Now the reaction is so big, after marriage how to do?

As soon as Zhen Ling's words were out of her mouth, there was a good silence around her.

Then the forest and the crane found their voices again. "Hi!
Is that so?
He explained dryly, "Maybe I stayed in the examination room for a long time and didn't breathe very well.
I came out a little stuffy and didn't breathe very well. That's why my face got hot."

His words are not logical, also not much convincing, but Zhen Ling heard, still said: "Oh, you breathe a little."
Very considerate did not ask each other why just out of the examination room when nothing, after so long just feel bored.

One side of the Bo said: "just we picked a few places, a look where you want to eat?"
Lin and Crane: "Good.

The topic was dropped, and Lin and Crane quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

Several people discussed, and finally decided to go to the sea to eat hot pot.
Four people go to the mall by subway, subway, Lin and Crane or can not help but recall the matter just.

To be honest, Lin and Crane themselves were a little surprised by the reaction.
Apart from the shame of having made a mistake, he hardly ever blushed.

Lin and Crane thought about it for a while, but they didn't remember when they blushed last time.
Instead, they remembered how many girls would blush when they came to see them.
Just as they did not understand why the girls were blushing, Lin and He did not understand why they were reacting that way.

In fact, he didn't even realize he was blushing if Zhen didn't remind him.

Lin and Crane thought it over and thought that maybe he was not used to meeting people he was not familiar with.

Due to asthma, Lin was forced to develop a quiet temper. He has been unable to run and jump like ordinary children since he was a child, and he has been trying to avoid going to crowded places.
Up until high school, Lin and he still took no physical tests, did no exercises during class, took few gym classes, and rarely had physical contact with others.

Although the situation has changed a little since the surgery and college, only a few roommates have close contact with Lin and Crane.
It's natural to be nervous when you first get close to someone you don't know very well.

Moreover, Mr.
Lu's own aura is also very strong, full of sense of existence, so that people can not easily ignore.

Lin and crane seriously thought a pass, finally can explain clearly to oneself.

But he soon realized something else --
Just a hug can cause a strange reaction, so what should you do after marriage?

The question popped out of his head and sent a chill down the back of Lin and Crane's necks.


He felt a sudden surge of uneasiness and could only try to console himself.
If it's just a contract marriage, it won't...

To that extent?

There can't be cameras in the bedroom. They have to act.

Lin and crane reluctantly persuaded himself, the mind just smooth some, received a phone call.
He glanced at the screen.

It was Wu Xin, the stepmother.

Wu Xin has been lukewarm about her stepson, who bears a striking resemblance to her biological mother.
In the four years that Lin and Crane had been in college, Wu contacted him only a handful of times.

But in the meantime, she has been calling Lin and He frequently.

Messages are not to mention, sometimes dozens of one, the last will habitually ask Lin and Crane to reply "received".

Lin and Crane don't really want to answer her calls.
But the mobile phone has been vibrating, greatly do not get through do not give up posture, Lin and crane finally connected.

"Have you finished your exam?"
Slightly sharp female voice accompanied by the subway running noise into the ear, the eardrum slightly tingling shock.

Lin and the crane took the mobile phone a little far, press the ear, just a little relieved.

On the phone, Wu Xin is still asking.
"Have you contacted Lu Dong yet?
She had been urging Lin to get in touch with Crane and Lu, but Lin and Crane said they didn't have time to take the exam, so when the exam was over, Wu called.

Lin and he said: "just finished the exam."

Wu Xin said, "Please contact Lu Dong and ask him if he is free tonight. You can have dinner together."
She is a professional manager, usually used to give orders, always speak with some command tone.

"You're about to get engaged.
The more contact you have, the better."

Lin and Crane said, "Mr. Lu is busy this evening."

"You don't even know he's busy tonight?"
Wu Xin smiled.
"Why, can you know Lu Dong's schedule?"

Lin and Crane pressed their lips and did not speak.
He did know.
Lu Nan had asked him to tell him in person.
But the forest and the crane know.

If he had said that Mr.
Lu had come to see him, his stepmother would have made more demands on him, so he did not plan to mention it.

Wu Xin took Lin and He's silence as a result of guilt and was too lazy to break with him. She urged him, "Call him quickly and call me back when you're done."

Seeing their stepmother's insistence, Lin and He pursed their lips and said, "Mr. Lu really doesn't have time at night.
He gave me a card to eat by myself and my roommates.

There was an obvious pause on the phone: "...
He gave you a card?

What card?

His bank card?
Wu Xin asks a series of, tone seems very inconceivable.

Lin and Crane, by contrast, had the same quiet, quiet tone, with only a curt "Hmm."
When Lu Nan took out the card, Lin and Crane caught a glimpse of it.
It was indeed a bank card.
Probably a deputy card and so on, Lu Nan did not explain, he did not ask.

Lin and Crane did not ask, but asked eagerly on the phone: "What color is the card?"
Forest and Crane: "Black.

"Is it the centurion's black gold card?
Wu Xin's excitement could almost come through the phone.

"I don't know," said Lin and Crane, who were not affected by the excitement.

Wu Xin ignored his attitude and asked: "Is there a head of a man wearing a helmet on the card?"

Lin and He were not enthusiastic about the fact, but his stepmother insisted, so he took the cards out of his pocket and looked at them.

Wu Xin suddenly smiled, tone are gentle many: "OK, it's all right, go to dinner, and classmates have fun."

Lin and Crane did not know the reason for her sudden change of attitude, nor did they want to study it.
Not long after the phone was hung up, the train arrived.

Lin and the crane and roommates went into the bottom of the sea together, the face is a strong hot pot aroma.
The chaotic thoughts were suppressed for the time being.

In their early twenties, when they were ready to eat, four big boys ordered a table full of food, almost entirely meat, and the mere presence of it made people feel better.
Upon learning that they had just finished their exams, the clerk enthusiastically scrawled four words in red pepper oil in four bowls: "Must pass.

A meal of wind and clouds, even Lin and Crane are taken to eat more, the whole person finally warm over.

Growing up in Shucheng, Lin and He are good at spicy food.
His opposite Zhen Ling is inferior many, while eating while smoking tissue, nose tip is wiped red.

Lin and he distracted and looked at him several times, feeling something was wrong. "What's wrong with you?
I've been wiping my nose.

Zhen Ling said in a thick voice, "It's okay, the seasoning got a little hot.

Lin and he looked at him again, but frowned. "Have you caught a cold?"

Zhen Ling Leng Leng of, have a little reaction slow: "Have no?
I don't feel it myself.

Hearing this, Zhu Bo, who was sitting next to him, touched Zhen Ling's forehead and neck directly, but really felt the unusual high temperature.
Zhu Bo was surprised: "No, you really burned up.

But I was fine just now...
Zhen Ling is still a pair of dull appearance, this next a few people all saw his slow.

Shen Huixi picked up the phone directly. "What are the symptoms other than fever?
I'll send a yellow errand to bring the medicine.

After ordering cold medicine, a large cup of hot water and settling down Zhen Ling, who had no serious reaction, the couple began to eat again.

Zhen Ling was reluctant to give up his hairy belly and insisted on eating it instead of clear soup. As he slowly ate, he wondered, "How did Hehe know I had a cold?"
He always had a fever without blushing, his appearance was not unusual, and his perception of various symptoms was not keen, so he always did not know it after it burned up.

During college, Zhen Ling had three colds and fevers, which were first noticed by Lin and Crane.

Lin and he said, "After the exam today, when you leaned against me, your body was a little heavy and your breath was heavy. It should be because you were weak, but you didn't notice."
At that time, he originally wanted to mention a word with Zhen Ling, but was distracted by Lu Nan and forgot about it.

"You've been wiping your nose again, and I wondered if you had a cold.

Zhen Ling slow half pat just straighten out these logic, and then "wow" 1.
"How careful Crane is.
This is true.
Lin Yuhe is recognized throughout the college as a person suitable for being a doctor. He has good grades, gentle, considerate and careful personality, and can always take good care of people.

Lin and the crane listened to this, but they were both angry and funny: "Is this the point?
Drink plenty of hot water, and take your medicine as soon as it comes.
He poured a bowl of hot water for Zhen Ling and asked him to rinse some oil before eating.

"The next time you feel dizzy and heavy, pay attention in advance.
Every time you have this symptom, you will have a fever."

Zhen Ling nodded obediently and cooperated very much: "Hmmm, thank Doctor Lin."

Cold medicine was soon sent over, and after Zhen Ling had taken the medicine, the meal was almost finished.
Lin and Crane get up and pay the bill.
Instead of taking out their cards, they pay by themselves.
Lin and crane business manuscript income, a meal of hot pot money for him is not difficult.

On the way to the bar, Lin and He felt vaguely that someone was watching him, but he looked around and saw nothing unusual.
At the checkout, that feeling of being watched returned.

Lin and Crane frowned, showing nothing.

After paying the bill, he left with the slip and walked a few steps before quietly returning down the other aisle.

Lin and Crane stop at the corner, head towards the direction of the bar, as he expected, there was someone in front of the bar.
It was a strange man with his back to him.
He was wearing a baseball cap, fully covered, and his voice was low when he spoke to the bartender.

But it happened that there was no noise in the background, so Lin and He heard him clearly.
It was a strange male voice, and Lin and He were sure they didn't know him.

He asked, "Can I have the bill for table 73 typed out?

Lin and Crane frown.
73 is their table number.

Afraid of being detected by the other party, Lin and Crane did not stay long and left after confirming that the stranger did nothing else.
He didn't know why he was doing it, but he felt like he was being targeted.

But what is the intention of the other party to track their own printing bills?

While Lin and Crane were thinking about this, a man came up to them and asked him with a warm smile, "Hello, Sir, could you please help me fill in a questionnaire?
We can give away a pass to skip the line.

Isn't it hard to get the ticket to skip the queue?
Lin and crane some surprise, before the Zhen Ling has been Shouting to want to, the result toss about for a long time did not get.

After checking the employee's uniform to make sure he was a regular employee, he nodded his head.



Tapin Building.

It was ten o 'clock at night, and the towering edifice was still ablaze with lights.
Since the appointment of the new chairman, the Taiping Group has been busy with many matters to be dealt with.

In the upper conference room, a case is still being discussed.
This time should not be arranged for cooperation and negotiation, although taiping staff have been accustomed to working overtime recently, but we still have to consider the working hours of the partner company.

But this time it was an accident.

Originally, this large-scale cooperation was scheduled to be discussed in the afternoon of every Wednesday.
This week, the chairman of Taiping Lu Nan was out temporarily, so we planned to suspend it once. However, the partner said that they were willing to wait, so it was left to open in the evening.

Although the time is a little late, but the cooperation case discussion is very smooth, the progress is quite gratifying.
The boss of the partner is a big man in the northeast, his behavior is very forthright, after the discussion, he waved a big hand and asked everyone to have supper.

"Go to!

I please!

The invited object also includes the land difficult, to be exact, the partner boss wants to invite the key is actually the land difficult.
It was not without his doubts about the young new chairman.

However, with the deepening of the cooperation, his attitude changed completely.
He was not only optimistic about the prospect of the cooperation, but also wanted to have further contact with the Land Disaster Project.

Taiping can also feel the enthusiasm of the boss, so although the company will provide overtime catering, we are still happy to follow the boss to have supper together.

But the disaster did not go with it.
He still has a job.

Old total express very understanding: "business important, business important, you first busy."
He checked the time on his Porsche phone.
It was nearly 11 o 'clock, very late.
The boss couldn't help sighing: "Lu Dong is really young and promising.

A large group of people went to have supper with great vigour. Their departure also took away a lot of laughing voices. The building in the middle of the night seemed more and more quiet.

Lu Nan returned to the top floor office and continued to deal with the remaining papers.
The space on the top floor is vast, with a huge ring of French Windows reflecting the bustling scene outside.

The bright lights of the tall buildings all around us are within reach, but here it feels closer to the dark night.

Since the building was built five years ago, the top floor has housed the chairman's own office.
But the former chairman, Liu Gaoyi, had been based out of the old building and had rarely visited the new building, leaving his top floor office vacant until it was finally put to use.

Only after this man came, did not add much to the popularity here.
The furnishings appliance that presses oneself be fond of and suits the size that make to order is black and white gray trichromatic more, regularized ground is placed indoors, let this office also appear cold.

Everyone who comes here to report business is afraid to speak out.

Even though the temperature here is kept at the optimum 26 degrees, it can't dispel the indescribable cold.

"Duke duk."

Communicator came the analog knock on the cue sound, after the permission was passed, the special help Fang musen came in, standing at the solid wood desk, to report to Lu Nan tonight's work.

The end of the report, Fang musen paused, but did not leave, as if there are words to say.

Lu Nan continued to flip through the documents without looking up: "What's wrong?"
Fang Mu Sen way: "it is Lin little of matter.

Lu Nan is concise and comprehensive: "Say."

Fang Mu Sen way: "Lin little tonight with give up friend to eat submarine kan, 15 minutes ago already returned to the dormitory."

Lu struggled to turn over the documents.

Why didn't he get the consumption prompt from his bank card?

Before he can ask, Fang musen has given an explanation: "Lin Shao did not use your card."

Lu Nan looked up at him.

Fang musen followed Lu Nan for so long, naturally understand each other this kind of silent inquiry.
"Our staff asked Lin to fill in an online questionnaire in the form of a consumer survey and asked him the reason why he didn't use a bank card," he said.

"Why?" asked Lu Nan.

Fang musen gave an indescribably strange look and coughed.

Because your card doesn't have a student discount.

Lu: "..."

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