Can't escape

By zero


51.46k words

19 chapters



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Lin are good at everything. They are at the top of the class in appearance, but they are pitifully slow in emotion.
Even if heaven drops the engagement, he also does not have the feeling, only knows oneself must remember the identity, completes the agreement.
On his wedding day, he was still apologizing for his friends' teasing.
"Sorry Mr. Lu, they don't know. I hope you don't mind..."
The object looks down at him and says, "I don't mind."

Lin relieved, only feel the rumor is wrong, the other side is not so unkind.
Until that night, a sleepless night.

The next day, Lin pressed their weak legs and asked in a voice that was hoarse from crying, "Let me confirm once again that we divorced after the end of the agreement, right? The task of last night should only be done once, right?"
Was about to stretch out his hand to help him knead the waist of the man to narrow the narrow eyes, the voice is low, precious little word like gold: "not leave, more than."

Lin: "..."
He looked at the man with dark eyes, and fina



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