would always cringe when any other guys romantically approached her.

Chris who never shied away with anything was at a loss of words today. He had never dated a woman as he hated them and also he was in a relationship with Liam since he was 15. He would have preferred to just order her to come with him but Liam had insisted on being polite so now he did not know what to say because ‘ Being Polite’ was never his way.

Aron could see the awkwardness between the two and decided to intervene. He looked at Chris and said “ She’s my daughter Adele”, then he looked at Adele and said, “ This is Alpha Chris from Blackwood pack.

Adele was stunned and amazed that her mate was the strongest Alpha Chris Black. She had heard a lot about him and his Beta being the most powerful wolves. They were well known among the werewolf community. Alexa seemed to be proud of her mate and was dancing with joy.

“ I will leave you two alone for now” saying this Aron gets up and leaves the room.

Alexa was urging Adele to stop acting like a shy little teenager and jump on her mate. Adele was not a submissive girl by any means and she did not want to give a wrong impression to her mate.

She straightens herself, smiles at her mate and says “ So, you are the famous Alpha Chris Black. I have heard a lot about you.

Chris gives her a smirk and says “ Hope you heard only the good things.

Adele chuckles to herself and Chris was once again lost in her. He stares at her beautiful lips curving into a captivating smile. Suddenly he had the urge to kiss those rosy lips. He looks into his mate’s eyes and sees her staring back at him with desire. He somehow manages to get himself together and looks away. Chris realises what he wanted to do a few moments ago and remembers his father’s words. This was the exact thing his father had warned him against. He had always told him women use the mate bond to lure their mate into being their puppet. It was hardly a few minutes he had met her mate and she had already started to seduce him. He will never allow her to have an upper hand over him, rather it should be the other way round.

Adele blushes and looks away, but internally she was ecstatic. It had looked like her mate was about to kiss her, and if he had she would have surely not stopped him.

Chris decides to control his emotions around Adele and be extra careful. He avoids looking at her then hears Adele say “ I saw you yesterday at the pack garden, I was about to approach you but you left.

Chris nods his head and says “Ahh… yess… I had received a call and had to get back to the pack urgently.

Chris now wanted to leave as soon as possible so he decides to be blunt. He looks straight at Adele and says “ As we are mates, I think it's ideal for you to shift to our pack.

Adele always knew once she had found her mate, she will have to join his pack but still, the thought of leaving her pack was not appealing to her whereas, on the other hand, she didn’t want to be away from her mate either.

Chris could see the hesitancy in her eyes and says “ I know it is not easy for you to leave your pack so soon, so take your time to accept the situation. I will be back in a week and take you to my pack.

Adele is moved by her mate’s concern towards her and agrees to him giving a nod.

Chris smiles back and says “ You don’t have to worry much as my pack is not very far from here, so you can come here to meet your family anytime you want.

Adele gives him an affectionate smile and Chris could make out she was impressed with him. Chris was impressed with himself too. He never knew he had a talent to impress a woman too, rather he had never bothered to try. Seems like Liam was right, there are better ways to handle such situations. He gets up from his seat and says “ Then... I will be leaving now. Will see you in a week.

Adele also gets up and says “ Ok….I…I…I will see you out then”

They both get out of the office and walk towards the parking lot. Once they reach Chris’s car he greets her and leaves.

As soon as Chris leaves, Alexa says dreamily “ Woww…. Our mate is sooooo amazing. Wish he would kiss us”

Adele was in a cheerful mood so she didn’t even stop Alexa from her wild thoughts. She moved towards the Packhouse with a huge grin plastered on her face and saw her family waiting for her at the entrance.

Daisy gave her a teasing look and asked “ Why are you smiling like a fool? Is it because of someone special?

Adele is flustered and avoids looking at them. Her mom hugs her and says “ I never knew my warrior daughter could blush.

Then Axel hugs her and says “ Congrats Sis. So you have finally found your mate.

Before Adele could reply Daisy pushes him aside and hugs her tightly and says “ Tell me about him. Who is he? How is he? Is he good looking?

Axel gives a low growl and says “ Your mate is right here. Why are you thinking about other males?

Daisy snorts and says “ Oh.. shut up Axel. Adele has just found her mate so obviously, I want to know more.” She then ignores him and urges Adele to tell her.

Adele smiles at her and says “ His name is Chris, Alpha of the Blackwood pack.

“ You mean the strongest Alpha Chris Black?” asked Daisy amazed.

Adele nods and Daisy squealed with delight and hugs her friend again. “ I saw him yesterday. He’s hot.” The last words she whispers slowly to Adele.

Aron looks at Adele and asks her “ Did he leave already?

Adele nods and says “ He said he would be coming back next week. He wants me to move to the Blackwood pack”

At those words, everyone’s mood seems to have dampened. Though they were all happy for Adele, they didn’t want to part away from her.

Adele notices their changed expressions and tries to console them the same way Chris had done for her. She says “ Blackwood pack is not very far from here. I will be coming to visit you often and you all can come there too.

Her mom gives a forced smile and hugs her daughter. After Adele was 16 and found out her mate was not from her pack she knew she would have to leave once she finds her mate and now when the day has come she was quite emotional.

Daisy had tears in her eyes. Adele was her best friend since childhood and they had never been apart. Now the thought of leaving her plus the pregnancy hormones, she couldn’t control herself. Axel hugs her and tries to calm her down but he was no better either.

Aron didn’t want everyone to be upset so he decides to cheer them up and says “ Stop whining all of you. It's time to celebrate.” He puts his hands around his mate’s waist and says “ We are so lucky, Yesterday we celebrated our son’s wedding and today we must celebrate our daughter finding her mate. She will be here for a week and I will make sure it will be memorable for her.

Adele had tears of joy in her eyes. Her family loved her and she loved them. She will definitely miss them a lot.

Liam was anxiously waiting for Chris to return.
Once he was back he asked him “ How did it go?

Chris smirked and said “ It was great. She was surely impressed.

“ Who is she? Did she agree to come?

“ She’s Alpha Aron’s daughter,” says Chris with a proud smile.

Liam was jealous at seeing Chris feeling proud about his mate being an Alpha, but he calm’s down and asks “ She’s an alpha then it would have been difficult to convince her right?

Chris snorts and says “ There is nothing that I can’t do. It was a piece of cake. But we have to be careful around her. She seems manipulative and I could see she is not weak. She wouldn't be easy to control.

Liam seems a bit worried and asks “ So what are you planning to do now?

“ We will take one step at a time. I will go next week and get her here. After that, we will see how it goes” says Chris calmly.

Liam agrees with Chris and for time being chooses to ignore the weird kind of feeling which was lingering at the corner of his mind.

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