Chapter 12 Look the Same

Christina had thought that she would be happy when she was going to get married and bring the man she liked home to meet her parents one day.

But her good wish failed!

Three years ago, when she married Cory, she just got a certificate and didn't have a wedding.

Christina reflected for a long time, thinking that a woman must have a decent wedding when she got married. If she didn't spend a grand deal of money, the man would not cherish her.

But this time...

She would rather have a bare marriage.

Inside the car, Christina looked nervously at the man beside her.

Patrick leaned back against the seat, his face grim. He was holding a contract document under review, and he was talking to someone via earphones.

He was calm and didn't seem to care about this at all. The car drove smoothly all the way to the International Airport in A City.

"Go to C City," he unfolded the contract and ordered.

Christina was bored looking at the scenery outside the car window. She eavesdropped on his call, feeling unwilling to go back to C City with him.

But there was no other way. Mr. Hopkins ordered Patrick to do so. Patrick must be unwilling too.

"There's nothing important at C City," Patrick said leisurely. His words paused for some reason, and he turned his head to glance at the woman beside him.

He said calmly, "To propose marriage."

Christina was in a trance. She suddenly regained her senses and looked at him with a stiff expression.

'Propose marriage? These words sounded really strange out of his mouth.'

"What are you looking at?"

Patrick turned off the Bluetooth and asked Christina indifferently when he saw her eyes wide open in shock.

"No, nothing."

She looked embarrassed and immediately lowered her head, stopped looking at him.

They arrived at the airport. It would take about two hours to fly from A City to C City. The servants had arranged everything for them, and everything was smooth.

Just as they arrived at the C City airport, there was a sudden rainstorm.

The sky was overcast and thunderous. Instead of going to the Dickens Family, they went to the hotel they had booked.

The manager of the hotel came out to receive them in person. He accompanied them to the luxurious suite on the top floor. By then, Christina realized the hotel belonged to the Hopkins Family. 'This man is indeed rich.'

The Hopkins Family was powerful. As the only grandson of the Hopkins Family, Patrick had an incredible life.

However, Patrick was a little different from the prodigal rich kids she knew.

Patrick seemed to be very busy. When he got in the suit, his three bodyguards handed him a large stack of documents. With a stern face, he sat at the table to review and sign his name.

"Well, if you have things to do, I can go back to the Dickens Family by myself." Christina hesitated for a moment but finally spoke.

After she broke with the Dickens Family, she had no contact with them anymore. Christina was a little uncomfortable going back there alone, not to mention going back with him, which flustered her even more.

However, the man in this spacious and luxurious suite seemed not to hear her at all and did not respond.

He probably didn't agree, so he just ignored her, but he didn't even bother to say it out.

Christina walked to the window, but it was dark outside.

This was the top floor of the hotel. She looked down and saw the dense crowd and the cars below shuttled busily. People were struggling and suffering in the heavy rain for life.

Marrying a rich man was the most convenient way for a woman to change her destiny. Because of this, many women were unscrupulous to be mistresses...

She thought of the Dickens Family and her stepmother. Her stepmother was only three years older than her.

Her stepmother climbed into her father's bed at the age of 20 and indirectly killed her mother.

'Mistresses and Cheaters don't deserve to be forgiven.'

The thick French windows reflected the hatred in her eyes. She had sworn that she would never return to the Dickens Family again...

Just as her mind was in a mess, someone pushed open the door fiercely.

Christina subconsciously turned to look.


A handsome man with silver-rimmed glasses appeared at the door, his eyes filled with disbelief.

Another bantering voice came. "Chandler, you are wrong. This is Patrick's girlfriend." Not long after, another tall man with short brown hair came in.

Christina looked at the two strange men with hesitation.

She knew that the brown-haired man was called Charles. This guy was famous and often appeared on the front page of magazines. Everyone knew that he had various model girlfriends and luxury cars. He was the boss of an entertainment company. But she didn't know the other man who was wearing glasses.

But at least they were Patrick's friends. She nodded and greeted them, "Hello."

Charles seemed very curious about Christina. He walked towards her, trying to get to know her better.

"What are you doing here?"

Patrick, who had been quietly reviewing the documents, looked up at them.

Charles felt that his tone was not very friendly, so he turned around and smiled at him. "Chandler and I happened to have something to do in C City, so we came by to see your girlfriend."

"You can go now," Patrick ordered them to leave.

"I haven't introduced myself yet..." He just wanted to see the woman Patrick chose!

Patrick ignored him. He lowered his head and continued to sign the documents. He added without any emotions, "Charles, you're so famous. She already knows you."

Charles was depressed. Patrick was obviously joking about him.

The corner of Christina's lips rose slightly. She was gloating. It turned out that other people were so afraid of Patrick, and she was not the only one timid.

Charles said enthusiastically, "Patrick, you can't go to the Dickens Family right now in this stormy weather. You've been busy with your work and ignored your girlfriend. Why not let me take her around and go down to the lobby to eat something..."

Christina felt that Charles must have some bad intentions, but she didn't want to go back to the Dickens Family so soon.

She agreed, "I'll take a walk in the lobby and go to the Dickens Family later."

Patrick's hand, which was holding the pen, paused. He remained silent. His brows furrowed slightly as he looked at Charles's smug face and then at Christina's stiff face.

He asked in a deep voice, "Did I ignore you?"

Christina suddenly blushed. "No."

Charles led Christina out of the suite. Just as the door closed, Chandler said in surprise, "Their faces look the same."

Christina took the VIP-exclusive elevator down to the lobby on the third floor. It was a non-smoking area. Charles ordered some food for her.

She was just about to say thank when Charles showed his true colors.

He looked at her nonchalantly. "Christina, good for you. A second married woman can be with Patrick." There was no more respect he showed previously.

"Sure. I'm pregnant." Christina retorted him.

Charles was annoyed to hear that. As expected, this woman was not easy to deal with.

Charles had always respected Patrick. He had been thinking about what kind of woman would be worthy of being Patrick's wife. He didn't expect Patrick to marry a woman that had married before... He was quite dissatisfied with Christina.

He thought of a way to make trouble for her and teach her a lesson.

"Christina, it's a long night. Why don't we play games to relax... Can you play mahjong?"

Charles called two friends over. He told her, "It's our first time playing mahjong with you. Take it easy. We only gambled one million."

So the four of them started playing mahjong and Charles began to play his tricks.

But as a result...

"You lost! Come on, the money!"

Christina spread her right hand and asked Charles for money.

Charles was extremely upset.

One of the things he regretted the most in his life was to play mahjong with Christina, not because of how good she was, but because she was unreasonable!

"Christina, this is a robbery."

Charles refused. He glared at her deck. "That's a cheat!"

Christina's vision was a little blurry. She had injected two bottles of nutrient solution at the Hopkins Family this morning. They were said to be good for the baby, but a side effect was that she would be sleepy.

Her eyes blurred as she looked at Charles, her right hand slamming against the table.

She stood up in an imposing manner. "Nonsense! I got the Thirteen Orphans! Pay me thirteen times the amount. Hurry up, I want cash..."

The other two men were silent and did not dare to speak. 'Is she really Patrick's girlfriend?'

"Look, It's not the Thirteen Orphans. You don't have the One Bamboo!" Charles tried to reason with her.

Christina grabbed a tile and slammed it in front of him.

"This is it!"

Charles gritted his teeth out of anger. Just then, Patrick and Chandler walked towards him. After reviewing his documents, Patrick realized that Charles had taken Christina out for a long time.

"What's wrong?" As soon as he came in, he felt something was wrong.

"Patrick, your friend tried to trick me." Christina grabbed his arm and complained.

Patrick's face flashed with surprise. He lowered his eyes and saw her hugging his arm. Then he looked at Charles, who was upset.

Glancing at the mahjong table, he quickly understood the situation.

"Patrick, she is unreasonable. She actually said this is the Bamboo..." Charles was irritated. He pointed at a Flower tile on the table and retorted.

Patrick looked at him and said calmly, "She's right. This is it."


Charles and the others were speechless in shock.

Charles was furious...

'Christina, you b*tch!'

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