Chapter 3

She knew well what Steinway the brand it was. The cheapest piano was worth 100000 euros, not to mention this kind of custom-made one.

Seeing that Chelsea's face was so pale, Ms. Lannan comforted her, "Ms. Jeffrey, don't take it too seriously. We've just contacted the guest, who happened to be nearby. He'll be here soon. Ian is still a child. If the guest is nice and reasonable, he won't make things difficult for you."

"I'm sorry. But don't worry. No matter what happens, I won't make things difficult for your piano studio."

The owner of the piano studio saw that Chelsea was so sincere, so it was inappropriate for him to vent his anger now. He snorted and said coldly, "You’d better talk to the guest later."

After that, he dragged Ms. Lannan away.

Chelsea bowed to apologize. When she turned around, she found little Ian looking at her. She was surprised, and she saw a red mark on his little hand.

Maybe he had scratched his hand when he had touched the piano, but he didn't dare to utter a word.

Chelsea felt bad when she found that her five-year-old Ian was hiding his emotion. After a pause, she squatted down to check his wound. After confirming that it was not serious, she lowered her head and kissed his forehead. She said softly, "Mom knows you didn't mean to break that piano. Don't be afraid."

"But we are very poor. The studio manager said we have to pay a lot of money," Ian looked up with a small face that resembled James a lot. Chelsea was a little absent-minded. She put her arm around him and smiled bitterly, "Do you know what “poor” means? We are not poor as you are my priceless treasure."

"But I've caused you trouble."

Chelsea frowned and taught him what "causing trouble" really meant. Ms. Lannan, who was standing at the door, said, "Ms. Jeffrey, the owner of the piano is here."

Hearing this, Chelsea put Ian aside, stood up, tidied up her clothes, and looked up.

However, in an instant, she was dumbfounded. She felt as if she had been thrown into an ice hole and she started to tremble uncontrollably.

An hour ago, she saw him in a magazine. She was not prepared to see him standing in front of her like this right now.

James was talking to the manager of the piano studio with a frown. The deep outline was no different from that of the past.

What time left him was calmness and composure.

For six years, she thought she was strong enough. However, the moment she saw him, she was still at a loss.

Perhaps sensing that someone was looking at him, James looked over.

Chelsea subconsciously turned around, but the trembling fingers hanging by her side revealed her panic. She bit the corners of her lips and tried her best to keep calm.

Back then, James had fulfilled his promise and sent the contract to her father's desk, but she did not abide by their agreement. Not only had she not aborted the baby, but she also had given birth to him and raised him.

She had been in France for four years. If it hadn't been for the complete bankruptcy of the FJ Group two years ago and her father's death from a cerebral hemorrhage, she might not have brought Ian back.

She knew James well. If he knew the existence of Ian, he would not let her go.


Chelsea looked down at her son, who did not know anything, feeling so sad. Even her stomach began to ache.

Seeing that she was standing there motionless, Ms. Lannan walked over, pushed her, and said, "Ms. Jeffrey? Mr. Zerger is already here. Come with me."

She came back to her sense. She looked up at Ms. Lannan and said in a trembling voice, "Ms. Lannan, I suddenly feel a little uncomfortable. Could you wait for a while?"

Ms. Lannan looked at her pale face, thinking that she was just nervous. She frowned and said, "Ms. Jeffrey, it's useless to escape. You are making things hard for me."

"I know. I'm not escaping. I'm just... feeling bad."

Her voice was not loud, but it could still be heard clearly in the studio with a good echo.

James obviously heard it too. He looked up and saw a familiar slender figure.

He raised his eyebrows slightly, and his eyes darkened.

The manager of the piano studio saw James staring at Chelsea's back, so he smacked his lips and say, "It's not easy for the two. Mr. Zerger, could you..."

James looked back at him with sharp eyes. He interrupted the studio manager's words and walked straight over.

Chelsea did not dare to look back, but she could feel that the person behind her had already walked to her. Then the next moment, his deep voice sounded in her ear, "I am James Zerger, the owner of the piano."

Chelsea bit her lips tightly and forced herself to calm down. Finally, she turned around, looked at him calmly, and said in a trembling voice, "It's been a long time, Mr. Zerger."

He didn't utter a word, but the coldness in his eyes showed everything.

The two of them were silent until Ian, who was hiding behind Chelsea, call out "mom."

Only then did James return to his senses and look at the little kid beside her.

Tie of blood was the most magical thing in the world. With just one glance, James knew that the child was his.

He was immediately furious with his eyes turning red. He looked at her for a while, and he gritted his teeth and said, "Chelsea, look at what you did."

James sat opposite her with almost no expression on his face. Chelsea was nervous, and the pain in her stomach distracted her a little bit.

She hid her fair fingers in her sleeves and clenched them into fists.

She bit her lips, not knowing what to say.

In the end, James broke the silence first. He squinted at her and looked as indifferent as before, "I need an explanation."

Chelsea was surprised for a moment and quickly she said in a deep voice, "I'm sorry. I didn't abort him as promised."

James' jaw was e taut with anger. He raised his hand and landed it on the table. With a soft sound, Chelsea trembled.

Then, he said coldly, "I'm not talking about this. I'm talking about how long you are going to hide it from me if we don't meet today? Hmm? Miss Jeffrey?"

Chelsea lowered her head and said calmly, "Forever. If it weren’t for the accident, you might never know about Ian's existence in your life."

"Chelsea Jeffrey!" He stood up abruptly, walked over, picked her up from the chair, and then grabbed her chin. He said angrily, "After all these years, you really know how to make me feel disgusted."

"I'm sorry," Her face was pale because of his words.

She looked at James with her eyes filled with guilt and unspeakable emotion, "I know it was my fault to give birth to him privately, but he's my only family member. James, please let us go, okay? Just pretend that you did not know this."

"Let you go?" He sneered, "Are you qualified to bargain with me now?"

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