"Didn't you want to hug me?"

A few days later, Lin and Crane were informed that their engagement was to be held on a Sunday in November.
To his great relief, Sunday was the day when Lin and He had their least academic load, a particularly friendly date for him.

In addition to the date information sent to him by his stepmother, she said a lot about the story behind the date chosen.

Because this day is not a lucky day chosen by the Lu family. After the Lu Nan set Sunday, the Lu family also quarreled with the Lu Nan, but they were finally blocked by the Lu Nan saying "there is no time" and were forced to make concessions.

The relationship between the Lu family and Lu Nan has not been so bad for a day or two. Otherwise, Lu Nan would not have come to the mainland to develop himself.
But he is still a member of the Lu family, who still maintain control over him.

Heard that the engagement, the Lu family had even set all the procedures, although they will not send people thousands of miles away to the mainland to participate in an engagement ceremony, but all the procedures have been carefully calculated, all can be prosperous ancestral family initiatives.

But the only thing they failed to calculate was that Lu Nan was suddenly promoted.

After the elevation of Lu Nan Taiping chairman, and the forces of Lu Jia confrontation has undergone a subtle change.
His promotion made it even more difficult for the Lu family to interfere with his behavior, which he did not always follow.

afraid of being provoked to the end of the marriage will simply cancel the marriage, Lu had to concede a step.

Wu Xin on the phone to all kinds of simile metaphor, power disputes all explained a, repeatedly warned Lin and Crane line.
Things must be careful, Lu Jia and Lu difficult which side they can not afford to offend.

Lin and he are busy preparing for the mid-term exam, absent-mindedly "huh huh" should be a few, after listening to a total did not remember a few words, just feel that the rich and powerful things are very complicated.

But it's good. People like Lu Dashao, who come from rich and powerful families, must cut relationships very neatly.
Estimated when the end of the agreement on both sides of the divorce, Lin and crane directly carried a bag to leave on the line.

While listening to their stepmother's lecture, Lin and Crane wondered if Lu could cancel the marriage if he was offended, but for now, it's just a good hope.

Lin and he did not dwell too much on such matters. He kept his mind on the mid-term exam.
The midterm is a few days away.

Eleven professional courses, a total of three days to take an examination of the end.

After the examination in three days, the students felt as if their skin had been ripped.
Leaving the examination room, even the cold air was much sweeter.

404 of a few people agreed to gather at the door of the building, together back to the dormitory.
Shen Huixi, the first to come out, stretched his arms, stretched his stiff body, and sighed deeply.

"Alive, though.

One side of the Bo rummaged in his pocket for a tissue, want to wipe the glasses legs.
"This big cold day, just give an examination of a sweat.

Lin and Crane were about to help him find tissues when their backs suddenly sank.

"Who am I, where am I..."
A weak voice from behind the spread, Zhen Ling lying on his shoulder, the whole portrait collapsed the same.

'Am I still alive?

Shen Huixi said to him, "You are already in a box, and you have to send a Courier to your opponent."

Zhen Ling fluttered once: "don't send!
I'll eat the cake myself!

Lin and he handed the paper towel to Zhu Bo and smiled, "Then we can have a dinner for four for three."
Zhen Ling is dragging a long sound to wail: "No --!

They made plans to go out for a big meal after the exam.
Lin and the crane all the way carrying a big oil bottle, four people chatted to the direction of the dormitory.

Shen Huixi asked, "Where are we going to eat tonight?

Several people are not particularly clear goal, Zhu Bo said: "then I search search comment.
They had been too busy to find anything to eat.

Zhen Ling hasn't come back from the exam, is still the pair of half-dead appearance, no image on the Lin and crane.
When the others talk, Zhen Ling's nose tip fluttered, sniffed, could not help but open his mouth: "He he, you smell sweet.

Lin and the crane laugh: "you hungry to want to eat human flesh?"

Zhen Ling retorted, "It's that kind of medicine fragrance.
You bring it with you."
This is true, Lin and he has a genetic asthma, since childhood in the pot of medicine soak up.

Although his asthma was now completely controlled and almost cured, the scent of medicine never went away.
It was subtle and you could smell it when you got close.

But the dormitory mouth cannon used to play, Shen Huixi heard, mercilessly teased him: "medicine fragrance?
The last time you went chasing someone over there, didn't you say that you almost vomited because of the bitter smell of medicine in the pharmacy?

"That's different," Zhen insists. "The medicine on Hehe smells much better."
He could not help but continue to talk with Lin and Crane Paap: "Your physique must be the leading role in the novel, bring your own medicine fragrance, more fashionable.

Lin and crane laugh: "don't think I haven't seen you usually brush those short video novels, your next sentence is not about to say, I this kind of constitution is generally a bitter male two?"

Zhen Ling smiled happily and said: "There is also a male master, you want to see the words I push to..."

He stopped in the middle of his sentence as if he had been grabbed by the throat.
Lin and Crane and he was the closest, the first time aware of Zhen Ling's body suddenly stiff, can not help but ask: "What?

"I don't know..."
Zhen Ling subconsciously recoiled behind him and whispered, "Strange, why do I feel a sudden chill on my back, so cold...

The forest and the crane asked, "Have you caught cold from the wind?"

Zhen Ling did not answer, but raised his hand to a direction, talk began to stutter: "that, who is that person?"
A few people doubt, in succession toward Zhen Ling finger direction saw the past.

I saw the tall acacia tree, is standing under a dark blue long windbreaker tall man.

Is late autumn, thick. Strong Acacia tree will accumulate a year of power wanton catharsis.
Come out, full tree all is gorgeous golden yellow, just like VAT paint wanton splashing, open anacreontic make public.

But beneath the splendor of the tree, the man's figure had not been infected with the slightest warmth, he was like a sword drawn from its sheath, cold light cham.

The body can not hide the sharp gas of the front.

It is the famous wind in the autumn of Yancheng, but also than his cold meaning.

Zhen Ling, who had been lying on the back of Lin and Crane, did not know why she had some fear and unconsciously released her arms.
But Lin and he had no intention to pay attention to Zhen Ling's action at the moment, he was full of surprise -- why did Mr.
Lu come over?

Too shocked to notice the reaction, Lin and He failed to see Shen Huixi's expression.
At the first sight of Lu Nan, Shen Huixi felt a sudden shock in his heart, his face changed slightly, and his eyebrows wrinkled.

Could this be the...

But why did he come here himself?

Before Shen Huixi could ask the question, Lin and He spoke hastily: "It's someone I know. Just a moment. I'll go and say hello."

He ran quickly toward the land under the tree, this time remembering the name.
"Brother, what are you doing here?

Lu Nan's face was still expressionless. He could not tell how long he had been standing there.
He had a cool look at Lin and Crane, who were being pulled to their feet by their roommates.

Disorderly collar, where a dazzling white quietly exposed out.

Lu Nan said, "I happened to have a meeting nearby.

"Hard work."
Lin and Crane asked, "What can I do for you?

Lu Nan finally turned his eyes from each other to white.
Fair neck moves open, he light way: "I remember you finish the exam today.

Lin and the crane nodded: "yes, has been busy over."
"I can do anything I want," he volunteered.

Lin and the crane were actually very glad that Mr. Lu had chosen this time to come.
Although he has been doing very well since childhood and is regarded as "someone else's child" by his parents, now he is still a little nervous before every exam.
Relatively speaking, he will relax a lot after the exam.
Then do what Mr.
Lu arranged, can also perform better.

Lin and he waited for Lu Nan's orders, but did not wait for each other to speak.
The man was silent and his face uncertain.

Did he say something wrong?
Lin and he are confused, heard the man said: "you hard after the exam, I want to see.

Lin and Crane listened to the speechless.
He didn't even notice it at first.
It took him two seconds for an incredible idea to take shape in his mind.
Lu can't mean that...
Have you come here to celebrate him when you know he finished the exam?

How is that possible?

After finishing a big test, you do want to share some fun.
In the past, when Zhen was not single, he would call his girlfriend as soon as he finished the exam, and Zhu Bo would also post updates on Weibo or live streaming platforms.

But no matter what kind of sharing it is, Lin and He have a hard time connecting them to Lu -- he doesn't seem like the right person to share.

What's more, Mr.
Lu is still so busy.

Lin and the crane can not help but speechless, unexpectedly do not know what to say.

Lu Nan saw the other side's accident at a glance.
At twenty-one, Lin and He can hardly be considered a child.

But he is indeed a little boy in Lu Nan's eyes.
The big boy with round eyes slightly opened in surprise shows a slightly childish look in Lu Nan's eyes.
Curiously cute.

Lin and the appearance of the crane was very good, so real facial expression to make his clear handsome eyebrows and eyes more vivid, but also more people can not move their eyes.

Lu Nan enjoyed it calmly for a while, but did not intend to embarrass the other side for too long.
He took a thin bank card from his pocket and handed it to Lin and He.

"I have two more partnerships to discuss tonight.

Here's your card.
Show it before dinner so you can skip the line and have a good dinner with your classmates."

Lin and Crane were even more surprised. He shook his head hurriedly and said, "It doesn't matter. We can eat by ourselves."

Lu Nan said nothing and put the card directly into Lin and Crane's pockets.
And zipped up his pocket.

Lin and Crane could not hold on any longer: "...
Thank you.

After giving him the card, the man did not back away.
The proximity of Lin and the back of the crane's neck strained a little, and as he looked down, he saw Mr.
Lu straighten the pendant on the zipper from his pocket with his fingertips.
Lin and Crane: "...

He had always thought that Lu Dong was the kind of character who could not easily accept others to get close to him, but he had never thought that the other would make such a move so naturally...
Is Lu Dong to have obsessive-compulsive disorder?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder aside, Lin and he can't really find a reason to explain Lu's actions.

While their minds were still spinning, Lin and Crane heard the man's low voice in their ears.
"I can't be there, but I still want to be part of your business.

Lin and crane micro Zheng, a lift eyes, on the land on the difficulty of the line of sight.

The man looked calm, but his eyes were so focused that they reflected only him.
"May I?

Lin and crane throat a little tight, he opened his mouth, finally still could not refuse the words export.
He gave a slight nod.


He found it unexpectedly impossible to resist being said by Mr. Lu, who had always been cold.

After talking about the bank card, the man finally stepped back a little, restoring a normal safe distance between them.
Lin and He secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
He thought that Lu Nan was going to go back to work. He was about to say goodbye to someone, but he found that the other person did not want to leave.

Lin and Crane nodded. "Yes, they are my roommates."

Lu Nan said in a flat voice, "Is that the one who just held you?"

Lin and crane leng for a moment, only to react that this sentence is just lying on his back Zhen Ling.

"Yeah, he's my bed...

In the middle of the sentence, Lin and Crane also react something, feel as if some not very good.
Although his roommates are all male, he and Lu Dong are also of the same sex.
Anyway, it is better to explain clearly.
He said: "Because everyone just finished the exam, are a little excited, the habit of looking for someone to hug...

Lu Nan slowly repeated, "Habit?"

Lin and Crane are not sure what the man means. They touch the tip of their nose and say, "Right."
He considered the way: "is more happy after the exam...

As he spoke, he watched the man's expression carefully, but Mr. Lu was always so exprestionless that he couldn't see anything.
But listen to Mr.
Lu's tone of voice, the man seems not too angry meaning.

Lu Nan just asked, "Are you happy?"

"Very happy," said the forest and the crane.

Lu Nan did not open his mouth again. He only loosened his arms and his hands were naturally drooping.
Lin and the crane looked at each other's silence, and did not have any action, some do not know why.

Lu waited impatiently for a while, but when he still didn't respond, he asked, "Isn't it habit?"

Lin and the crane did not understand: "...

Lu Nan was still very patient and explained bit by bit: "You just said that you were happy after the exam, so you used to find someone to hug you."
He looked at Lin and Crane: "Aren't you happy too?

Lin and Crane: "..."
This time he understood, but he began to wonder deeply if he had not.

In fact, even before meeting Lu Nan, Lin and He had thought about how hard it would be to get along with a man who was cold and taciturn and disdained to speak with him because of his stepmother's introduction.
But he had no idea that what really bothered him in the end was when he was asked.

But things have progressed to such a point, the man retold exactly all his own words just now, Lin and he have no refutation, can only brave their heads to practice their own words, went up to hug each other.
His inexperience, his confusion, and the uncertainty of his feet, made him almost run into it.

He touched an unexpectedly warm embrace. As soon as he got close to it, there was a faint scent of heavy wood in his mouth. It was the familiar scent of Lin and Crane, and it was the most reassuring scent.
Without time to think about the brand of this surprisingly pleasant men's perfume, Lin and He were gently pulled on their back and put a little force on their waist.
It was not hard, but somehow made them feel at ease.
Warm and reliable.

This hug was much better than Lin and the Crane had expected in their panic.

However, as soon as the hug was over, Lin and Crane hurried away from the man's arms, saying in a somewhat hurried tone: "Then I won't delay Lu...
Brother time, work refueling, careful on the road!

By contrast, Lu Nan's movements are much more leisurely, but also handy to help him tidy up the collar.
Warm fingers inadvertently touch the naked.

The exposed skin of the forest and the crane is ticklish, so they reflexively shrink a little, but they rub harder on the man's knuckles.

His body stiffened and his breath caught.
Fortunately, Lu Nan quickly withdrew his finger and said softly, "Go on, you are also careful.

Lin and the crane obediently waved goodbye and waited for the man to leave, only to breathe a sigh of relief.
He turned around to find his roommates, who were still waiting in the same place, looking at him curiously.

Zhen Ling looked at Lu Nan's back and seemed to have some lingering fears. "Who is that, Crane?"

The skin on the side of the crane's neck still tickled a little. Lin and Crane breathed slowly and said, "It's my brother who has come to deliver something."
He was vague and did not attempt to actually explain the identity of the landwreck.

Hearing this, Shen Huixi's face was slightly frozen. He raised his eyes and looked in the direction where Lu Nan had left, but said nothing.

Lin and the crane did not pay attention to his reaction, just want to quickly put the matter off the past.
He coughed softly and said, "He gave me a gift card.
I'll treat you tonight. Have you decided where to eat?"

Zhen Ling and Zhu Bo looked at each other, but neither answered.
"What's the matter?
" asked Lin and Crane.

Zhen Ling hesitated and paused, "He he..."
Lin and Crane: "Huh?

Zhen Ling pointed to his face: "your face is so red."

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