The engagement

Lu Nan said that and left, leaving only Lin and Crane alone in situ.

He stared blankly at the direction in which Lu Nan had left.
With a straight back and a cold shoulder line, he didn't look like the kind of person who would say, "Talk to my brother.
Lin and Crane almost wondered if they had heard wrong.

A blast of wind chilled the tip of one's nose.
Lin and Crane covered their faces and sneezed, shook their frozen fingers, then turned and went upstairs.

It's too cold.

When they returned to the dormitory to take off their coats, Lin and Crane realized that they had forgotten to return the scarves to each other.
He took off his scarf and held it in his hand.
He looked at the soft fabric in his palm, slightly lost in thought.

Lin and Crane thought, Mr. Lu is really dedicated to his work.
To pretend to be a couple is to really drop the figure, not feel superior at all, and all the details are done in the right way.

Is worthy of so young when the chairman of the man, no matter what do very perfect.

Lin and Crane could not help but reflect on themselves. In comparison, his performance was really inferior and he was called as a respectful title several times.
Be sure to correct next time and try not to drag the other side down.

Do not know whether their performance has delayed the other side of the matter...
Lin and crane thinking, will scarf good, casually swept a mobile phone.

Reminders from Wu Xin piled up. After Lin and He ignored their mobile phone in the car because of their dry lips, Wu Xin sent many more messages, asking Lin and He how they were doing tonight.
Lin and Crane back to a "OK", just want to lock the mobile phone, WeChat suddenly jumped out a new friend prompt.

He looked, and caught sight of a most conspicuous appellation.
"--" Brother.

Lin and Crane stiffened their fingers, realizing that this was supposed to be the automatic push of a new friend in the address book.

After sending, just relieved.

He thought about it, but didn't send a friend request.
You have to pretend to be intimate, but isn't that supposed to be in front of outsiders?

Online chatting is not supposed to be the realm of interaction that others can see, and he may have crossed the line by applying it rashly.

Thinking, Lin and Crane could not help rubbing their forehead with their hands.
Though he could not see it on the surface, he felt a little tired on the bottom of his heart.

There are so many things to consider, every word to weigh, every move to weigh right and wrong.
Lin and he was not good at emotional things, this day busy down, he is really a little tired.

Lin and Crane cross. Sitting on a chair, stunned to initiate a dull.
Looking back on this day, really full, early in the morning was called up, ask for leave to go out and wait for him to meet...

Wait, take time off?


Lin and Crane were startled and suddenly revived.
He hasn't made up the class notes he missed from taking a day off!

He hurriedly sent messages to his roommates who hadn't returned, asked them to borrow notes to catch up on the progress he had missed, and returned to his heavy study.

It is difficult for medical students to be independent.

As soon as I got busy, tonight was forgotten.


Despite the sudden arrival of marriage, Lin and Crane's life hasn't changed much recently.

As usual, Wu Xin would send a lot of news about the marriage and the land disaster.
Lin and He are already studying around the clock, but Lu Nan is actually much busier than him.

Lin and Crane get glimpses of each other's work from mere snipples of reports or public documents.

Since that dinner, they have not contacted each other. It is assumed that Lu Nan managed to squeeze out time for their date that night.
The message of adding new friends to WeChat popped up again and was clicked down by Lin and He.
He did not want to disturb Mr. Lu at this time.
He thinks he just plays along when he needs to.

At the moment, the midterm exam is actually the most exhausting thing for Lin and Crane.
Besides, the engagement date has not been set yet, and it may conflict with the exam time, so he has to hurry up to review.

Despite being a senior, the senior year of a five-year clinical program is no different from the previous three years.
Medical students are always busy, especially when it comes to exams.

Examination subjects pile together, time is really very tight.

The revision task is heavy. When they are not in class, Lin and He usually go to the library with their roommates.
At noon, the four of them will go to the canteen to eat together.

They arrived a little early to avoid the lunchtime rush and managed to find a free table.
2 zhu bo side have a meal, side edit good dynamic hair go out.
After handing it out, he placed it on the table and it began to vibrate wildly, even spinning half in place.

Zhen Ling is not strange to this: "dove again?"

Zhu Bo does not speak much and is a little shy. In the eyes of his classmates, he is usually shy and introverted.
However, his game live broadcast is actually very good.
His ID is boiled spinach. The number of fans on a live broadcast website has exceeded 5 million in real life, and the number of regular viewers in daily live broadcast can almost exceed 100,000.
However, every time when the exam was approaching, Zhu Bo would ask for leave from broadcasting.
This time, she also issued a notice in advance, and put up a skylight sign on both the live-streaming website and Weibo.

Dynamic just sent out, on the immediate harvest of fans in a frenzy of disorderly blast general reply.

At the sight of the familiar skylight logo, you will know that big. Bobo double 叒 Yi!
Oh my God, another exam.
Am I chasing a game blogger or a learning blogger?
Focusing on spinach really makes me not want to play games, just want to learn.

【 Every time I take the exam of Yan University, I am also forced to follow the offline study.
This is really the closest moment for me to Yan University.

Hearing Zhen Ling's words, Zhu Bo sighed: "I can't do it. I am so happy when I live. I am busy with hanging myself after failing the test."
Also with his fingers and palm in the neck between a scratch, made a "click" action.

Zhu Bo's family is not poor, and he can support himself without income from live broadcasting. He doesn't have to purposely fuck his image of learning gods, and he doesn't have to worry about failing the exam.
He didn't want to fail just because his GPA would be affected.

The exam is too much trouble, don't want to suffer that.

Zhen Ling turned to ask Lin and He: "Did he ask for leave?"

Before Lin and Crane could speak, Shen Huixi, who was nearby, smiled.
"What leave is he asking?

He's been a missing person for years, so we'll be surprised when he updates his followers.

Lin and Crane also smiled and said, "Well, I don't need to ask for leave for the time being. I just put off the list."
He also has an online part-time job.

Different from Zhu Bo, he should be regarded as a calligraphy blogger.

Lin and Crane, who had inherited asthma, had been sickly since childhood and had been taken to the countryside to recuperate for a long time in the clear mountains.
From then on, he began to learn calligraphy from his grandfather in the countryside and practiced a good hand in calligraphy.

When he was in high school, Lin and he received a business request, and then his business order has not been broken.

When he was in college and had more time, an editor he had worked with suggested that he open an account on social media platforms to expand his influence, so Lin and He set up one.

Because the word is really beautiful, soon attracted a lot of fans.

However, Lin and He don't update frequently enough, so although each update can add a lot of new fans, so far his number of fans is only a few hundred thousand.
Lin and he occasionally shoot videos for live streaming, but he doesn't have a contract with a fixed platform, so he makes most of his money by taking orders.

On weekdays, leisure time to the publishing house, network drama and the like to write the name, things less money, the fate of the draft, since.

The degree of freedom is very high.

After chatting over lunch, the four of them got up to go back to the library.
Just out of the canteen, Lin and crane's mobile phone rang up.

He glanced at the screen and caught the name of the caller.
There was a sudden stop in his step.

Shen Huixi, who was running alongside him, noticed something strange and turned around and asked him, "What's wrong with him?"

Lin and the crane shook their heads: "Nothing."
He waved his hand in a hurry: "you go past first, I will answer a phone.

The three left first. Lin and Crane found a quiet place and pressed the talk button.
The bell.
The sound stopped abruptly, and there was a sudden silence like a broken beat.

The forest and the crane gave a low cry, "Dad."

A gentle male voice came on the other end of the line: "Crane, have you had your meal yet?"

"Yes, have you?"
Lin and he looked down at their fingers and waited patiently for each other to get to the point.

Sure enough, after chatting a few words, LinFu hesitated for a while, he asked: "The matter of the Lu family...
I heard from your aunt Xin.
Have you met?"

Lin and Crane said "Hmm" and said nothing more.

He does not speak, the end of the telephone LinFu also some can not get down.
No amount of make-up can change the sordid nature of this contract marriage.

This is the most difficult to face, but also the most bloody reality.

There was an awkward silence on the line, a silence that almost squeezed the heart in an invisible way.
Finally, Lin and He spoke up first, saying, "Mr.
Lu is very nice."

"Well, well, well."
Lin Fu saw Lin and Crane are still willing to talk, obviously relieved, he asked, "How about you, Crane?

What do you think?

Lin and Crane listened to the obvious tone of some cautious, eyes slowly moved to the side of the flower bed grass growing green bamboo.
He saw nothing but a blur of yellow and miserable green.

"I'm fine with it, too," he whispered.

"Well, well..."
Lin Fu repeated this for several times before he asked, "We are going to get engaged next month, right?

I heard from your Aunt Xin that you were worried that the time of your engagement might clash with the mid-term exam?

Lin and the crane pinched the bridge of the nose: "Hmm."
It was so cold that he felt uncomfortable everywhere.

I wanted to stretch out my hand and rub it, but his fingers were also cold, and finally I couldn't tell which part was more cold.

Lin Fu's voice continues: "This matter it, mainly because they Lu Jia more believe in this, must be a good time and auspicious day, the time arrangement may not be very good coordination.
And big childe of land family just received the position of president, also very busy now.

You know, Crane, it is a matter of no help, and may be at their mercy in the end...

"It's okay, Dad."
Lin and he bowed his head, his slightly long forelocks falling down over his eyes.

"I'll just listen.

"Well, well."
LinFu is very relieved tone, "the fact of the exam is not good, please leave, your result has been so good, the teacher will certainly be accommodating.
He asked anxiously, "Do we need parents and teachers to ask for leave?

How about I contact your teacher then?

"Don't worry.
I can handle it myself."

Lin Fu repeatedly said: "good, good, dad to you rest assured."
"Dad knows," he said happily.
"We have been sensible since we were little cranes."

Lin and Crane did not speak.
This sentence he heard from childhood, has not known is praise or yoke.


"It's okay.
After the surgery, I'm all right.
"Take care of yourself, too," said Lin and Crane.

"Well, well."
And told a few words, Lin Fu just hung up the phone.

Lin and Crane stood there for a while, their exposed ears and fingers turning pale and bloodless.
It had not yet reached its coldest, and there was no white mist in his breath, but it was hard for him now.

After flexing their stiff bodies, Lin and Crane walked to a bamboo tree near a flower bed and reached out to touch it.
The tips of his fingers touched the bamboo skin, and his tentacles were cold and astringent, not quite the same as he remembered them from a long time ago.

Perhaps it was the different species, Lin and Crane thought at random, but they knew very well that what was really different was the carefree and happy time in the mountains.
Gone, never come again.

A gust of cold wind blew. Lin and Crane covered their lips and coughed.
He took a long breath and pushed down the tickle in his throat.
His knuckles were smeared with blood when he put his hand down.
Peal again dry to crack.

He wants to.

It's really cold this winter.


Tapin Building.

A cooperation talks just ended, a handsome and indifferent man quickly walked out of the meeting, toward the special elevator.
The man was tall and long-legged, and he walked so fast that he almost had to trot to keep up with his two assistants.

The journey was already in such a hurry that it was impossible to spare the short distance. The assistants trotted and whispered to the men about the next meeting.
The schedule is so tight that the next meeting, which must be attended by the chairman in person, has already begun.

Fortunately, there was a five-minute cushion at the beginning of the opening speech, which was just in time.

However, it is in such a tense situation, but someone suddenly met, stopped their way forward.
"Lu Dong.

It was Fang Musen, his special assistant, who stopped Lu Nan in front of the elevator.

As a special help, Fang musen knows better than anyone how tight the time is now, but he had to catch up to stop people.
Other people were present, and Fang Musen did not explain why, but he was holding an envelope with a beautiful "crane" written in the corner.

The land difficult face expressionless ground swept one eye, way: "notice preside over, opening extension three minutes."

Fang musen courteous voice should fall.

He was about to take over the schedule in the hands of Lu Nan, but accidentally found that the other side did not want to return the meaning.

The thin paper filled with Lin and He's messages was folded properly, and Lu Nan put the class schedule directly into his breast pocket.

After collecting his schedule, he quickly walked out of the meeting room and left with his waiting assistant.

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