His thin lips closed around his fingers

The forest and the crane were unaware of the sight falling on them.
He is insensitive to emotional matters, to his own emotions, let alone what others think.

He walked intently into the elevator and down the stairs, opening his mouth a little as a matter of habit to ease the pain in his eardrum from the sharp change in height.

Everything went smoothly as usual.

It was not until Lin and he walked out of the hall on the first floor and were preparing to part with Mr. Lu that they accidentally found that the man had got on the same car with him.
Instead is the square wood Sen that waits for two people all the time downstairs for them after closing a good car door, conscious ground behind that car, leave two people to be taken together.

Lin and Crane are somewhat surprised.
The school is not in the same district as the Taiping Group, and he thought the other side would ask the driver to drop him off as he did when he arrived.

See Lin and the surprise of the crane, land difficult light way: "I send you back."
His expressions were few, but he was uncannily accurate in interpreting other people's looks.

Lin and Crane did not think that the man would do this trick to the point, but since the other side said so, he did not have a problem.
He sat quietly beside Lu Nan, watching the baffles in front of him and the front seat rise slowly.

Closed space, only two people left the breath.

When the car starts, the warm air cuts off the cold air outside, and the window is covered with a thin layer of water vapor, which makes the mottled and gorgeous lights outside the car more tender.

Lin and Crane sat quietly in the back seat, long.
Legs straight together, hands on knees.

He always stood up straight and sat up straight.
He did not think anything of it to himself, but he did not know how good it looked to others.
Good let the heart.

The car moved steadily and was silent for a moment.
Lin and he's phone vibrates slightly and the screen lights up.

Wu Xin: How was the dinner?

Lin and Crane glanced at the screen, but did not return.
But the phone soon started ringing again.

【 Wu Xin: Remember to listen to Mr. Lu 】
【 Wu Xin: Be careful what you say in front of him or others 】
Wu Xin: You'd better tell Mr.
Lu that you won't give him any trouble. Let him know your attitude.

Inside the car is very quiet, the sound of mobile phone vibration is a little harsh.
Lin and crane sipped their lips, stretched out their hands and locked up the phone.

The mobile phone has so continue to ring the trend, Lin and crane are hesitant to open mute, suddenly heard the land difficult to ask.
"What's wrong with your mouth?

Lin and the crane do not know so, stretched out his hand to touch the reaction.

"Oh, my mouth is dry and a bit flaky.

Lin and he's lips are rather dry. Yancheng is famous for its dry autumn and winter. These days, his lips are flaring more and more seriously.
He had just drunk some water at supper, but it was no use, and his mouth was dry again soon after the meal.

No wonder it hurts a little when you first press your lips.

Lin and Crane were used to this and did not think anything of it.
The man heard, but frowned.


He reached out, not too quickly, giving time to react.
So his hand was directly turned away from the forest and crane head.

Lin and he did not realize that he was wrong until he was rubbed against his face by the warm, powerful, slightly rough fingertips.
Turning his head back, he said awkwardly, "I'm sorry...

Lights inside the car is dim, Lin and he can not see the man's expression, just by feeling guess, Mr. Lu seems to be looking at him.
With dark, dark eyes with a heavy light.

The man said nothing in the end.
Lin and Crane are worried about whether the other is angry, suddenly a tight jaw.

He was pinched under the chin with a gentle but irresistible force and forced to turn his head towards the difficult landing.

The man looks cold, but his hands are hot.
The jaws of Lin and Crane were still warm when they were clamped, but the long fingers pressed down on their lips only to get a solid burn.



Lin and the crane tried to speak, but when they moved their lips, they rubbed harder against the man's fingertips.
Still the kind he initiated.

Lin and Crane froze and did not move again.
He tried to calm himself, but things couldn't get any better -- his upper lip touched his fingertips, his lower lip rubbed against his belly, and it froze at such an inopportune moment that it was almost like a man's fingertips.

Living in the same.

The phone vibrated a few more times, but Lin and he were completely distracted.
All his attention was snatched away by his warm, calloused fingers, and the blood rushed to his ears, which had always been cold, and he finally warmed.

It was not until the strength on their lips had worn off that Lin and Crane found their breath.
The grip on his chin loosened, and a warm touch lingered on his skin, making Lin and Crane's jaws tingle.

The fingers that had just pressed his lips stretched out before the eyes of the forest and the crane.
In the bright light outside the car, Lin and Crane saw a dark wet stain on the belly of the dry fingers.

The man said weakly, "Out.
It was dyed on the lips of the forest and the crane.

His lips are so dry that they bleed.

Lin and the stork then reacted from their surprise: "...
Ah, yes, it's a little dry.
He touched the end of his nose.
"Just go back and drink some water."

Lu Nan was silent for a while and said, "Drink more hot water."

Lin and Crane nodded their heads and answered earnestly, "Good."
He often comforted others like this.

The other hand is still stained with his blood, Lin and Crane think about it, from the pocket to find a pack of paper towels, took out a pass.
He was still unfamiliar with the term of endearment.


Rub it.

He felt that Lu Nan was not familiar with this appellation. When the man heard him speak, he stopped for a moment and then reached out his hand to take the tissue.
Holding the paper towel, Lu Nan did not wipe the blood on the finger, but asked: "paper wipe will hurt?

Lin and the crane did not understand: "Huh?"
Why can rub a hand ache?

Before Lin and Crane could react, the man's deep voice was close.
"I'm lighter.

Lu Nan raised his hand and grasped Lin and He's chin -- a move he did with great success.
Holding a tissue in his other hand, he reached out to help wipe his lips.


Lin and Crane: "...

He was shocked: "not for me, the paper towel is to wipe your hands!
"I don't need to wipe it, just lick it," Lin and Crane said hurriedly for fear that the other party would really start.

He licked his dry lips hastily, wanting only to lick the blood off, not knowing how it would look to another person.

The thin lips that had been licked were shining with a little sparkle.
Lin and Crane could not see it themselves, but somehow they felt a little hot on their lips.

Like being stared at by something.

He looked up but saw nothing unusual.
The man had already withdrawn his gaze, and was wiping his fingers intently with his usual coolness.

Lin and the crane heart is guilty, feel that they trouble each other, so also did not see more, to sit upright.
Ten minutes later, the car finally drove to the familiar school gate.

The close encounter in the confined space still made Lin and Crane nervous, especially since Lu looked cold and fierce.
Although he made Lin and Crane feel more comfortable with each other tonight than they had expected, Lin and Crane were quietly relieved when they got off the bus

The car stopped at the school gate.
After the opening season, the campus is now closed to outside vehicles.

Lin and Crane were going to say goodbye and get off the bus.
Instead, they saw Lu Nan pull open the door and get off.

Lin and Crane were about to speak, but when the cold night wind blew, he could not help shivering.

The voice was muffled back in the throat by a low cough, and there was some discomfort in the trachea.

"Heh, heh...

He clenched his fist to cover his lips, and was trying to pull up his collar to keep out the wind, when a sudden warmth came over his neck.
A dark cashmere scarf wrapped around him.

Lin and crane micro your look up, the man is drooping eyes to tie a scarf for him, two people close to even each other's breath can be heard clearly.
Lu Nan's hands were very steady, and his long fingers accidentally rubbed against his cool lower jaw, itching a little.
Lin and he couldn't help shrinking.

Lu hard to bend his fingers, knuckles against his white.
Fair thin Adam's apple, the voice is very low, the tone is not irresistible.

"Don't move.

Lin and crane involuntarily swallowed, obediently did not move.

The thick, soft cashmere scarf was neatly wrapped around the slender light.
Naked neck, isolated from the cold wind at night.

The scarf was warm, and Lu Nan's fingers were also warm.
The double warmth protected the skin, which was afraid of cold, and made people crave more temperature.

But Lin and Crane were wide awake, and as soon as their scarves were tied, he spoke softly and quickly.
"Thank you.

Lu Nan pressed his thin lips slightly and waited for a while before saying, "You're welcome."
His face remained expressionless for a long time, though he did not wait for the word "thank you," brother, and he did not show any hint of regret.

Lin and Crane did not know each other's regret. The night air was cool. He took a careful breath and said, "This is quite close to our dormitory.
Lu Nan tone or light, but did not promise: "I send you past.

Lin and Crane did not insist, only thinking in their hearts, did not expect that Lu Dong looked cold, pretending to be a couple when they were so dedicated.

Two people together to the campus inside walk, the boys dormitory building from the school gate is really quite close, out of a few hundred meters to.
But before they reached the ground floor, Lin and He heard someone calling him.

"The senior!


Lin and Crane look back and find that two girls are calling him.
He was surprised, but he stopped.

He always had a good memory.
He just glanced at the other person, who he had known in a club activity.

After the girl excitedly called Lin and Crane, only to find that there are people beside him, not by some surprise.
When she saw Lu Nan's front, she was frightened by his aura and stopped speaking.

Finally, the girl next to her quietly pushed her arm.
The girl recovered her spirit and barely leaned her head to avoid the disaster. She thanked Lin and He.
"Senior, last time to help us take the matter of the registration form, hard you.

Lin and crane all forgot this matter, listen to each other to mention only vaguely recall a little impression.
He said, "It's all right.
It's easy."

The girl said, "I should thank you. Last time we wanted to thank you, but the senior said he was afraid of the cold and didn't drink cold drinks at night, so he didn't invite you.
We're having a dinner at the Cooking Club today, and I've brought you some snacks, still hot, to keep you warm.
She is holding a pink pot of stew, looks very delicate, a discerning eye will know that I'm afraid it's not just a matter of cooking club activities, this night must have spent a lot of thought.

If Zhen Ling is here, I am afraid that we will tease Lin and Crane, but it is not Zhen Ling here today, but Lu Nan.
He listened to the conversation between the girl and Lin and He in silence, with no expression on his face.

But the more he did, the more he alarmed those who knew him well.

But Lin and Crane knew nothing of the danger lurking in the atmosphere. They only felt that it was getting colder and thought the wind was blowing.

"It's very kind of you."
"But I've just had dinner.

Besides, it was all small things.
There was no need to bother."

The girl's face darkened with disappointment.
The girl in the end have thin skin, the other party has refused, she was embarrassed to push again.

What's more, Lin and Crane are not alone.

But she also did not leave, standing in situ hesitating, a time seems some difficult to speak.

Lin and Crane asked: "Is there anything else?"
His tone was as gentle as ever, giving the girl a little comfort.

The girl beside also has been holding the girl's arm, secretly give her refueling.
The girl finally gathered up her courage and asked, "Can I talk to my upperclassman alone?

Lin and Crane are confused. They don't know what they can talk about.
Nothing about myself, but...

He looked up at the side of the Lu Nan, in fact, delay the man for so long, he also inevitably some guilt.

Now they are almost downstairs.
Lin and He are embarrassed to delay each other. He is about to ask each other to go back first, but Lu Nan turns his head slightly and says, "I'll wait for you.
With that, he walked to the side of the old tree.

Lin and crane some surprise, but he did not think much, and the girl walked to the side of the road.
"What is it?
" he asked.

The girl deeply sucked a tone, the face slightly rose red: "senior, I..."

Lin and Crane in the mind is still a little unsettled, always thinking of the side of the Lu Nan, not quite clear why the other side has to wait for their own.
As he was dividing his mind, he heard the girl say.

"I want to talk to you about life events!

Lin and Crane did not react for a moment.

I heard he's still single and doesn't have a girlfriend.
The girl smiled and said with a very relaxed tone, in fact, the palm has been pinched out of a row of finger marks.

"I wonder if I have a chance to introduce myself?

Lin and Crane then understood the meaning of the words "talking about important life events", and felt a little embarrassed for a moment. They unconsciously looked in the direction of the land disaster.
Fortunately, two people stand some distance, the other side should not hear.

The girl is infected by his mood, inexplicable ground followed more nervous get up: "learn, upperclass?"

Lin and the crane took back the line of sight, although he was surprised, but still very direct to give a reply.
"Sorry, I'm not thinking of that at the moment.

He gave the exact same answer as he had given many times before.
This is the most simple and efficient way to do it, with a clear attitude and no extra explanation required.

Besides, Wu Xin had repeatedly warned him to be careful.

The matter, Lin and he did not intend to land the matter of the external people said, so as not to attract unnecessary trouble.

The girl's head is dejected, the shoulder all crumpled down.
But her attitude is also very calm, although the eyes are red, still said with a smile: "it doesn't matter, that is still thank the seniors.

Lin and Crane nodded. "It's getting late. Let's go home and have a rest."

The girl drew a deep breath and nodded heavily: "good."
She waved goodbye and said, "Goodbye senior.
Then she ran off to find her companions.

She did not succeed, but the flutter of the skirt fluttered through the night as she ran, still young and youthful.

Lin and the crane did not stay long. He turned and went to the ancient tree to look for Lu Nan. His voice was still a little nervous.

Lu Nan looked down over.
He is taller than a crane and casts down his eyes when he looks at others.

His eyes were as cold as a man's, and did not seem to move at all.

But every time he looked at it from above, Lin and He had the illusion that they were trapped by it.

Lin and Crane touched their noses and consciously changed their names: "Brother, let's go."

They continued in the direction of the dormitory building.
It was cold at night and there were not many people on campus.

After a few steps, Lu Nan suddenly spoke: "Are you afraid of the cold?

Lin and He were a little unsure of the meaning of the other party's question, but with each other's scarf still tied around his neck, he nodded. "A little."

Lu Nan asked, "Since you are afraid of the cold, why don't you wear more clothes?"
He did so in a quiet voice, but with his usual imposing manner, one could not help sounding a little reproachful.

"When I came out in the morning, it was still warm, so I didn't pay much attention to it," Lin explained.

Lu Nan was silent for a while, then he said, "Have you been waiting for a long time?"

Lin and the crane did not mean this, hurriedly shook their heads: "No..."

"I was working in the morning, and I had some meetings in the afternoon. I couldn't get away, so I was a little delayed when I came out."
Lu Nan's tone was calm, but Lin and he were surprised by what he said.

Lin and crane did not expect each other and their own explanation.
Wu Xin has said that Lu Nan's promotion to the chairman of the board is an easy way to see how busy men are these days.

Besides, it is its own side in the other side.

He way: "nothing, you busy good."
This time finally remember, no honorific.

Lu Nan said nothing more.
Two people go to the dormitory building, Lu Nan stretched out his hand, palm flat: "mobile phone.

Lin and Crane didn't know what he wanted to do, but they didn't ask, unlocked the phone and handed it to each other.

Lu difficult to open the address book, put his number into it.
The white light of the screen fell on his face, brightening his cold face, but also making his brow bone and high.

The shadows deepened under the bridge of the nose.

Lin and Crane felt cold for no reason and quickly looked away.

After losing, Lu Nan returned the phone: "This is my number.
Next time contact me directly and don't come out so early.
Lin and Crane nodded: "Good.

Lu Nan's lower jaw lifted slightly and gestured to him: "Save the number."

Lin and the crane lower their heads to save notes, he hesitated, remembering the other party several times to correct their name, and finally hit the two words --

Lu Nan looked at his action, his face could not see what expression.

After saving the number, it will automatically jump to the address book interface.
There are no other numbers in the address list starting with G that are labeled "brother.

Lu Nan moved away his sight.

Lin and he locked the phone, raised his head, just want to say goodbye to Lu Nan, but heard the man said.
"You are still young, if there is any important life, remember to discuss with your brother.

Lin and Crane were stunned.
People, life events?

He looked at the landwreck in amazement.
What this means is...

Did he hear the confession?!

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