Chapter 10 Tough Guy

With a roar of rage, he tore at her shirt with both hands, and then the sound of buttons falling to the ground came.

Her bare skin was slightly cold in the air, and Patrick pulled her shirt off with his big palm.

Christina felt humiliated and embarrassed. She raised her hand and tried to fight back.

"Ah, it hurts-"

But just as Christina raised her right hand, she felt a burning pain.

"Don't move!"

Patrick pressed her shoulders and stared at her with deep warning eyes.

Christina felt a little guilty when he looked at her. She glanced at her right arm from the corner of her eye and saw some blood oozing out of her white shirt.

It must hurt when she had thrown Cory over her shoulder. She used too much strength, so her old wound was bleeding.

His large palm caressed the wound on her arm, which was cut by glass shards in Hopkins Family a week ago and stitched, but the wound was so deep that it was difficult to heal.

This time, it was bleeding again. The dark red blood slid down her fair arms, which was a little frightening.

"Where's the medicine box?" Patrick asked in a cold voice.

Christina didn't dare to move. He pointed at an old cabinet opposite him. "It's over there."

Patrick stood up straight and glanced at her, warning her not to move.

Christina looked down and blushed by his eyes.

She knew he was looking for a medicine box to stop the bleeding, but now that she was stripped bare by him, her upper body was left with a bra, so she was really embarrassed to face him.

Patrick really didn't have an improper desire. He took gauze and hydrogen peroxide from the small medicine kit and put bandages on her.

As the wound was a little deep, Christina couldn't help but frown when he applied the hydrogen peroxide to her wound.

Patrick glanced at her. He remained cold and did not speak, but he became much more gentle.

Finally, Patrick turned around to pack the medicine kit, and Christina immediately put her shirt back on.

When Patrick put everything in order and looked back at her, she had already put on her coat and looked at him nervously.

"Thank you," Christina said stiffly.

Patrick ignored her. Instead, he looked at her for a while, as if he was thinking about something.

"Go back."

He suddenly said and walked towards the door.

But Christina did not follow him. When Patrick got to the door, he looked back at her with some dissatisfaction, and he repeated, "Go back to the Hopkins Family."

Christina sat on the wooden chair with a strange and complicated expression, "Ugh, I-I have to wait for my aunt to come back. I have something to tell her." She sat in the chair and was a little reluctant to move.

"Your aunt has been trying some new medicine recently. She's still in the sanatorium and can't come back for the time being." Patrick told her in a cold voice.

Christina was a little surprised that he even knew this.

Without an excuse, she glanced down at her ankle. Christina bit her lips tightly, braced herself, and stood up. She moved unwillingly towards him.

Patrick seemed to be thinking about something else. When he saw her coming, he did not pay much attention to her.

The two of them walked, one in front and the other in the back...

Since there was no elevator in this old apartment building, Christina had to walk down the stairs from the fifth floor.

Christina felt a sharp pain in her ankle every step she took. She endured it and her face turned pale.

Patrick walked faster than her as he had long legs. When he walked out of the apartment building, he turned around and saw no sign of Christina.

He frowned slightly and stood there, looking impatiently up the stairs.

Patrick was stunned when he raised his head.

With a gloomy expression, he took two flights of steps at a time. He saw her sitting on the steps at the corner of the second floor.

"Are you dumb? Why don't you tell me your feet hurt?!" His cold voice was clearly filled with anger.

Christina's feet hurt so much, and she felt wronged for some reason when he yelled at her.

Why could he scold her? "It's none of your business!"

Patrick's face clouded over.

He looked impatiently at her stubborn expression and bent down to pick her up.

Christina was very uncomfortable when she was suddenly hugged by him. Subconsciously, she struggled, "Put me down, I can walk on my own..."

"Walk on your own?"

Patrick repeated it. He looked straight at her with his cold eyes.

He seemed to have been completely angered and stopped in his tracks.

Patrick did put her down, and Christina leaned against the rusty railing of the apartment on the right.

Patrick stood beside her and looked at her as if he were watching a play.

He urged coldly, "Go down!"

"Christina, go down on your own! Now!"

Christina felt a little timid, panicked, and wronged when she heard his gloomy voice.

She was so stubborn that she glared back at him, bit her lips, stretched out her left foot, and took a step. She couldn't let him look down on her. She must walk on her own!

In fact, her right ankle was already sprained. After walking down from the fifth floor, her ankles were bruised and swollen.

When she stretched her left foot out, her right foot was too weak to support her. She lost her balance and fell forward.

With an ouch, her knee hit the floor.

Christina quickly grabbed the handrail on the right side of the staircase. She was not seriously injured, but she looked very awkward.

"Stand up!"

"I tell you to stand up now. You said you can walk down on your own, so do it!"

Patrick stood looking at her without the slightest intention of offering help. Instead, he continued to urge her with his cold voice.

Christina wanted to cry when she heard his cold voice.

She squatted down and had no strength to stand up again.

Her right ankle was throbbing with pain. She lowered her head, clutched the handrail of the stairs tightly with both hands, and endured it.

She really wanted to prove to him that she could stand up on her own.

But it really hurt...

"I'm sorry..." She choked and said.

Patrick's gaze deepened as he looked at her, "What did you say? Speak louder!" He shouted in a cold and stern voice.

"I'm sorry!"

Christina raised her head and looked at him. Her eyes were filled with stubbornness, but she could only give in.

Patrick looked into her eyes and felt pity for her for some reason.

He warned her coldly, "You'd better behave yourself in the future." He took a step forward and picked her up.

This time, Christina did not struggle, but her whole body tensed up when he held her down the stairs.

Patrick's chest was broad and firm. She curled up in his arms, not daring to move. She could feel his strong heartbeat and his unique cold and thin breath.

This man was really difficult to get along with...

"Young Master."

Outside the apartment, the driver of the Hopkins Family was about to go upstairs to look for Christina. When he saw Patrick carrying her out, he was surprised.

"Open the door," Patrick ordered in a cold voice.

Christina was put into the car by Patrick, and her expression was very awkward.

They were so close to each other when he bent down to fasten her seat belt, which made Christina embarrassed and she twisted her body subconsciously.


Patrick's face clouded over and he immediately raised his head. He called out her name angrily, with a warning in his deep voice.

Christina froze and instinctively dared not move again.

She didn't know why she suddenly blushed when this man called her name.

"Send her back to the Hopkins Family and ask the steward to look after her foot."

Patrick ordered the driver coldly. Then he slammed the door hard, and looked at the woman in the car with an ambiguous look, "I don't want to marry a cripple!"

Christina was taught a lesson by him and pursed her lips, not daring to refute.

Christina's car drove away at a steady and high speed. Patrick stood there, looking thoughtfully at the disappearing car...

"Patrick, do you cripple her in a fit of anger when you go catch adultery in the act?"

Suddenly, in the other direction, Charles walked over with a smile on his face. He was surprised when he saw Patrick come down with a woman in his arms. When did Patrick learn to cherish a woman?

"How's the photo going?" Patrick ignored his teasing and asked sternly.

Charles didn't dare to continue to tease Patrick when he saw his expression. He said truthfully, "Nothing. It's from an unidentified number..."

As Charles spoke, he looked down at the screen of Patrick's phone...

A photo was displayed on his phone's screen. It was taken from a special angle, and in the photo, a man and a woman were cuddling. They were Christina and Cory.

Charles pointed to a monitor above the apartment building, "The monitor got some pictures."

"Cory did come here before you received the photo, but they couldn't hug each other as they did in the photo," said Charles. Then he suddenly turned to look at Patrick opposite him with a sinister smile, "Because your cousin Cory didn't walk out on his own, but was carried out..."

Patrick's grim face froze when he heard this.

Charles laughed even more wildly, "I can't believe that a big man like Cory could be thrown to the ground and ended up in hospital. Christina is so strong..."

Patrick had an imperceptible smile in his eyes, and he appeared to be cold. He turned around and got into the car.

"Find out the relationship between Carrie and Christina." He leaned against the back of the car and said faintly, half closing his eyes in drowsiness.

Charles was a little surprised. Patrick really cared about Christina.

However, Charles sympathized with Christina and muttered, "She must have been scared by you just now..." Just now, when Patrick went to catch the adultery with a gloomy face, he really looked scary.

"Scare her?"

Patrick suddenly opened his eyes and his face clouded over.

He remembered how Christina was trying to be strong after her foot injury. He was angry, "You said I scared her!"

Charles was shocked. He didn't know what was wrong with Patrick, but he felt like Patrick was sulking.

Who pissed him off?

"I was scared to death just now..."

Christina was sent back by a driver from the Hopkins Family. As soon as the car stopped, she couldn't help but touch her chest and sigh.

Just now, Patrick seemed very angry and said he didn't want to marry a cripple. Christina thought about it and immediately became worried, "Patrick is really difficult to get along with."

When Paul heard that she hurt her ankle, he called a doctor. Christina was helped into a wheelchair by a maid.

"Ma'am, we agree to let you go out, but you should pay more attention to safety when you are pregnant, especially in the first three months of pregnancy. If you miscarry, all of us will be punished." It was the first time the steward had lectured her in such a serious voice.

"It won't happen anymore." Christina lowered her head and replied apologetically.

It was her first pregnancy and she didn't know much about these things. Besides, she was so angry with Cory and Carrie that she didn't think so much.

Seeing her like this, the steward did not say anything to teach her a lesson. After the doctor treated the cuts on her ankles and arms carefully, the maid sent her back to her bedroom to rest.

At dinner time, the steward sent food directly to her bedroom. Christina, the disabled woman, was lying on the bed and could not go anywhere.

Sitting in bed for a long time made her ass numb, and she couldn't fall asleep as it was too early.

In addition, since Patrick had returned from a business trip, he might come back tonight...

Christina was instantly on the alert, and she looked at the door from time to time.

She wondered if Patrick would scold her when he came back later.

"He won't sleep in this room and he seems to despise me..." Christina sat on the bed and thought nervously.

Suddenly, her phone rang...

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