Chapter 6 Just a Deal

In the early morning, Fireworks Bar, the biggest and most luxurious bar in the city center, was bustling with people from rich families, and some famous movie stars and models often came to play up to them.

There were loud music and dim lights. Occasionally, bright colorful beams of light flashed across the dance floor. Handsome men and beautiful women twisted their bodies to the rhythm of the music and fully indulged themselves.

When a bright yellow light flashed across the bar's VIP entrance, a man walked in slowly.

Under the bright light, his figure was tall and straight, his face was cold, and his thin lips were slightly pursed, looking cold and indifferent.

"Mr. Hopkins, please follow me..." The general manager of the bar waited at the entrance.

They entered the elevator and went straight to the top floor of the bar.

The bar on the top floor was much quieter, different from the one downstairs, which was very noisy.

The bar occupied the entire top floor, and it was very spacious, simple, and exquisite, with expensive oil paintings hanging on the walls and antique vases and statues displayed in it.

At the end of the east side was a place for famous wine, and in front of it was a semi-circular bar counter. There were usually no waiters and very few people could come here.

"Women are usually not allowed in here. I only take you here today because you have promised me to straddle yourself over me when we have sex..."

Suddenly there was a clink of glasses, followed by a man's giggle.

"Mr. Shepherd, it's agreed that I'm the female lead in the new movie. Don't forget it."

The woman said coquettishly. Then she raised her glass to feed him with an ingratiating smile.

"But the director said you're not a good actor. What should we do?"

"Mr. Shepherd, why don't you ask them to leave first?"

The general manager of the bar walked over quickly and said something nervously to Charles.

Charles was having a good time and glared at the general manager discontentedly.

On the dark green sofa across the bar, another man suddenly chuckled, "Charles, you're going to die."


Seeing Chandler's treacherous smile, Charles immediately raised his head vigilantly.

When he looked up at the man in front of him, he immediately pushed the woman away from him.

He jumped off the bar counter and pretended to be disgusted, "Get out, all of you!"

Seeing Charles's attitude change so quickly, the movie stars and models turned around and looked behind them, startled.

"Mr. Hopkins." They could not hide their adoration, and they called out coquettishly.

However, Patrick was expressionless and looked coldly at Charles.

Charles felt a shiver down his spine and was really desperate. All of his childhood friends knew that Patrick hated women for some reason.

Charles hurriedly chased these women downstairs. He was relieved when he saw that Patrick was not angry.

"Patrick, I heard that your grandfather forced you to get married today."

Chandler poured Patrick a glass of red wine and asked with a faint smile.

Before Patrick could say anything, Charles was the first to get excited, "What?! Patrick, are you married?"

Mr. Shepherd didn't believe it. Even if Mr. Hopkins forced him, it was basically useless. How could Patrick be so obedient?

"Patrick, what's so special about that woman?"

Patrick didn't want to talk to Charles and he said in a low voice, "Where's my pocket watch?"

Just as Charles was about to return the pocket watch he had found to Patrick, he suddenly remembered something and he was shocked.

"Patrick, do you marry..." Charles shook the exquisite gold pocket watch in his hand.

"Don't tell me that you married the woman who bit you, stole your coat, and pawned your pocket watch last month?"

Charles heard that when Patrick had just returned from the United States, he had gone to a club to rest and had sex with a woman. That day, Charles almost couldn't believe it. Patrick was a woman-hater. How could he have sex with a strange woman the day he returned home? That was insane!

Nonetheless, Charles also heard that the woman was so audacious that she even dared to bite Patrick, rob him of his coat, and give the pocket watch, which Patrick had always cherished, to a taxi driver for a taxi fee.

Charles thought that the woman would probably die.

However, Patrick married her!

"Patrick, why do you agree to marry her?" Charles was curious.

Patrick ignored him and stood up from the sofa, reaching for his pocket watch.

Chandler looked at the pocket watch in Patrick's hand with a thoughtful expression.

"Patrick, Christina looks like her." Chandler suddenly blurted out something.

Patrick took a sip from his glass and held his watch tightly, but did not answer.

Chandler looked at the pocket watch in his hand. They all knew that there was a picture of Cecilia, Patrick's ex-girlfriend, in his pocket watch.

Christina really looked like Cecilia, who was already dead...


It sounded as if some small metal object had fallen on the floor.

Christina woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to go to the bathroom, but she forgot that she was in the Hopkins Family. When she turned around, she accidentally hit the bedside table, and something fell on the floor.

She lowered her head and bent over to pick it up. It was a gold pocket watch.

Christina looked at the golden pocket watch in her palm and suddenly became sober.

'This pocket watch... It looked familiar!'

'This is the pocket watch in Patrick's pocket that night when I snatched his coat. I had given this to the taxi drivers for the fare. Why is it here?'

She looked at it carefully, lifted the lid of the pocket watch, and found a small picture embedded in it...

"What are you doing?" Suddenly, a cold voice came from outside the door.

Christina immediately hid the pocket watch behind her as if she was guilty. She raised her head and saw Patrick stride towards her.

Christina watched him approaching her and glaring at her.

Yes, his eyes were fierce, as if something was making him angry.

"Give it to me!"

"I'm sorry. I, I didn't mean to..." It must mean a lot to him since he took efforts to get the pocket watch back.

But just as Christina was about to apologize, Patrick seemed impatient and quickly extended his right hand to grab her shoulder.

Patrick tightened his grip and held her. She felt pain. He snatched the watch from her.

"Christina, do you really think that you will be my wife? Are you daydreaming?!" He sneered and said.

He was standing right in front of her. His tall figure made her feel a bit scared.

Christina raised her head and looked into his cold eyes. She was angry, "You think I want to marry you? I don't..."

"Stop pretending to be innocent. Is there a woman who doesn't want to marry into the Hopkins Family? Christina, do you really think you're special..."

Patrick lowered his head and glared at the face in front of him. His eyes were deep... with reminiscence.

He seemed to be recalling something.

They were so close that Christina felt uncomfortable. She struggled to push him away.

Patrick, on the other hand, was suppressing the growing irritation in his heart. When his eyes fell on her bright red lips, he felt an inexplicable impulse.

Without saying a word, he kissed her on the lips, a bit fiercely.

Christina was stunned. There was a slight pain in her lips, and she tasted blood...

'Who does he think I am!' Christina was panicked and angry.

"Let me go!"

She raised her right hand and swung it at the man in front of her.

The moment she raised her hand, Patrick let go of her, as if her voice had broken his memories.

Patrick held her wrist in midair at an extremely fast speed and looked at her face again with only an indifferent look in his eyes.

"Christina, remember why you are here. You're here because you have my child! This is just a deal. Don't talk to me about your so-called love. Don't say you will be loyal to some man. We are adults, and it's an adult's game. Even dignity is worthless..."

His voice was cold and clear. He took off his coat and threw it at the end of the bed as if he was very upset.

Christina was so angry, but the big man suddenly pinned her down on the bed and she couldn't break free.

With both hands against his chest, she was filled with anxiety, "Don't, don't touch me..."

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