Here comes Mr. Lu

Although this isn't the first time the topic has come up, it's still difficult to deal with it calmly.

No matter how surprised Lin and Crane's classmates might have been, how much the news would have darkened their hearts.
Just for Lin and He himself, he is only 21 years old, not yet old enough to talk about marriage.

What's more, the object of his marriage was a man.

Although same-sex marriage laws have been in place for years, entrenched public opinion remains hard to change.

When it comes to issues such as the succession of children, the situation is even more complicated in a society where same-sex couples are still a minority.

So under such circumstances, any young person facing such news should be uneasy.

But Lin and Crane didn't overreact.

He just sat quietly at the table, just as he had done when his stepmother had asked him what he wanted for dinner.
The stepmother was satisfied with the taste of Lin and Crane.

She took out the tablet, the point opened the data: "the name of the Xiangjiang Lu family, you should not have heard."
The development of capital should be a word of rapid change, unpredictable.

As far as the domestic situation is concerned, it is normal to be rich for no more than three generations.
It is hard to say there is any "old family".
But the Lu family, is a real generation of powerful family.

In the past two generations, the Lu family had mastered the economic lifeline of more than half the city of Xiangjiang, which is still not to be underestimated even today.
Just those tidbits of their home, I do not know how much to feed the Xiangjiang entertainment tabloids.

It is rich and powerful descendants much enmity, lu jia also cannot avoid common similarly.

This time to and Lin and Crane married the big son of the Lu family, is the most not by the Lu Laozi to see, but also the hearsay of the worst stroke comment.

Lu Nan, but from this name, with a silent rage and rough.

Even so, the Lu family was out of reach for Lin and He, so the stepmother was careful about what she said.

"Mr. Lu's men have been working on your data."
The stepmother tapped the tablet, and a complex chart appeared on the screen, thick with words and tangled with obscure symbols.

"Though you are ten years younger than he is, they have agreed to marry, fortunately, because you are a perfect match.

To let a college student marry a man ten years older than him without any emotional foundation is a long story from the mouth of the stepmother, it seems like Lin and Crane are lucky.
This is more absurd than marriage itself.

Lin and Crane looked at the hot coffee in front of them and calmly answered.
The coffee was mellow and bitter, and the stepmother had already drunk half of it, but Lin and the stork had not touched it.

He never liked bitter taste.

The stepmother didn't pay much attention to Lin and He's less than enthusiastic attitude.
Her only complaint about Lin and he was his mother's face, and now that it was an excellent bargaining chip with the Lu family, she had nothing to hold against him.

"Lu Dashao usually works in Shencheng, he is very busy, should not come to Yancheng before the marriage."
"Said the stepmother, calling up the background information of the Land Disaster Company.

"But he will send someone to arrange it, and then someone will contact you, so you just listen to them.

Lin and Crane nodded, and he had no objection to the fact that their newlyweds were too busy to see each other until they were married.

His stepmother looked at him and casually mentioned, "You also had a lot of expenses before your illness. Lu invested little in the laboratory and medical technology, which is exactly what can help you."

The forest and the crane were silent, with a faint tickle in their throat.
The room was warm and insulated from the cold wind, but he felt like coughing again.

Lin and He, who have inherited asthma, had previously spent a lot of money on treatment and had major surgery when he was 18.
The assets of the Lin family are not enough.
Part of the money for Lin and He to see a doctor is provided by his stepmother Wu Xin.
So Lin and He are not in a position to protest against Lu's marriage.

Wu Xin stopped at the point and did not say it too tightly, which made her look petty again.
She slow slow tone way: "I come over this time, in addition to work, also want and land big childe's person to discuss the nuptial matter.

I will stay in Yancheng for a few more days.
If you need anything, you can come to me."

Naturally, Lin and the crane knew that this was only a conversation, so he answered politely, "Yes, thank you, auntie."

Wu Xin was satisfied with his attitude and went on, "The Lu family is pressing hard for the marriage, so it has to be finished before the wedding.
The initial plan is for an engagement early next month and a wedding a month later.

I will let you know when the exact date is fixed.

Hearing this, Lin and Crane finally had some expressions.
"Early next month...

We have a midterm.
He hesitated for a moment before speaking.
"Can we avoid the exam time if we can?
Because there are a lot of subjects, it may be troublesome to take make-up exams.

This was the first request Lin and He had made today, and it fell to Wu Xin's ears as if she had heard some childish question. She even couldn't help laughing: "...
"This is the Lu family and marriage, you said this what mid-term exam...
Wu Xin shook her head, but finally didn't finish the second part of her sentence.

As if she didn't want to quarrel with Lin and Crane, she waved her hand and said, "I'll talk to them, but the final arrangement depends on the days the Lu family has set and the schedule of Lu Dashao.

After the confession, Wu Xin didn't waste any more time: "That's all I have to say. You can eat."
She took a look at the wrist watch: "I still have work, go back first, have a problem and then contact.

The forest and the crane whispered, "Take your time."

After Wu Xin left, food was served one by one.
The dinner was sumptuous, and presumably expensive, given the hotel's quality.

The Wu family was much richer than the Lin family, and Wu Xin did not disdain to be cruel to the Lin and the Crane on money.

She never leaves anything to be said in front of outsiders.

Expensive product dish gets dish, dish squeeze dish ground filled a whole table, more appear around the table and chair so empty.
Instead of using the chopsticks, Lin and He called the waiter and packed the whole table.

By the time he got back to the dormitory in the colder wind, Zhen Ling and the second brother had already come back and were discussing whether to order takeout.

The second brother was named Zhu Bo, a name he said his family wanted him to pursue a doctorate.
But before he could read his doctor, Zhu Bo became an anchor, a famous anchor with millions of followers.

Today was because he was recognized by his fans on his way home from school.
He went to the canteen late, had a bite to eat, and only thought about a midnight snack after coming back.

Lin and Crane showed their lunch boxes. "No need to order," they said. "I packed dinner and came home.
Zhen Ling helped set up the lunch boxes one by one and opened them.
Her eyes were bright: "Wow, hairy crabs!
Wow, Arctic shellfish!

Frozen all night, Lin and Crane finally found a sense of hunger in the familiar laughter.

A pile of lunch boxes had just been put out when Shen Huixi, carrying a pair of polished sneakers, came in.
"The Crane is back?

I was just going to ask you what to say, but it's past ten o 'clock, so don't forget to charge your hot water bottle.

Lin and Crane are reminded: "Oh yes, I will charge now."
The dormitory won't be officially heated for some days, and he now relies on hot water bottles to survive at night.

He invited Shen Huixi to join him for supper, stepped on the bed ladder to recharge the hot water bottle, and then sat down with a chair.

The glossy food is displayed on a low table made from cardboard boxes.
Even though the food had lost some of its flavor when it was first prepared, it tasted better than it had in the cold dining room.

Zhen also fished out a few bottles of Coke delivered with take-out orders, which were more pleasant to eat with late night snacks than expensive red wine at high-end restaurants.

Four people eat and chat, Zhen Ling said: "We are the next semester to go to the hospital practice, right?
I have a classmate next door who is interning this semester.
The next door of Yancheng University is Shuimu University, and the internship unit they cooperate with is the famous and association hospital.

"The ICU seems to have received a big shot in the past two days.
Even the interns have begun to check their credentials."

Zhu Bo held the lobster shell and asked, "What kind of big man?"
Zhen Ling shook his head: "not clear, the intern round less than ICU, these two days also don't let close.

Shen Huixi said, "they have reached the point of being admitted to the ICU. Maybe it will be out of the news in two days."
Since he is a big shot, he may still need a national notification.

A few words of idle chatter, a few people finished eating supper and then ready to rest.
Before washing, Lin and Crane even touched their warm water bags.

It's already hot.

However, no matter how hot the warm water bag is, it can only warm up to a certain extent. When they actually lie down in bed, Lin and Crane still can't get rid of the cold.
He was born with a cold body.
Adding several layers of quilt was of no use to him, and wrapping himself up overnight did not cause any temperature, as if he was thoroughly cold from inside to outside.

Before, we went on a trip together in the dormitory. The four of us were laying on the floor in the wooden floor room. Zhen Ling was not honest in sleeping and accidentally bumped into the legs of Lin and Crane when he turned over.
I thought someone had put ice on him.

At that time, Zhen Ling said that the crane crane is in urgent need of a bed warm cute.

This year, a fierce cold air mass and a strong drop in temperature have made life more difficult.
Whether the forest and the crane have been used to the long winter, or for a long time, it is lethargic to gradually fall asleep in the difficult to disperse the cold.

When I woke up the next day, my hands and feet were cold as usual, and my fingertips were numb and numb.

Covering themselves in three layers, Lin and Crane tiptoed to the window and pulled back the curtain.
Outside the window, the day glimmered, and through the misty glass I could see the grey sky.

Another day without the sun.

The phone on the table gave two small tremors, and the screen lit up with new news.
Lin and Crane had not yet recovered from their morning chill when they saw the two messages that made it harder for him to warm up.

[Wu Xin: Leave next Tuesday free]

Wu Xin: Mr. Lu is coming to Yancheng. Let's meet him.

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