A kiss

Not just the cold deterrent of men, right now.
In this kind of high-grade environment, also let Lin and Crane some at a loss.

He had heard of it before, the Golden Circle, a large restaurant with only six locations, each with its own separate area.
The furnishings and cuisines of the six districts vary greatly, but the only thing they have in common is the delicious ingredients, the excellent taste, and, accordingly, the incredible prices.

Even so, it's booked year-round, and while it's not a private restaurant, the location is more difficult to book.

Shen Huixi, who has the best family in the dormitory, once mentioned that his family had to wait in line for a whole month to have dinner here.

Lin and he remembered his stepmother said that Mr. Lu had just arrived in Yancheng these two days and did not know when the restaurant was booked.

And after he actually walked into the restaurant, he found that it was not divided into six areas as Shenhuixi had said, but all of them were opened up. They were the only table on the whole floor.
Dining-room interior had been decorated specially, not be the kind of arrogant and luxurious beauty that does not have temperature, quite refined instead.

The decoration is very simple, and there is even a small indoor waterfall.

The spacious space is strewn with lush green bamboos, gently gently warm wind blowing, green bamboo leaves slightly shaking, sent bursts of bamboo fragrance.

Lin and He grew up in a bamboo forest, and at a glance he recognized that they were real bamboos.
This familiar bamboo scene, however, inadvertently a little to soothe his nervous tension.

But this comfort as Lin and Crane closer and closer to the table, eventually also lost its effect.
The coldness of being stared at by the men regained the upper hand.

In fact, Lu Nan's appearance is quite handsome, no matter where is extremely dazzling existence.
This appearance regardless of the wealthy or to the financial circle, in fact, are not what bonus, easy to ignore the strength of the people, also too easy to provoke trouble.

But he is really too cold, a look can let a person all over the body cold, so long a face that make a person heartening, but rarely gossip spread.

When Lin and Crane first saw him, they felt the same way.
It's too cold.

It was the first time he had ever felt the almost palpable cold and frost in a human being.

Lu Nan is also famous for his temper. He is known to be cold and hard, so he is not only cold, but looks fierce.
Walking close, Lin and Crane can see clearly, the pace can not help slow a pat.

The more he thought about it, the more absurd it seemed to him.

Feigning intimacy with a gentleman like this...

How do you put this on?

Rao is always cool Lin and Crane also can't help but feel a little tricky.
But there was no way out.
He walked slowly to the table and nodded.

Lin and Crane prepared for each other's disdain to reply, but unexpectedly heard a low voice.
"Sit down.

The man's voice is very low, with a little metallic texture, cold, but also unexpected magnetism.

Lin and Crane sat down and looked up into a pair of dark, bottomless eyes.
Land difficult hair color pupil color is pure black, do not mix a little color, like black fog like heavy ground pressure down, let a person not hold his breath.

Lin and Crane stiffened slightly, and he realized that the man had been watching him since he came to the present.
It's the kind of eye line that is very good, very focused.

The forest and the crane were puzzled.
Does he look strange?

Just when he couldn't help doubting himself, Lu Yan finally opened his mouth.
The man voice line deep magnetism: "address want to change.

Lin and Crane Leng Leng, then suddenly.

Yeah, they're going to pretend to be a couple, so Mr.
Lu is a bit strange.

Realizing they had made a mistake, Lin and He were not sure how to correct their name. All they could do was ask, "What do you think?"

Lu Nan looked at him, eyes still dark, let a person have nowhere to hide.
He tapped his fingertips on the solid wood tabletop.
The sound was not loud, but it tingled the ears.
"Not 'you,' at least.

The forest and the stork were a little embarrassed.
He made two mistakes in front of people just after the interview began.

Lu didn't embarrass him for long. "Call me your name, whatever you want."

Lin and Crane were still not sure.
It was too disrespectful for him to call out his name.

If it's called "Difficult Brother"...

It sounds like sociopathic again.

And even though there is a ten-year age difference between them, Lin and Crane still feel unable to call Uncle, feeling old for nothing.

He hesitated for a moment.
"Brother?" he said tentatively.

Lu Nan's look did not change, Adam's apple slightly rolled, narrowed his eyes.
Lin and Crane somehow feel that his look at his own some meaningful.

Lu Nan did not agree or disagree with this appellation, but asked, "Do you often call people that?"

Lin and the crane found that the man's words are actually a little more than they expected, and there is no exaggeration like hearsay in the cold heartless.
He shook his head, honest way: "no, generally will call senior or senior brother.
Lu Nan said nothing, wondering whether he was satisfied with this answer or not.

Lin and the crane hesitated for a moment and asked, "Then you...
Do you think that's OK?
Lu Nan finally nodded his head: "OK.

Lin and Crane breathed a sigh of relief, vaguely feeling that they had made their first attempt at acting.
Try harder, and maybe he'll see the offer beckon.

Lin and the crane took the initiative: "You can call me and the crane, or the little crane."
He thought, called Xiao Lin also line, this he listened to the most at ease.

Lu Nan did not answer.
Lin and the crane did not feel strange, after all, the man is known to be quiet, he only when the other party heard.

However, Lu Nan was silent for a while and said, "Isn't it Ning Ning?"

Lin and Crane's heart gave a great jump.
"Ningning" is his nickname given by his mother.

Not Wu Xin, but his life, who has been dead for nearly a decade.

The mother.

He was so surprised that he blurted out, "How does Mr. Lu know this name?"
It was not until Lu Nan saw one eye, just want to change his mouth.

"Elder brother...

How does my brother know?

There was time for a change. After asking the question, Lin and Crane also came to their senses.
The stepmother must have given all her information.

"Was it mentioned in the material?

So can Ningning.

Lu Nan said nothing more.
After discussing his name, he rang the bell and called the waiter up.

The circular restaurant has no menu, the dishes are ordered on location, because the expensive ingredients have to be prepared in advance, so the food is served directly without ordering.
Lin and he breathed a sigh of relief when the waiter brought them their meal.

Luckily, it's Chinese food.

Lin and he are not used to eating western food, especially in winter, when the weather is cold and their stomach is weak, the pressure of eating western food is greater.
The dinner was light but delicious, and what surprised Lin and He most was that the food he ate was native to his hometown.

The Sichuan dishes are delicious but not usually served at a formal dinner. As Lin and He prepare for greasy fish roe, foie gras or clear soup, they are presented with the most familiar delicacies that light up their beautiful eyes.

Dinner started, food language, two people relative speechless.
But since Lin's father remarried, Lin and Crane have become accustomed to staying silent during meals at home and don't find it too stressful.

Lin and crane lowered their eyes to eat, quiet and elegant movements.
Good-looking people are also pleasing to the eye when they eat.
They can't move their eyes when they are being looked at.
His skin is very white, like a fine nephrite, always want to touch.

Lin and Crane have some symptoms of pigment deficiency.
Under the warm light, their colors become lighter and lighter, and even their forelocks and eyelashes turn golden.
Only lip color is lined more red, more appear that wipe red surprisingly colourful.

Occasionally when drinking water, thin lips with a little bit of light, look very soft.

Lu Nan looked at him for a long time, until the other side put down the table. Then the man looked away and glanced at the food on the table.
"You don't like sweet food now?
" he asked.
Most of the dessert was left on the table, barely touched.

Lin and he did not expect that men would pay attention to what they ate. He shook his head and said, "It's not that they don't like it, but they stutter less."

Lu Nan said nothing.
But it seemed to Lin and Crane that he had something to say.

Especially that question, the more Lin and Crane thought about it, the more they felt strange...

Why the "now"?

Did Mr.
Lu know he had a sweet tooth?

But the man didn't say anything after all. He just asked, "What time is it?"

Lin and Crane: "Eleven o 'clock."
I spent a lot of time waiting for Mr.
Lu before. Now it is already nine o 'clock. It will be nearly an hour before I get back to school from the International Gold University.
Calculate, actually also do not have any time left.

Lu Nan continued, "When are you free this week?"

In fact, Lin and He had no time for the whole week. The medical students had a lot of classes, and they were already nervous when the midterm was approaching. He had to attend the double degree courses on weekends, so he was not free any day.
But he couldn't say that in the face of a disaster, and men were much busier than he was.

"I can do either," he said flatly.

Lu Nan said, "Well," and said, "Do you know about the engagement next month?"
Lin and Crane nodded: "I know.

Lu Nan asked, "Do you have any requirements?"

This kind of agreement marriage, Lin and Crane naturally do not have the sense to put forward what style and form of requirements, just feel full power to each other is good.
The only thing he had to think about was whether or not to share his concerns about the time of the midterm exam, but remembering their stepmother's reaction, Lin and Crane finally chose not to.

He shook his head.
"No, I'll just listen."

Lu Nan looked at him with a look that Lin and He did not quite understand.

The brief questions and answers ended and the two men got up to leave.
When the man stood up straight, Lin and Crane realized that the other was so tall.

Lin Yuhe is 1.
78 meters tall, and although he has always chagrinned at the gap of two centimeters, he is not short at all.
But when he and Lu Nan stood together, they were half a head shorter than each other.

Even by conservative estimates, men must be about 1.
9 meters.

Lin and Crane were vaguely envious. He did not realize that there was an obvious difference not only in height but also in shape between them.
Looking at the smooth muscle lines of the man's suit, Lin and He, who had been eating hard but not growing fat, envied him more.

Afraid of being perceived by the other side, Lin and Crane did not dare to see more, controlling their own to move away from the line of sight.
They walked together across a delicate stone bridge over the ripples.

Upon streams.

Lin and Crane's eyes fell on the interior decoration full of ancient charm, could not help sighing.

"It's beautiful here.

If it were not for the bright and gorgeous night scene outside the French window of the ring 360 degrees, standing here, people can almost be mistaken for being in a real world garden.
Lin and he loved the decorations, especially the bamboo scenes.

He has a natural affinity for bamboo.

Lin and the crane opened their mouths to say this sentence, but they did not expect the man to answer.
But to his surprise, he heard the sound of a landwreck.

"I'm glad you like it.

Lin and Crane froze for a moment.
This does not sound very much like Mr Lu.

He was surprised when a waiter at the door came forward and respectfully showed them the way.
Forest and crane suddenly.

Oh, right, in front of outsiders.

The play must be well done.

He thought for a moment and replied.
"I like it very much, thank you brother.

When the word "elder brother" sounded, the man walking beside Lin and Crane suddenly made a movement that darkened the light in his dark eyes.
His voice was slightly hoarse.
"What did you say?" he asked in a low voice.

Just then, when they came up the stairs, the voice of the cue mingled with the voices. Thinking that the other had not heard them clearly, the two men repeated their words carefully.
"Thank you, brother.

The pupil of Lu is difficult to constrict.
He looked at the forest and the crane at his side.

As he looked sideways at the movement of the elevator, the young man showed his white hair to him unsuspecting.

A fair neck.

The smooth lines ran all the way into the neat collar, and the rest of it was invisible, just a strip of red.

Naked delicate neck skin bright exposed, white eye-catching.

The piece of white, visible and invisible, together with the brother who had just fallen, made Lu Nan, who had been cold and unmoved, stay on Lin and He for a long time.

Can not let go.
Move away.

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