Chapter 3 Patrick Hopkins

"Patrick, you still know to come back?"

In the middle of the wide sofa in the living room sat an old man with a solemn face. He was in a black suit embroidered with gold thread. Holding a walking stick, he was shouting angrily at his grandson.

Around 5 am, Patrick got back home from the hotel.

Patrick glanced at his grandfather on the sofa, whom he had not seen for many years, and decided to ignore him. He walked straight to the study on the second floor.

"Stop right there! Do you hear me?" His grandpa got so angry that his face darkened.

"Patrick, old master heard that you would come home last night, and has been waiting for you at home all night long."

The old butler, who was standing aside, said slowly with a smile on his face, "Young master, I haven't seen you for so many years. You're getting more handsome..."

Patrick nodded at the old butler and turned to look at his grandfather on the sofa.

His grandfather was in high spirits, but with a sullen face now.

"I have something important to do..." Patrick said flatly and walked straight up the stairs as he spoke.

Mr. Hopkins glared at him furiously, but he knew Patrick's cold nature very well, so he could only roar to his back, "Go to Gordon Hotel for a blind date at seven tomorrow night..."


When Mr. Hopkins saw Patrick ignore him completely and stride towards the study, he got so angry that he wanted to hit his unfilial grandson with the walking stick.

"Look what he is like now!"

"Old Master, young master has just returned from the United States. Don't force him to go on a blind date in such a hurry..." The old butler couldn't help laughing and advised.

Mr. Hopkins stared at him, "How can I not be in a hurry? I have only one grandson. He's almost 30 years old but doesn't even have a girlfriend. When will he give me a great-grandson?"

"Young master has never fancied women that much since childhood..." The old butler also looked worried.

"Old Master, we will hold a party next month, and there must be many ladies coming. Then young master can pick one he likes..."

When Mr. Hopkins thought of the party, he raised his brows slightly and told in an old and stern voice.

"Make it grand, and tell them. Any girl who is able to make him settled down, I will recognize her as the granddaughter-in-law of the Hopkins Family, no matter what her family background is..."

It was the end of January. Winter had come, and the New Year was half month away.

Big red lanterns were hanging in the air, while the colored lights were flashing on the streets. Everywhere was bathed in a festive atmosphere of the New Year.

However, Christina was sitting in a coffee shop with a gloomy face.

Looking blue, she was stirring the cold coffee with her right hand.

Ever since she had caught her husband and his mistress's 'love story' that day, Christina had moved back to her old apartment, hidden in the small apartment, and lived an unexamined life.

Christina rubbed her temple with her right hand. She paid the bill and wanted to go back to the apartment to sleep for a while, but when she scrabbled around in the bag, she frowned.

Suddenly, she remembered the night she had spent in the hotel with that strange man and she had left in a hurry and left behind her clothes and bag, in which there were her driving license and ID card.

"D*mn it!"

"Stop pretending to be miserable! Christina, what kind of trick did you play to make my mother disapprove of our divorce? Can you please let me go? I don't want to do anything with such a shameless woman!"

All of a sudden, the cafe door opened. Cory was staring at her, who was paying the bill at the counter, as if she was an enemy, his cold voice full of mockery.

When Christina heard the voice, a hint of pain flashed across her eyes. She pursed her lips, raised her head, and pretended to be strong. Then she turned around and strode straight past him.

Cory was surprised. Seeing her ignore him like this, he felt angry and reached out to grab her arm.

"Let go of me!" Christina threw his hand away in disgust.

Cory got even more fretful at the sight of her disgust for him, and sneered, "Christina, don't flatter yourself and don't ever think that I'm here to coax you. It's just that my Mom asked you to go to the party held by the Hopkins Family."

"I'm not interested!" Christina didn't feel well right now and was having a splitting headache.

For more than a month, Christina had wanted to get a divorce but was rejected by Laurie, who only told her not to make a fuss, while Cory also listened to his mother and didn't dare to mention the divorce again.

"Don't waste my time! You'd better stay in the corner. You were originally unqualified to go to the party."

Cory warned in a cold voice. Leaving her alone, he turned around and strode away.

In the hall of the Hopkins Family's mansion, the party was held in a splendid and magnificent way. The eight-meter-long European crystal chandelier was shining above.

It felt like a grand blind date, with stunning beauties in full makeup everywhere. They talked, laughed, and toasted, looking very excited.

Christina felt depressed and unwell, so she walked towards a quiet corner.

However, at this moment, a pair of piercing eyes were sticking to her, but she knew nothing of it.

"Patrick, do you know that woman?"

Two charming men were leaning against the railing on the second floor, and one of them asked curiously.

Patrick gazed in Christina's direction with a grim face, not answering.

Christina felt someone was looking at her intensely...

She turned around suddenly, and her face darkened when seeing the person in front of her.

"Why are you here?"

Carrie looked at her and asked discontentedly in a sharp voice.

Christina gritted her teeth and sneered, "Miss Mistree, how dare you come here?"

Carrie held a three-year-old girl in her right hand and stared at her with a sinister gaze.

"Christina, who do you think you are? You will be kicked out of the Hampton Family very soon. If you think you could be Mrs. Hampton forever, then you're daydreaming ..."

With that, Carrie laughed out loud, "Christina, seriously, poor you. Your husband sent you to another man's bed so he could divorce you. How did you feel? Is it good..."

"Shut up!"

When Christina heard her words, she lost control and screamed.

Carrie laughed even more arrogantly, "Cory told me that you were married for three years, but he didn't even want to touch you. Christina, that's really pathetic. Now everyone in the circle know that you're a hen who can't lay eggs..."

"Cory brought me and my daughter to the Hopkins Family's party today. He said he wanted to introduce me and my daughter to the rich and famous businessmen. I advise you to get out of here I felt disgusting seeing you here."

"Well done, Carrie, no, no, I should call you Miss Mistress. After all, I believe that you really love to be a mistress." Christina gritted her teeth angrily and glared at Carrie.

"Listen, as long as Cory and I don't get divorced, you can't marry him. You can only be a shameless mistress and your dear daughter will always be a bastard..."

When Carrie heard this, she immediately wore a grave expression.

She gritted her teeth and said, "Christina, I brought up my daughter all these years abroad all by myself because I wanted to be Mrs. Hampton. If you dare to go against me, you will regret it!"

Just as Carrie's voice fell, she suddenly bent down, raised her hand, and gave her daughter a hard slap.

Suddenly, the girl's face turned red and swollen, and her small body staggered backward and fell down.

The girl bumped into the foot of the table behind her, and a few of the buffet porcelain plates on the table fell to the ground, shattering and splattering.

Blood immediately flowed out from the girl's arms...

The child cried out in pain.

Christina was stunned when she saw this.

'Carrie hit her own daughter?!'

The next second, Carrie shouted, "Don't hit my daughter. Please let us go. The child is innocent. Don't hit her..."

Carrie's high-pitched voice quickly attracted the attention of the people around them.

Carrie held the bleeding girl in her arms and cried with a grievance. "Christina, Cory and I really loved each other years ago. You forced me to go abroad. I know I shouldn't have come back, but my daughter wanted to see her father. I didn't dare to ask you to give Cory back to me. Don't hurt us..."

Christina could not believe that Carrie had abused the child in order to frame her.

"I didn't touch her. She hit her own daughter to frame me.." Everyone around her was curious and Christina explained herself nervously.

But before she could finish her sentence, a figure on the right rushed over.

"Christina, what the f*ck did you do?"

Cory broke through the crowd and gave Christina a hard push.

Before she realized it, she fell straight down. Her brain was blank. She was dizzy. She looked up, her eyes blurry, and saw Cory standing in front of Carrie and protecting her.

"This Christina has been married to Cory for three years and hasn't been pregnant. She can't bear that someone had a child before her, so she actually hit that girl. She is too vicious..." The guests around whispered.

Christina bit her lip tightly and tears welled up in her eyes. She tried to hold back her grievances. She could not cry. She could never cry.

Her arms and palms were pierced with broken porcelain, and her face was pale with pain.

A large blood vessel was punctured by a broken piece of porcelain on her arm, and bright red blood flowed down her fair arm.

The smell of blood drifted away, and soon the clean marble was filled with a pool of dark red. It was shocking and scary.

"Kick her out!"

Cory looked at her without any pity, and there were only hatred and disgust in his eyes and ordered the servants.

Soon a man appeared behind Christina and helped her, "Let me go. Don't touch me..."

But the grip on her did not loosen but tightened.

"You bit me but you ran away..." A deep, clear male voice sounded in her ear.

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