A date with no interruptions

On the high floor of the main building of Hexie Hospital in Yancheng, more than ten top scholars in the field are having expert consultation. The person sitting in the chair is obviously an academician of the National Academy of Sciences, the top leader and the full-time president of Hexie Hospital.

Dozens of meters away in the intensive care unit, the complex equipment does not fall to the ground every second for fine real-time monitoring, wearing white uniforms of the medical staff bustle in and out, but not much noise.
The air was almost still, and only the beep of operating instruments could be heard.

Like a warning, like a countdown.

Outside the intensive care unit, the exclusive care area was filled with elite people in suits and ties, and a few executives who would not normally put their names together stood together in a rare calm and quiet atmosphere.

A nurse came from the ward.
In a hurry to come out, several senior executives saw, came forward, contending to ask: "Liu Dong's situation?
I don't know.
I thought they were the real family of the patient.

"The patient is stable for the time being," the nurse said.

Executives, unable to get good information, refused to give up: "Can we see him now?"
The nurse shook her head.
"Sorry, visiting hours are in the afternoon."

Several people looked slightly uneasy, but this was not an office, and the nurse was not a subordinate who hurriedly apologized at the sight of their frowns.
Reluctant as they were, the executives eventually let the nurse go and waited.

These people, who boast that a second is worth thousands of dollars, are now reluctant to go away, even if dry waiting to waste time, but also to stay at the door of the ward.
After all, in the sick room lies Liu Gaoyi, chairman of Taiping Group.

He still holds the largest stake in Tippin.

Mr Liu has no children and his relatives have never been involved in the conglomerate.
He has been very secretive about his successor, even after the sudden cerebral thrombus hospitalization, also still did not carry out the relevant operation of the equity.

Seeing Liu Gaoyi's health is not as good as day by day, stakeholders are worried.
However, until the last moment, no one knows who will end up in the arms of this magnificent gift.

They could only wait in agony, smiling and good-humouredly on the surface.

Usual discord, and those who quarrel with the old rivals with a broken head greeting each other.

Beneath the surface of the warm atmosphere, the undercurrent was colder and more pungent than the smell of the disinfectant.

In the afternoon, Mrs. Liu, who had been sitting in silence on the bench by the wall, suddenly got up and went downstairs.
All eyes followed her silently, wondering what she wanted to do.

Although the ICU only has fifteen minute visits twice a day, the family must be outside the door even during non-visiting hours because of the possibility of emergency at any time.
Liu Gaoyi has no descendants, has been in the hospital care of the family is his sister and his wife.

Sister was an honest, wooden country woman who knew nothing about Taiping.

Executives looking for information can only turn to Mrs Liu.

But Mrs Liu was born in a scholarly family, high and noble, executives in all kinds of contacts were rejected outside the door, and finally returned without success.
The only thing they were glad about was that Mrs.
Liu kept quiet about all inquiries, and no one took advantage of them.

But this delicate psychological balance, but when Mrs Liu returned by a heavy punch to smash --
No one could have imagined that Mrs.
Liu had gone downstairs to fetch someone up herself.

As soon as the cold-faced man appeared, the faces of all the executives in the room changed.
Why did the disaster come?

These two days he acted as CEO, in Taiping did not little action, it is difficult to now also want to be in the stock of the matter is also a foot?
But in terms of age and seniority, there was no way he could have taken his turn...

Several people are full of questions, but they are trying to find out, visiting time has arrived.

Executives watched helplessly as Ms. Liu took Lu to the intensive care unit.
They have been waiting so long for the visitation qualification, so the land robbed.

The Intensive Care Unit is quiet and well furnished, and would be even cosy if it were not for its cumbersome equipment.
On the blue hospital bed, an old man with grey hair was resting with closed eyes.

The furrow between his eyebrows was deep, and the mask of his breathing did not conceal his impervious temperament.

Mrs. Liu stepped forward and gave a low call.
The old man slowly opened his eyes, look calm, until he saw the bed of Lu Nan, did not show a little emotion.

As soon as the words were spoken, he began to cough uncontrollably, and his breath was hard and halting.

"Well, here you are at last...

Heavy, shapeless breathing came from the respirator, and the voice changed tone, mixed with coughing, and grew more inarticulate.
But the old man also want to talk: "Equity transfer, I have been prepared, you go to the lawyer, direct signature...

He coughed so much that he could hardly breathe a word.
Lu Nan whispered, "Take a rest.

The old man insisted, even with difficulty lifting his hand and pushing the respirator off his face so that his voice could be heard more clearly.

You can take Typing.

This is what Brother Lu left you...

Mention Lu Hongji, Liu Gaoyi's eyes red, canthus layers of grain gradually by tears wet.
"In those days, I could not read many words.
Even my name was given to me by him...
Gowy, Gowy, I can't break my brother...

His arm trembles slightly, and his folded hand tightly grasps Lu Nan's hand, as if the traveler is entrusted with his last minute miss.
"Do you know, little falcon...

You, like your father, are made for this, and Uncle Liu believes you...

The old man was not breathing, said so long words, it is more difficult.
But even so, his tone is more assured than diminished.

"Tipin is yours...

It can only be yours.

He coughed violently at the last word.
Liu took the respirator, which had been cast aside, and carefully followed it for him.

Lu Nan was usually quiet, but now he only said, "Don't worry, Uncle Liu."

"Well, well."
Liu Gaoyi repeated, "I rest assured...

By the time the medical staff came in to reattach the respirator to the patient, the first 15-minute visit was over.
Liu and Lu Nan went out, outside the door I do not know how many circles of executives quickly forward, they are trying to grab the second visit quota, but suddenly was a group of do not know when the black suit stopped down.

Before the executives knew it, they had been forcibly removed from the escort area.
The corridor was cleared in a flash, and before long, plainclothes men opened the way, escorted by a smiling, good-natured elderly man.

Bearer comes forward to shake hands with liu madam, liu madam slightly bow body: "bother the leadership to worry about.

The elder smiled and said, "It's only right that Mr. Liu has made such a great contribution to our economy.

After the conversation, Lu Nan did not listen again.
He left from the escort area, downstairs, waiting for a long time to help Fang Musen immediately came up.

"Lawyer He is waiting for you in his office on the top floor of Taiping Building. The assignment agreement can be signed now."
"Notice of the chairman's resignation has been issued...
Fang musen whispered item one by one report, quickly followed the land difficult to walk toward the parking lot.

After the report was finished, Fang Musen paused for a moment and then opened his mouth again: "Do you need..."

The words did not finish, Lu Nan has given the answer: "no."
His voice was deep and calm, like an ancient well without waves.

"Follow the process.

According to the procedure, the new chairman's appointment will be formally announced when the board of directors concludes next Monday, and it will be made public both inside and outside the group.
That's enough.

Land disasters do not require advance fanfare.

Though only 30 years old, Lu Nan's journey to the chairmanship of Taiping Group has been unmistakable, every step of the way being justified.
Lu Nan originally owned eight percent of Taiping Group shares, plus Liu Gaoyi under the name of the three foundations.

With a combined 36 percent stake in the investment company and a total stake of nearly half, Kim will become the controlling shareholder of the taiping group, with the largest real share.

Liu Gaoyi is right.
-- Typing, it can only be a land disaster.

The square musen bow head, respectfully say is.

They left the hospital. It was grey and cold outside.
The autumn day is bleak, the cool wind is blowing, the wind is blowing.

The weather was about to change.


News of the change at the top of Taiping Group spread quickly, and Wu Xin's face changed as soon as the news of Lu Nan's promotion to chairman came.

In the latest ranking of the world's top 500 companies, taiping group has already ranked in the top 100, and its development over the years is actually better than staying in xiangjiang.
The Lu family is more powerful.

Although Taiping was founded and strengthened by Lu Nan's father Lu Hongji, Lu's father left early.
Over the years, Liu Gaoyi has been in charge of Taiping and has been in charge of real power.

Thirteen years ago, Lu's only son, Lu Nan, came of age and took the shares left by his father.
Later, although he entered the Taiping Group, but the position is not high or low, is very embarrassing.

In addition to the Lu difficult has not been welcomed by the Lu family, his situation is actually quite embarrassing.

There have even been rumors that the former crown prince is Liu Gaoyi's bosom trouble, Liu "wanted to get rid of him quickly.

But no one imagined that Liu Gaoyi would finally leave all his shares to Lu Nan exactly!

Looking back at Lu Nan's low-key but wide-ranging tenure in the Group these years, it is not the belligerence speculated in all kinds of rumors, but it is clearly a closely linked field exercise.
It seems that Liu Gaoyi had planned it from the very beginning and was paving the way for the disaster.

The news spread, the upper and lower uproar.
But no matter how shocked inside and outside the group, Lu Nan's shares have been firmly held.

He also leapt from the least appreciated of the Lu family's descendants to become chairman of a giant conglomerate.

The identity of the object of marriage rises overnight, the first reaction after Wu Xin is informed is not happy however, regret however.

That's the Taiping Group!
Just one day to pay taxes, is the Wu family's total assets dozens of times.

Even if it is a home, and it is completely not a magnitude.

Wu Xin could not help wringing her hands.
Had I known...

If she had known this, she should have married her own daughter instead of pushing Lin and Crane into a marriage.

Can now land difficult people have valued the data of Lin and the crane, the marriage has been decided, Wu Xin wants to change candidates again also did not have the opportunity.
She can only take her daughter and Lu Nan age gap is too big, and rumors of Lu Nan very bad things to comfort themselves.

Looking again at Lin and Crane sitting quietly opposite her, Wu Xin grudgingly accepted her tone.
After all, the stepson was always easy to handle.
If he was pushed into marriage, the benefits the Wu family could get would not be too much worse.

Here Wu Xin's mind is already a hundred turn a thousand times, the Lin and Crane outside one step did not get what interference however.
These two days in the whole Yancheng, and even the country's financial industry have set off towering waves of change, in fact, he has no impact.

He was bent on the slab in front of him.

Lin and Crane have full classes on Tuesday, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
When he received a message from Ms.
Wu, he thought he would just go out for dinner.
When Wu Xin got the news of Lu Nan's promotion, she called him out early in the morning and said she had to wait for Lu.

Lu did not hear from him until the afternoon, causing Lin and He to miss a whole day of school.

Medical students have a lot of work to do, and it's hard to catch up when you're behind schedule.
Waiting is also waiting, Lin and He took advantage of this time to read books.

While Wu Xin was busy searching for information from various sources, he had already finished brushing three sets of questions.

When Wu Xin calmed down and called him, Lin and Crane put the tablet away.

"It looks like Mr. Lu will make an appointment for you around dinner-time."
Wu Xin warned him, "I have told you everything I need to say.
You must pay attention to your performance."

Wu Xin made a very detailed introduction about marriage.

The relationship between Lu Nan and the Lu family has been not good. This time, Lu Nan's marriage is also because the second master of the Lu family plans to get married, and can not violate the family rules of the elder brother getting married first, so the Lu family will urge Lu Nan to get married first.
Lu Nan's temper is in the Xiangjiang famous hard and cold, even subordinates and his work are trembling, there is no close to the bedside.

His parents have passed away, Lu those elders will do the Lord, for him to calculate the character blind date.

Ms. Wu said that because the matchmaking candidates' families were too closely related to their elders, Lu Nan did not want to meet them, so he found a suitable partner among his mainland partners and planned to contract a marriage.

So she warned Lin and Crane a long time ago, and now she is repeating it again.
'Though this marriage is an agreement, you mustn't let anyone see the difference.

You have to be very close to Mr.
Lu, like a real couple."

Lin and the Crane did nothing but say, "Good."

Wu repeated many trivial requests until both Lin and Crane agreed to them.
She looked at her watch many times as she spoke.

But there was no news from the people on the other side.

To be honest, after waiting so long, Wu Xin was not sure whether the land disaster would come again.
She even thought Lu would not show up until he got married.

And Tiping Group just announced the change of top management after the board meeting yesterday.
It must be very busy now.

Their wait was not lost, however, and in the evening a dark grey Bentley drove up to the door.
It was not Lu Nan himself who came, but Fang Musen, his special assistant.

Wu Xin quickly stood up to meet him. Fang Musen came over and nodded to them.
"Lin Shao, Ms.

His attitude is very polite, but also with a faint pity.

In front of Lin and Crane has been on high horse Wu Xin did not have any problem with this, after all, they and the gap between the Lu family is too huge.
Moreover, Lu Nan has now become the chairman of Taiping.

Fang musen did not delay any longer: "Mr. Lu's requirements must have been clear to both of you, so I will not repeat them.
Lin Shao, please come with me.

When Lin and Crane got up, Wu Xin followed them, smiling and saying, "He is young and doesn't know much about something. Otherwise, I will go with him this time."
She has made up her mind to meet Lu Nan.

Now, even a bit of random information about a disaster can do untold good.

Fang musen heard, but stopped.
He looked at Wu Xin with obvious incredulity.

"Two gentlemen are dating.
What does Ms. Wu want to do?"

Wu Xin was a little embarrassed by his question and said dryly with a smile, "After all, it's the first time we've met..."

Fang musen's look was cold to come down: "wu lady careful words."

"You should know that Lin Shao is Mr. Lu's marriage object."
"I hope there won't be a repeat of that nonsense," he warned.

Xu is in the side of Lu Nan to follow for a long time, Fang Musen sink face, also faintly accumulate a kind of chilling that makes people tremble.

Wu Xin words blocked, she remembered that he had just warned Lin and Crane repeatedly must pretend intimacy can not be revealed, the result is his mistake, not speechless.
At last she could only reply, "Yes, yes, I see.

Fang musen saw an eye wrist watch, way: "not early, Mr. Lu precious time, I want to send Lin little in the past, Ms. Wu or please back."
Wu Xin was at her wit's end and had to leave.

Fang musen took Lin and the crane on the car, walked to the car, he first step forward, for Lin and the crane pulled open the door, raised his hand pad on the roof.
"Lin Shao, please.

Lin and Crane are surprised. "Thank you."
Fang musen's attitude than just face wu xin when much gentler, he respectfully replied: "duty.

Lin and Crane get on the bus. Fang Musen goes to the first officer and says, "Mr. Lu is waiting for you in the circular dining room of the Guojinding Building. He had a meeting that ended two minutes ago and couldn't leave.

Lin and Crane did not understand why the other person explained this to him, but he nodded and said, "OK."

Half an hour later, the bus arrived at the State Building.
Two people walked into the hall, the waiter pressed the elevator for them, but Fang Musen did not go in.

Lin and crane accident: "you don't go up?

Fang musen slightly a bow, answer a way: "this is the appointment of two gentlemen, have no other people disturb."

Lin and the crane reacted with hindsight.
Is this a real date?

When the elevator went up nearly 100 floors and reached the top floor, the waiter just led Lin and He to the door and stopped.

At the thought of having to face the strange Mr. Lu alone, Lin and He finally felt a little nervous.
He felt like he was going to an extremely important interview or defense.

Because the atmosphere is so similar, Lin and He even recall their own experience in the defense of the national award.
But even then he was much more secure than he is now.

The sensor door opened slowly. Lin and the crane took a deep breath and went inside.

The attic dining room had been emptied, with no orders and no waiters.
There was only one person in the bright, spacious ring hall.

As Lin and the crane approached, the man's eyes were cast over him.

Lin and Crane were always afraid of the cold. It was cold in the late autumn, and now the temperature was enough for him.
He felt a little colder as he was caught in the blank, cold gaze of the man.

It was like invisible frost, freezing his body bit by bit.

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