Chapter 10

After getting off the plane, Cary, the driver of the Zerger family, was already waiting at the airport. When he saw James holding a child in his arms, he was a little surprised, but he didn't dare to ask more.

As they were approaching, Ian suddenly called James, "Dad!" Cary couldn't help but ask in shock, "Mr. Zerger, this child..."

James held Ian in his arms and unscrewed a bottle of water for him. "Cary, this is my son, Ian," he said softly.

Cary couldn't believe his ears. "Mr. Zerger, what's going on?"

James didn't intend to hide it either. He put Ian into the car and said, "Ian is my child with Chelsea."

"Chelsea?" Cary thought it over and finally remembered who she was. He paused for a moment, and then said, "Mr. Zerger, How will you explain it to the Zody family?"

"I'll handle it. Now let's go back home. Ian should meet his grandparents."

Cary's heart suddenly twitched. He had a premonition that a storm was coming.

The Zerger Family Residence was in the silk-stocking district of B City.

Ian had never been to the north, so he kept staring at the scene outside the window with curiosity along the way. Then, James asked the driver to slow the car down.

Cary glanced through the rearview mirror and found that Ivan was looking at his son with indulgence. (That's so weird...)

Soon they arrived at the villa of the Zerger family unhurriedly.

After James carried Ian out of the car, Ian stood in front of the house with his eyes widened in shock. "Wow, grandpa and grandma's house is so big!"

James gave a soft smile and carried him into the door. There weren't many people in the house now. James's father, Matthew Zerger, had entered into politics in his early years and then changed to business.

However, as Matthew was not a man enjoying an extravagant lifestyle, apart from Anna, his wife, and himself, there were only two people in the house now - Cary the driver and Sonia the nanny. And James had moved out of it when he turned 18.

Therefore, the huge villa looked a little empty.

After James changed his shoes, Sonia poked her head from the kitchen and smiled at him. "You're finally back, Mr. Zerger. Mrs. Zerger really misses you."

James looked around and asked, "Where are they?"

"In the garden..." At this time, she saw a child in James' arms. "Mr. Zerger, who is this child?" She asked in confusion.

James raised his eyebrows and said mystically, "A surprise."

Cary stood behind him with his heart thumping. (Maybe it's more like a scare.)

James didn't say anything and then carried Ian straight to the back garden.

From a distance, he could see his parents playing chess in the pavilion of the garden.

He quietly walked over, but both of them were immersed in the chess game and did not notice him. When James took a closer look at the board, he found that Anna’s chess pieces had almost been swept over.

Just as she was about to make another mistake, James reached out to hold her hand and put it aside. "Put it here." He said with a chuckle.

As soon as she put down the piece, a large part of Matthew's pieces were taken away by her.

"Hey, how can you give instructions..." Matthew darkened his face and looked up at James, only to see a child in his arms. "This is?"

Anna also turned around and said in confusion, "Where does the child come from?"

James put Ian down and then patted his head. "Ian, say hello to your grandpa and grandma."

Ian quickly greeted them in an obedient manner.

Anna was dreadfully shocked. She stood up and stared at Ian's little face, which looked exactly like James when he was little. She asked in disbelief, "James, what's going on?"

James sat on the stone bench in a casual way, loosened his collar, and said, "He's my child with Chelsea. His name is Ian and he's five years old this year."

"Wha... What?" Anna was so startled that she almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, Matthew quickly held her.

James had already guessed they would react like this, so he didn't mind at all. Besides, he was here to inform them of the existence of Ian, not to get their approvals.

Now he had fulfilled his mission.

While Anna was still in a trance, he added, "I'm a little busy recently, so I have to trouble you to take care of Ian for me."

After being quite some time, Anna finally regained her senses and said, "Say it again. Who is this child?"

"My son." James held Ian on his lap, and gave her a meaningful look. "My son with Chelsea."

James really gave Anna a big surprise, and she was now feeling dizzy.

Looking at Ian who was staring at the piano in the distance, she asked, "Can you play it?"

Although Ian was a little kid, he could tell that his appearance made Mrs. Zerger very angry. He looked at her carefully and nodded.

Anna then was a little intrigued by him now. She sat up straight and raised her eyebrows. "Play one piece for me."

Ian's eyes flickered, and he stumbled to climb up the piano. Then he opened the lid and played Beethoven's Für Elise.

Though his hands were not very stable when playing it, he managed to control the rhythm in a very proper manner without the music score. Seeing this, Anna's eyes lit up and she quickly walked over to look at him.

When James came out of Matthew's study, Anna was teaching Ian to play the piano.

James froze for a moment but was not very surprised.

After dinner, James was about to leave. Ian, although reluctant to part with him, wanted Mrs. Zerger to teach him more about the piano, so he accepted to stay here.

When James went out, Matthew stopped him and asked, "When will you bring Ian's mother over for dinner?"

Thinking of Chelsea's lukewarm attitude towards him, James raised his eyebrows. "We'll see."

On his way home, James hesitated for a long time and decided to call Chelsea.

He didn't know what she was doing right now. After ringing several times, she finally picked it up. However, judging from the noise around her, James could tell she was not at home.

James frowned and said in a deep voice, "It's me. Are you available now?"

Chelsea had just finished dinner and was in a bar with Polly and the others. She had never been to such a place before, but because she was about to transfer another post, her colleagues all wanted to have a farewell drink with her. She didn't know how to refuse them, so she came along.

James's call was just in time to make her excuse for a moment.

Covering her ears, Chelsea found a relatively quiet corner in the bar and said softly, "I'm about to transfer to a new post, so I'm having dinner with some colleagues now. What's up?"

James was a little dissatisfied with her tone. He sneered and said, "Good for you. Ian has been with me for two days. Don't you wanna know how he's doing right now?"

Chelsea ignored his harsh tone and said, "You are Ian's father. I know you will never hurt him. Besides, didn't you ask me not to act like a resentful woman and make you disgusting?"

James paused for a moment and was about to say something.

At this time, the phone came a man's voice, "Chel, come here. It's your turn to drink..."

Jame's temples throbbed. He muttered with a sneer, "Chel? Interesting. I didn't realize you're quite popular."

Chelsea was a little speechless and asked patiently again, "James, what's the matter with you? Did you call to mock me? Is that interesting?"

"It is." He sneered and said sarcastically, "Chelsea, remember, you are the mother of my child. Before I get the custody of Ian, don't think about flirting with men everywhere and finding him a stepfather!"

"You jerk!" Perhaps because of the alcohol, Chelsea became bolder. When the phone screen was dimmed, she realized that she had hung up on him.

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