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Talk about getting married

As the weather turns cool, Yan Yuan gradually settles down from its rich greenness.
Autumn wind, the Ginkgo trees gently sway with the wind, rippling open a piece of golden bright waves, for the entire campus daub a thick motley oil painting sense.

The medical school is located in the northeast side of the school. The bell rings during the break, and the atmosphere in the quiet and serious classroom becomes loose. The students talk in twos and twos, and the topic is almost inseparable from the upcoming mid-term exam.
Someone raised his voice and asked the professor sitting beside the platform: "Teacher, what is the key area of this midterm exam?

The teacher carrying the thermos cup slowly sipped hot tea and smiled kindly: "remove the preface, all is the key point."
The classroom immediately wailed.

Four people in 404 dormitory sitting in the same row, it is hard to resist the idea of ridicule.
"As long as you choose a good major, the end of each year is like the gaokao.

And it's not even final!
Dormitory eldest brother Zhen Ling heaves a sigh.

Although he is the oldest of the four, he has a baby face.

He thumbed through his notes, his little face wrinkled into a ball, turned to the second desk next to him and asked, "Bo, how many chapters have you got in Internal Medicine IV?

"Old Liu said last class, I did not remember."
Old two helped to help glasses, to the neighboring table relay for help, "crane crane you remember?
Lin and He, known as the dormitory memo, lived up to expectations: "Thirteen chapters.

"Oh right."
Hearing his words, Zhen Ling barely recovered some scattered memories.
"Is it true that the fourth surgery exam also passed Chapter 13?"
Lin and the crane shook their heads: "fifteen.

Two frowns. "Why so much?
I thought it was Pathology Chapter 15.
Lin and the crane laughed, smiling with a sense of suffering and pleasure: "Actually, Anatomy 3 also test Chapter 15.
Second brother: "?

Zhen Ling is holding a hair, simply want to collapse: "why so much!
I can't even remember the scope of the exam, so what's the test?
The second brother also bent over the table.
"As the saying goes, there must be a relationship between physiology and biochemistry.
Pathological disease, narrowly escaped death...

Cool cold, I choose to give up.

Lin and Crane looked at them in amusement and shook their heads. "I will sort out all the examination scope of eleven subjects later and send it to the dormitory group."
Two people immediately changed their words, grateful: 'crane crane, crane elder brother!
You are my savior! '

Three people are chatting, two girls came over, one of them is still having a flower called the goddess.
Standing at the table of three people, the flower said goodbye to her fluffy hair, and between the movements, the sweet fragrance of eau de toilette floated leisurely.

Tie Hua put two of her notes on the table and pushed them to Lin and Crane.

She pressed her lips together, and a shallow little vortex appeared in the corner of her lips.
"And Crane, thank you for your notes."

Lin and Crane took the notes and smiled. "You're welcome."
He actually has a very good looking, very sharp look, and with his cold white skin, it makes him even more visible in the crowd and it makes him even more difficult to approach.

But he is gentle, gentle temperament, just cover a lot of attack from the appearance, let a person dare to reach out to touch.

A smile at this point, let a person more difficult to restrain the heart.

Department flower some blush, finish a sentence "your word write very good-looking", hurriedly pulled a good friend to leave.

Zhen Ling, who had been watching the whole process, quietly poked Lin and Crane. He couldn't help gossiping: "Hey, Crane, are the flowers interesting to you?"

Lin and the crane are looking for a piece of paper to write the scope of the exam. "What?
No, she just wanted to borrow my pediatric notes.

"Department of flower that top ten result still use borrow notes?"
Zhen Ling does not believe that Lin and the crane do not understand.

"Borrowing notes is one of the most common pick-up techniques!

Lin and the crane bowed their heads to write, the handwriting is clear and elegant Lang Jun.
To the ridicule of Zhen Ling, he did not lift his head: "That you and I have chatted up many times?

"I'm different. I'm straight."
Zhen Ling pouting mouth, but also deliberately accentuate the pronunciation of "straight male.
Because of the homophony of the name and the tender baby face, Zhen Ling was not little misunderstood sexual orientation.

Before he wanted to fall in love several times are girls when bestie to see, leaving a small shadow, so this kind of thing is quite concerned about, each time will deliberately emphasize.

Lin and the crane laughed, ignored him, continue to write.
As soon as they finished writing the exam, there was some noise at the back door of the classroom.
Lin and He casually glanced back and looked at their happy faces.

"The senior!
It was a girl with a slightly unfamiliar face who waved excitedly at him, and though her voice was lowered to a whisper, she could hardly conceal her delight.

Surprised, Lin and Crane got up and went to the back door.
When he returned, he had a carefully packed umbrella and a Starbucks paper bag that smelled like coffee.

The second brother casually asked: "who?"
Lin and Crane put the paper bag on the table and said, "A junior, to return the umbrella.
A cup of coffee was also sent as a token of appreciation.

Zhen Ling held his chin to look at him, meaning "Oh" 1: "Almost forget, borrow an umbrella seems to be a good way to chat up."
"No, just a junior I met in the library.
Lin and Crane felt helpless and explained, "It rained when we closed the library last time, so we came back to the stream with our umbrella, so I lent her the extra umbrella.

Zhen Ling smiles happily: "understand, be happy to help others."
"But it doesn't really work," he said with a solemn, reverent look.
"Our love interest is learning."

The second brother nodded, "Crane Crane is not in love, just want to learn.
The last time we came to the school auditorium to hold a wedding, holding flowers was crane crane received, everyone was not also said that this bouquet in a short time is not spread out, crane crane busy with study, marriage certainly early.
It was just a joke, but when they heard the word "marriage", Lin and Crane looked stiff and their smiles faded.

Just then, the last member of the dormitory, Shen Huixi, came back.
He glanced at the paper bag on the table and asked, "You three said you wouldn't go out after class.
Who bought Starbucks?"

Lin and crane way: "last time the library that borrow an umbrella of junior to."
Neither Zhen Ling nor the second brother is a coffee drinker.
Lin and He pushed the paper bag toward Shenhui Creek and asked, "Do you drink it?"

"Yes, thanks."
Shen Huixi knew he didn't like anything bitter, so he took it.

The bell rang, recess ended, the professor resumed his lesson, and silence returned to the room.
Lin and Crane were taking notes when suddenly they were gently prodded on the shoulder.

He looked over at Shenhui Creek beside him and saw a freshly unfolded pink slip of paper lying on his wide palm.

On the note was written, bright and clear --
I like you.

One side of the Zhen Ling and the second also noticed the movement of two people, see the content of the note, they are dumbfounded looked at the Shen back stream.
Even if he was a famous rich and handsome man, they had never expected him to play so well...


Zhen Ling could not help but compare a "brother, niubi" gesture.

Shen Huixi was quite speechless by their imaginations. He stretched out his hand and flattened the creased piece of paper to reveal the first few words: Mr. Lin.
A word to connect is: Mr.
Lin, I like you.

Shen Huixi pointed to the coffee and mouthed: It fell out of the cup holder.
Obviously, that's what junior did.

It is not a "my roommate fell in love with my roommate" drama, as Zhen Ling and his colleagues imagined.

Shen Huixi put the slip of paper on the table and pushed it forward with his long finger. He gave a little sign to Lin and Crane.

But Lin and Crane frowned slightly and shook their heads.
He didn't answer.

Shen Huixi thought Lin and he were bored. Anyway, this kind of thing had happened too many times and he was used to it. So he didn't give the note to each other and put it back in the coffee bag.

By the time a class was over, it was late afternoon.
Shen Huixi stretched his sedentary body and asked, "Let's go and have dinner.

Are we going to the library at night?

Near midterm, they have been used to the library, Lin and he today is rare refused.
"No, some relatives are coming over.
I'm going out to have dinner with them."

After parting with their roommates, Lin and Crane go back to their dormitory to change their coats and go out.
He looked warm in a long woolen overcoat, a windshield scarf and a mask.

But it's only a look.

Yancheng autumn and winter are windy, each wind is a torture for Lin and Crane.
What's more, it was still late at night.
Lin and He's originally white ears were red from the cold just a few steps from the dormitory to the school gate, and their fingertips turned pale with blood loss and ached with cold.
He put on a mask, but the cold did not escape him.
He had an uncontrollable itching in his throat and began to cough uncontrollably.

Lin and Crane had had enough of their coughs. Before the operation at the age of 18, he had trouble stopping each cough.
Although he is much better now, every time he catches a cold, he still has a tight chest, short breath and an unpleasant cough.

Walk all the way to the subway station, Lin and Crane's eyes have been slightly red.
The abundant warm wind isolated the cold meaning of the outdoor, but failed to disperse the cool cold inside the body.

He took off his unilateral mask, clenched his fist against his lips and coughed twice, slowly taking a long breath.

The aunt, who was waiting in line, looked at him a few times and asked, "Young man, are you all right?"
Lin and the crane were born with a good appearance, which was liked by people, and the cold weather lost the color on the face, which made people want to care more.

Aunt warmly reminded him: "There is hot water in the subway service station, you can go to drink some warm.

Lin and Crane waved their hands. "I'm all right."
He smiled at his aunt, his eyes curved gently.
"Thank you."

The aunt did not say anything more, but a few girls in the back of the line began to talk quietly, looking quietly at the direction of Lin and Crane from time to time, and sometimes there were whispers of "so handsome".

With only a few stops to take, Lin and He had barely warmed up before they got off the subway and walked a few hundred meters against the wind until they found a respite in the warm restaurant.

Under the guidance of the waiter to the third floor, Lin and he raised his hand and knocked on the door.
From inside the box came a stern female voice: "Come in.

He opened the door and went in. Inside the room sat a smartly dressed middle-aged woman, who looked serious in a slim suit of suits, with short hair and deep legal stripes.
The forest and the crane called out: "aunt.

The woman nodded, chin slightly raised, gesturing to him: "Sit down."
She spoke with a steady tone of voice and behaved as if she were facing a subordinate's boss.

Lin and Crane sat down and looked around the room. "Where's my father?" they asked.

The woman way: "the company occupation, he did not come over, today this meal I ask you."

Lin and the crane lowered their eyes and said softly, "Thank you, auntie."
Stepmother and LinFu have been married for many years, he still did not change the name of the stepmother.

The other side never let him change his story.

Dinner for two was more somber and less like a family dinner.
After Lin and he said they could eat anything, the stepmother ordered a set meal directly, without even looking at the menu, making it clear that they were not coming for dinner.

The waiter brings him two cups of coffee before he orders, leaving only two people in the room.
"Said the stepmother, rapping on the table with a curt finger.

"This time I come here, is to find you to talk about and the Lu family big little marriage.

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