Chapter 15 Don't Touch Me

Christina returned to her previous high school. Today was the centennial celebration of the school, so it was very lively.

She was so excited that she grabbed Patrick's arm and told him about the past.

"Here, I used to climb up trees here. Sometimes when I came back late, I climbed up trees and climbed over walls, but more often to avoid people."

Patrick looked down at her face flushed with excitement and gave a smile, letting her keep talking.

"Who are you hiding from? Too many pursuers?" Charles followed and teased her.

Christina was not shy at all and nodded. "Yes, and it's very distressing."

Charles rolled his eyes immediately. "Why are you so shameless?"

It was rare for Christina not to refute him, but to recall seriously, "I used to be shy. When my mother passed away at that time, I fell out with my family. I didn't want to use the money from the Dickens Family, so I went to work part-time. At first, I didn't know anything. I was scolded and blamed all day long. In order not to starve, I had to be shameless!"

When Patrick heard her say that, his eyes were filled with emotion.

Christina looked up at the old locust tree across from the school, her thoughts drifting away...

Ever since her mother committed suicide when she was 17, she had become very sensitive. She broke up with the Dickens Family and had a hard time after that.

Her auntie, Betty, was in poor health, and all the money from the school scholarship was given to her auntie by her. She was always trying to be brave. In fact, she only had more than a hundred dollars left for the whole semester.

Sometimes she was hungry for a few days and had nothing to eat. One time, she couldn't help but eat in a restaurant and ran out in a mess without money to pay the bill. The people chased after her.

Ever since she was a child, the Dickens Family had doted on her. So when she was scolded for this, she felt terrible. She did that because she was too starved.

She was so scared that she heard the cursing and chasing footsteps around her. She immediately climbed onto an old locust tree on a remote path, curled up, and hid among the leaves, holding her breath nervously.

She did not know how long it had been. Until sunset, she saw the dim view of the old street from the leaves, and then carefully poked her head out to look.

However, just as she jumped down, a man suddenly appeared on her right side.

She threw herself at him like this.

The man was walking casually with headphones on. She suddenly fell down and tumbled him down on the ground. Instead of scolding her, he looked astonished.

She didn't dare to look at the man's face. She thought he should be very angry.

She immediately got up from him, not apologizing, but with a fierce face, complained and shouted at him, "Be careful! Don't get on my way..."

She did not know why she got angry, perhaps because this man was wearing expensive clothes, which made her very unhappy. She used to be a pampered lady of the upper class.

However, she was still afraid of death. After scolding the man, she immediately ran away with guilt.

Christina recalled that she seemed too arrogant at the time. Fortunately, that man did not seek revenge on her.

Charles was a little surprised when he heard Christina's words.

When he turned around, he noticed that Patrick also looked at the old locust tree opposite them. He seemed to be recalling something...

"I used to work at the drinks shop over there. The milk tea there is famous and delicious..." Christina pointed to a drink shop across the street.

The drink shop was expanded and filled with customers. Christina had originally thought of ordering a cup of milk tea and leaving, but the proprietress recognized her and especially opened a table for her.

"Christina used to work here. She's awesome. She's got a lot of guests for me." The proprietress was slightly plump and smiled as she handed the menu to Patrick.

Patrick had a strange expression on his face, but he still took it.

"Let me order."

Charles took the initiative to grab the menu. He was sure that Patrick had never been to such a crowded place.

"There's a meal for lovers here. Cory, can we order this?"

The coquettish voice came from their left. Christina looked bad when she heard it.

Charles raised his eyebrows and looked over. It was Cory and Carrie. They also brought a three-year-old girl with them. They looked like a warm family of three.

Patrick was already very attractive in appearance and clothes. When Carrie turned to call for the waiter. She paused for a moment, and her eyes fell on Christina.

"Let's go." Christina was very upset when she remembered what happened at the Dickens Family two days ago. She didn't want to be in the same space as Carrie and Cory, so she got up and was about to leave.

"Cory, let's go. I don't want to upset Christina." Carrie raised her voice on purpose and spoke softly.

Cory heard Carrie's words and looked up at Christina with a complicated expression.

Charles disliked Carrie and sneered, "Christina, why are you sad? You've gotten Patrick and you two have been married. Unlike some people, mistress, and cheater. They're shameless and don't care about their kids. Don't they know their bad reputation has an influence on their kid?"

Carrie's face turned pale when she heard Charles's words.

"Christina, why are you afraid of them?" Charles lowered his voice.

Christina's expression was complicated. She sat back in her seat. Charles ordered a table of desserts at will. Although he and Patrick didn't like desserts, he wanted to stay here to let Carrie be awkward.

Carrie and Cory did not leave either. They also ordered a table of drinks and desserts. She leaned against Cory to show their affair.

"Cory, this tastes good. Have a try." Carrie smiled and handed Cory a spoonful of ice cream with a spoon she had just used.

Charles had dated a lot of girls and hated someone like Carrie the most in his life.

He turned and stared at Christina across the table. "Do something!"

"Christina, don't tell me that you still care about that Cory. What's so good about him?" Charles shouted angrily.

Patrick looked at Christina next to him meaningfully.

"No, I just..." She felt Patrick's gaze, lowered her head, and took a sip of milk tea, but she did not continue speaking.

Charles was very upset. These days, Christina had been teasing them with Patrick's help, and now she was upset when she met those two people.

He said provocatively, "Christina, Connie has been your new mother since she was 20 years old. Now her sister, Carrie, has seduced your husband. You can't bear it."

Christina grabbed the milk tea and looked at Carrie from the corner of her eyes. Carrie was looking back at her with a smug and disdainful look, and Christina was furious.

"Patrick." She suddenly raised her head and called out to him.

Patrick turned to look at her. Christina leaned forward with her right hand around his neck.

She just kissed him on the lips.

Charles sat opposite them and looked a little shocked.

Patrick and Christina are both had good looking. They hugged and kissed each other in this crowded place. This scene was very eye-catching.

Patrick was in a daze and did not react. He could only feel her soft lips rolling around his lips. For a moment, his cold face turned red.

Cory glared at them, feeling very uncomfortable.

This was Carrie's first time seeing Patrick. This man, regardless of his appearance or identity, was enough to drive a woman crazy, but Christina was so lucky to be with him. This made Carrie angry and jealous.

But to the surprise of all of them, Patrick suddenly acted very urgently and pushed Christina away with disgust.

"Don't touch me!" His voice was low and cold.

Christina didn't even have a chance to speak. Patrick got up angrily with a dark face and strode out.

Christina looked embarrassed.

'Just a kiss. Why is he so angry?'

"Christina, don't take the initiative to stick to a man... Don't worry, Patrick should be okay." Carrie, who was sitting across the table, said caring words in a gloating tone.

"Sorry, I'm not like you." Charles refuted her and turned to Christina. "Let's go."

"What's wrong with him?"

After leaving the drink shop, Christina looked a little anxious. Patrick drove away by himself.

Charles didn't know why Patrick acted like that, but after thinking about it, he reminded Christina, "Patrick didn't like to interact with women since he was a child. He used to have only one girlfriend. When other women touched him, he would be disgusted."

Christina was somehow disappointed.

It meant that he was disgusted by her kiss.

"It's all your fault. You ask me to do this."

Christina complained to Charles, "What should we do now? He's so angry that he drove away by himself. I really didn't mean to..."

"I told you to do something. Who would know you were so rampant that you kissed him directly?" If others had the guts to do this, Patrick probably broke their bones.

Charles took Christina back to the hotel first. On the way back, he suddenly received a call from Patrick.

Christina approached him nervously. "How is he? Tell Patrick I won't dare next time. I swear I won't dare covet him."

Charles hung up the phone and asked, "Christina, was milk tea that you just had mango flavor?"


Charles's expression changed. He suddenly knew why.

"What's wrong with him?" Christina saw his mysterious appearance and asked.

"Nothing. He said he would be back in A City the day after tomorrow," Charles added, hiding something. "And Patrick said he didn't want to see you for the next two days."

Christina was even more depressed when he said that.

In the emergency room of the hospital.

Patrick sat expressionless with an injection hanging over his head. The nurse who gave him the injection was trembling with fear at him.

When Charles arrived at the emergency room and saw him, he covered his stomach and wanted to laugh.

"Patrick, are you okay?" He asked, but his voice could not help but tremble because he really wanted to laugh.

Patrick glared at him and was about to be angry. "You have told her!" His voice was eerie.


How did Charles dare expose Patrick's mango allergy?

However, looking at Patrick at this time, he really couldn't help but laugh out loud. Patrick was kissed by a woman, and also had skin allergies, skin rashes, and red spots because of this, which should be the most embarrassing experience of Patrick's life.

Patrick's face darkened as he looked at the bottle of anti-allergy medicine on top of his head.

'Christina, that woman, always gave me trouble!' Patrick thought.


Christina had been sneezing for the past two days.

Since that day when she forcefully kissed Patrick, she had never seen him again.

After dinner, she went for a walk by the nearby river in a sullen mood.

That day, Patrick suddenly pushed her and left in a huff, leaving her there. It was really embarrassing, and it hurt her self-esteem.

He really hated me so much...

As she walked along the river, she was thinking about him.

"Christina, wait a minute..." Suddenly, a man ran towards her in a hurry.

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