Chapter 16 It Wasn't You

"What? Let me go!"

Christina heard someone calling her. As soon as she turned around, she was caught by Cory and trapped to the guardrail by the river. She angrily pushed him away. "Cory, let go of me!"

"Christina, just calm down. I have something to tell you."

He looked at her with complicated eyes and gripped her wrist with his right hand. "You should leave my cousin..."

"Cory, it's none of your business. We're divorced!"

Christina was irritated and was struggling.

Cory looked into her eyes. "I shouldn't have divorced you. It was my fault that I hired someone to take candid pictures of you at the club that day. But Christina, Patrick is really not a good match for you. I've investigated him. Patrick agreed to marry you because you looked like his dead girlfriend. He only regarded you as that girl's substitute. Besides, when you kissed him that day, he was unwilling..."

"I've told you, it's none of your business!"

She had been depressed and upset for the past two days. Hearing his words, she was enraged.

"You came here to mock me, didn't you? Cory, I told you, if you dare to provoke me again, I won't be polite to you..."

Christina was an expert in karate. As soon as she spoke, she grabbed his right arm, turned around, and pinned him against the railing. She leaned forward, trying to teach him a lesson.

Cory was stunned to be suddenly pressed under her. Unexpectedly, he stepped on a pebble with his right foot...

Somehow, his entire body fell into the river with a thud.

Christina looked at the huge splash in the dark river, dumbfounded for a moment.

"Cory!" A second later, she screamed in shock at the river.

There were only a few dim yellow streetlights on the bank, and she could not know the situation at all.

"Cory!" She continued to scream in panic at the river.

"Help, help me..." Vaguely, she heard a cry for help.

Christina was extremely anxious. She had never thought of pushing him down the river. Cory was unable to swim.

She looked nervous. No matter how much she hated him, she didn't want him to die. She immediately took off her shoes, climbed onto the railing, then jumped into the river.

"Cory, where are you..."

In February, the river could almost freeze the bone. Christina shivered in the water but still swam around.

She kept shouting, "Cory, where are you? I'm here to save you..."

Under the dim yellow light of the street lamps, she saw some blisters on the right side of the river. Her eyes lit up and she swam over immediately...

"Cory, hold on."

At this vital moment, she hugged his waist with both hands.

Clenching her teeth, Christina swam with all her might towards the river bank.

There was a trace on the surface of the river. Christina was anxious and tried her best to drag him ashore. She patted him nervously on the face. "Wake up! Cory, wake up."

Cory's face was pale. He closed his eyes tightly and remained unresponsive.

Christina's eyes were red and she was cold to shiver in the night wind. She continued pressing down on his chest to resuscitate him.

"Cory, wake up! Wake up!" What if he really died?

She shouted anxiously, raising his chin with her right hand and lowering her head to give him artificial respiration.

Soon, the man under her coughed up a mouthful of river water.

Cory opened his eyes and looked at the woman in front of him with blurred vision. He called out her name in a hoarse voice. "Christina..."

Seeing him wake up, Christina was so excited that she was about to cry. She really thought she had killed him by mistake.

Suddenly, Cory felt complicated in his heart when he looked at her teary and excited expression.

Although he had just fainted in the river, he could feel her upset, anxiety, and worry, which were more moving and charming than other dramatic women...

"Christina, I was wrong. I know I was wrong. I was really wrong. My mother forced me to marry you, but I neglected and hurt you in these three years. I'm really sorry"

Suddenly, Cory tightly held her in his arms.

Their clothes were soaked. The river and wind were cold, but their bodies were hot.

"Christina, I really didn't betray you during our marriage. Carrie suddenly came to me with a child last two months ago. She's my ex-girlfriend. I didn't know she was pregnant when she went abroad. Now she came back suddenly, so I..."

"I'm sorry for you. Can you give me another chance? I'll take good care of you. I won't mind that you've been raped by turns..."

Christina did not react. She jumped into the river in a hurry to save Cory and was scared out of her wits. Now her body was cold and her brain was numb. She was hugged by him so tightly that she did not have the strength to push him away.

Cory's voice echoed in her ears. He had never confessed to her so gently.

He had been forced to marry her three years ago, and his past sweet words were false, what he said now sounded sincere.

But it sounded strange...

"What do you mean by raping by turns?"

Christina frowned and struggled to push him away. In the quiet night by the river, her eyes suddenly became bright.

"Cory, what did you just say?" She asked persistently.

Cory choked on water and recovered quickly. He got up and looked into her eyes as if he were deeply in love with her. "Christina, I won't mind that anymore. No matter how many men had raped you that day..."

"I am asking you what exactly are you talking about!" Suddenly, Christina felt like someone hit her head and she raised her voice to shout.

Cory looked at her persistent eyes. "Your high school graduation trip..."

High school graduation trip...

Christina was completely shocked. She looked at him with a perplexed, confused, and disbelieving gaze.

"Did you say that I was raped by gangsters during my high school graduation trip?" She mumbled with a confused expression.

Cory lowered his head, his face twisted with hatred and guilt.

During their three years of marriage, he lived under the same roof with her. The real reason why he didn't want to touch her was not that he hated her.

Instead, he couldn't forget what he had seen: she was covered in scars, and her clothes were torn... Then he thought she was dirty.

"Christina, you even sacrifice your life to save me. I really don't mind that anymore..."

He approached her and promised her in a low voice, "Carrie only approached me for money. I'll handle it. Please trust me."

Hearing his extremely gentle promise, Christina didn't show any emotion.

It was as if she didn't care if he cheated on her, if he had an illegitimate daughter outside, or if Carrie had stolen her husband. She was stunned.

"Cory, so..." It took a long time for her to speak.

Cory stared at her. At this moment, he felt that Christina's sight was quite strange.

"Cory, it turns out that you weren't the one who saved me on my high school graduation trip!"

She took a deep breath and questioned him loudly, her tone filling with complex emotions.

"Someone timely saved me on that high school graduation trip. I wasn't raped by those gangsters at all. Not at all!" She roared out in a hoarse voice.

Cory was astonished when he heard this.

When he arrived, all the gangsters had already run away. And he just saw her disheveled and thought that she had been raped and abandoned under the hill...

"Cory, you lied to me! You said you saved me. You liar!"

Christina became agitated, her hands gripping his clothes tightly, her fingers turning white. "It wasn't you. It wasn't you who saved me that day! Why did you lie to me?" She mocked herself and recalled what happened that day.

Christina pushed him away abruptly. She stood slowly, her expression becoming confused.

"Who, who saved me that day..."

Her lips were white and she mumbled stubbornly. She could not remember that man's face, but she would never forget that day.

Cory sat by the dirty river. He raised his head and gazed at her. Suddenly, he seemed to understand the whole story.

The reason why Christina had just tried so hard to save him, endured his indifference, and loved and cared for him all these years, was because she mistook him for the man who saved her that year.

Cory didn't know how to describe his mood. He felt ridiculous as if he was fooled.

When he suddenly understood what was true love at the moment of life and death, he had no right to pursue his true love.

Because he wasn't the one who saved her that year. That day, he just casually admitted it.

Love was really miserable.

At this time, the river was already crowded with many onlookers. They called the police, and soon the ambulance came.

When the doctor walked up to Christina and asked her about her condition, her vision was blurred. She might have caught a cold or suffered a mental blow, then she felt dizzy suddenly and fainted.

Christina's temperature was very high. The cold of the river in February penetrated her bone marrow, especially at night. The reason why she was so desperate to save Cory was that she thought Cory had saved her that time.

She was sent to the hospital, and the high fever made her dizzy.

She kept dreaming, and the horrible experience of escaping from death on her high school graduation trip became her worst nightmare.

While Christina was in a coma, she didn't know that she had hit the headline of all social media.

"Superheroine Saved a Handsome Man from the Cold River"

"Beautiful Girl's Sincere Kiss Waked up Her Boyfriend"

"Sacrifice for Love"

Every exaggerated headline was followed by the video recording Christina jumped into the river to save Cory.

These videos were captured by netizens who were passing by the river. Some of them captured the video when she had just jumped off the river, and some of them recorded she gave Cory artificial respiration.

There were various comments and it became a hot issue.

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