Chapter 7 Control Yourself

Christina was struggling, and her right hand accidentally tripped the bedside crystal lamp. With a clang, the debris flew...

"Ma'am, is something wrong?"

Nanny Faang, who was outside the door, heard the sound and immediately ran in nervously.

But she bumped into Patrick pressing Christina on the bed. She froze at the door, not knowing whether to stay or leave.

Christina was so embarrassed. "Go away, go away!" She pushed the man hard.

Patrick looked at her coldly as if he had suddenly lost interest and stood up straight.

Without saying a word, he strode out of the room.

Christina was relieved to see him leave.

The way Patrick looked at her just now was strange, which seemed to be contradictory, hateful, and he seemed to be in a nostalgic state.

Christina frowned, wondering why Patrick's look was so weird.

It was two in the morning and the room was quiet.

Christina stood by the bed. She lowered her head to look down at her toes with a stiff expression. In Hopkins Family, she felt like an outsider.

Nanny Faang swiftly cleaned up the debris on the ground. She caught a glimpse of Christina's unhappy expression and persuaded her, "Our Young Master has been aloof since he was a kid. He probably went to the study to sleep tonight."

But then Nanny Faang became hesitant. "Patrick...doesn't want to have an intimate relationship with any girls. He has only had one girlfriend since he was a child."

Patrick's girlfriend? Who was so unlucky that was liked by him?

When Christina heard this, surprise appeared on her face. Why didn't he marry the one he liked?

Looking at the kind-hearted Nanny Faang, Christina was about to ask. She curiously wanted to know more about him.

But Nanny Faang didn't dare to say much, and she walked towards the door.

She said in a haste, "Ma'am, you are pregnant and you should rest early. And there's a habit in Hopkins Family, you should have breakfast with Mr. Hopkins."

Then she heard a click.

The door was closed again.

In the silence of the room, Christina lay back on the bed, looking at the luxurious ceiling above her in a daze, unable to sleep.

The Hopkins Family was foreign to her, and Patrick was temperamental and unapproachable...

The clock on the wall was ticking, and she lifted the blanket to cover her head. "I have to have breakfast with that old man in Hopkins Family tomorrow morning..."

Christina was very anxious the whole night.

The sky growly became bright.

"Ma'am, it's time to get up."

Early in the morning, a maid knocked on the door and walked in.

Christina looked at each other with dark circles under her eyes and looked haggard.

Her thoughts were in a mess all night and she couldn't sleep. And she was just a little sleepy now, so the lack of sleep made her feel a little upset.

Then she looked at the clock on the wall. It was only five o'clock.

'Five o'clock! It was only five o'clock! But the old man in Hopkins Family wants me to greet him!

'These rich people are really troublesome.' She could not help but complain in a low voice.

But Christina was only complaining secretly. She had no human rights because she was just an outsider in the Hopkins Family.

Everything should be done according to the rules of the Hopkins Family, and she had to be careful.

She went into the bathroom to wash up, changed her clothes, and followed the maid to the dining room.

When Christina arrived at the dining room, she saw Mr. Hopkins and Patrick had already sat down. They did not talk, but each held a newspaper in their hands. The atmosphere was a little solemn.

Christina glanced at the old man and thought for a while. "Good morning, Mr. Hopkins." She greeted him nervously.

Although the old man was nearly eighty years old, his body was strong and his face was serious. When he heard Christina's greeting, he did not even raise his head, but just looked at the butler beside him.

The butler immediately understood and quickly asked the servants to serve breakfast. He turned to Christina and smiled kindly.

"Ma'am, please come over here..."

The butler signaled her to sit on Patrick's left.

Christina nodded at the butler but hesitated.

She didn't want to sit next to Patrick.

Just then, Patrick raised his head and looked at her...

Patrick's eyes were cold and indifferent as if he were looking at an irrelevant person. Then he put down the newspaper and ignored her.

Christina had no choice but to sit reluctantly on his left.

The servants quickly put breakfast on the table and prepared various food, including scallop porridge, paste, milk, and so on.

Patrick and Mr. Hopkins did not speak during the meal. They ate gracefully and quietly.

"Ma'am, you are pregnant now. The nutritionist has prepared a nutritious meal for you..." The maid brought her a bowl of porridge.

Christina didn't dare to be picky. She took a sip. It was bland and bitter and tasted terrible.

Just as Mr. Hopkins's sharp eyes glanced at her, Christina immediately lowered her head nervously and obediently drank the bowl of medicinal porridge.

Mr. Hopkins seemed to be satisfied with her obedient attitude. He had half a bowl of scallop porridge and put down the spoon.

The butler hurriedly handed him a cup of warm water. Mr. Hopkins took a sip and gently wiped his lips with a napkin before he said in a deep voice, "Take care of yourself since you're pregnant."

Christina felt that the old man was ordering her, and she replied, "Yes, I see."

"I said she's pregnant. There are many things you should pay attention to!" Mr. Hopkins repeated, raising his voice in displeasure.

Then Christina suddenly realized that the old man was talking to Patrick.

Patrick's expression was indifferent. He ate half of his paste, put down his fork, raised his eyebrows and looked at his grandfather, then asked, "What should I pay attention to?"

Mr. Hopkins's face darkened.

"In the early stages of pregnancy, there are some things you can't do! Control yourself!" The old man reminded Patrick angrily.

When Patrick heard this, he looked at Christina with a meaningful look.

Christina blushed.

Mr. Hopkins got up from his chair. With a crutch in his right hand, he glanced at Christina and suddenly said, "Call me grandpa in the future!"

Christina looked a little surprised.

After breakfast, Patrick went to the company, and Mr. Hopkins went back to his room to rest.

"Ma'am, in the afternoon, the wedding shop will send over some designs. You can choose the style you like and choose the wedding ring style..."

Christina was a little busy. She sat on the sofa in the living room, and the housekeeper told her a lot about the marriage.

When Christina heard this, her expression was very complicated. "Butler, let Mr. Hopkins decide. I-I am ok with everything..."

This marriage was very absurd in others' eyes, and last night, Patrick also said that they only got a contractual marriage, so there was no need to be so serious.

"Mr. Hopkins said that if you have your favorite wedding dresses and jewelry, you can tell you. If there are no special requirements, then we will find a designer to customize them for you..." The butler spoke to her in a friendly and respectful tone.

Christina was flattered to hear that. "I'm okay with that." Actually, she didn't expect this marriage at all.

The butler heard her say this and did not ask her anymore. Seeing that she was a little tired, he chuckled. "Didn't you get used to sleeping in Hopkins Family?"

Christina looked embarrassed. "It's fine."

"Send Young Madam back to her bedroom to have a rest." The butler turned to give an order to a maid.

After some thought, he added, "Ma'am, you are pregnant with the child of the Hopkins Family. Mr. Hopkins will not treat you badly. You can relax."

Christina nodded to the butler. "Thank you."

She was really grateful to him. In her life, few people have treated her well. The masters of the Hopkins Family were difficult to deal with, but the servants here were very kind.

Christina was really sleepy and she didn't sleep much last night. She went back to her bedroom with the maid.

The butler looked at her back and his eyes became meaningful.

"What the hell is going on? Are they really going to have a wedding? So embarrassing!"

Not long after Christina left, Laurie rushed to Hopkins Family in a huff.

Seeing the butlers and maids in Hopkins Family busy with Patrick and Christina's marriage, she became even angrier.

"Everyone in the circle knows that Christina used to be Hampton Family's daughter-in-law, but now suddenly..." Laurie's chest heaved with anger.

"This wedding will only bring shame to Hopkins Family and the Hampton Family. No, this can't be... Besides, just let Christina give birth to the baby. There's no need to get marriage licenses."

The butler looked at her and said slowly, "The child of the Hopkins Family of course won't be an illegitimate child. Besides, most importantly, Patrick agreed to marry her..."

Laurie's face was dark. She never thought that Patrick would agree to get marriage licenses with Christina.

Seeing the anger on her face, the butler added in a low voice, "Miss, you know the old man's temperament very well..."

Laurie did not stay in Hopkins Family for a long time. She knew that she could not disobey the old man's idea, so she had to start from other aspects.

"Contact the Dickens Family in C City..."

Laurie grabbed her phone and called her son, Cory.

Cory heard her voice and asked impatiently, "Mom, you are in the Hopkins Family? What did grandpa say? Cousin and Christina..."

Laurie was immediately furious. "Your grandfather was biased towards your cousin. As soon as Patrick returned home, he became the president of the company, and he's always against me in the company. Patrick had never been interested in marriage, but now he agreed to get marriage certificates with Christina. I won't just let it go..."

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